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Dress Up Donna Doll

Dress Up Donna Doll

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Dress Up Donna Doll! Developed by the innovative team at Quoc Thuan Mai, this Casual game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 22nd September 2021, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 1st March 2023.

Are you a fan of Casual, games? Then Dress Up Donna Doll is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Dress Up Donna Doll

Over 786 players have rated Dress Up Donna Doll. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Dress Up Donna Doll Cost?

Good news! You can download Dress Up Donna Doll on your iOS device absolutely free!

Dress Up Donna Doll Release Date

Eager to know when Dress Up Donna Doll first graced the App Store? It was launched on 22nd September 2021.

When Was Dress Up Donna Doll Last Updated?

The latest version of Dress Up Donna Doll was updated on 1st March 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Dress Up Donna Doll?

To get started with Dress Up Donna Doll, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Dress Up Donna Doll

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What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Dress Up Donna Doll updated on 1st March 2023:

  • Bug fixes to improve game experience.
  • Optimize the application for better performance.
    Now let’s try to show off your fashion skills.

User Reviews on Dress Up Donna Doll

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Dress Up Donna Doll below:

This game and we think it is so much fun. But it would be nice if the game had curly hair and more clothing options to choose from.

We love your game its so good we love the texture but one thing about it that we dont like is that you have to go through commercials every time you have you need to get cute stuff we dont like that but your game is awesome better than other games no scams no nothing just the commercials and ads we do not like it but your game is so amazing we wish we wouldve made this game but it would have no commercials at all at all so yeah not trying to be rude though but we think everybody loves your game just one thing they dont like do you know what Im talking about the commercials.

So much fun but the adds we can not stand it. Thank you guys. ELLA RICE.

Good game but too many ADDS. We like this game but their is too many adds and when we tap something an add pops up! And we dont like it.

Our Brother Delete our DUDD And ALL MY DOLLS ARE GONE!!! This Game Is Not For 4 Years Old And If You Want To Get It Make Sure To Never Delete And All Your Dolls! We Love You.

This game is honestly really cute and fun! Other than the ads, its kinda absurd how many items require ads and how long they are.

Alright so, we wish there was more backgrounds, stickers, movement, and colors. And we wish there was less of adds, no noses and V.I.P. Im a kid, so, we cant ask our parents to give us V.I.P bc they dont have the time/money. Not everyone is rich ok? We also think having no nose is creepy so, please change some of this. Thank you for your time.

There are a few reasons why we probably wouldnt recommend this game to others… Number 1. This game is a complete rip off of gatcha and number 2. It forces you to watch ads for EVERYTHING which is SO annoying! Number 3. Is it just us or is this game really slow? On a good note it is very entertaining and very fun decorating and creating your characters.

We love the game but most of the items needs ads to get and way to many pop up ads.

We love the aesthetic, but hate the ads!!! We were trying to make a background for our Lock Screen, and we move one of the stickers up too high, and we couldnt move it anymore bc a banner ad was there!!! ITS VERY FRUSTRATING!!! We could write abt more things that made us give it THREE STARS, but we would be writing for hours and hours and hours and hours and hours. We WISH we COULD GOVE HIGHER RATING, BUT THE ADS ARE ANNOYINGLY ANNOYING, SO THIS GAME DEFINITELY DONT DESERVE IT!!! Im sry but game creator(s) pls cooperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first time we had ever seen this game we were so excited to play the game but sometimes it is to much ad.

We really like dis game but its just the adds ANY TIME we TRY TO DO SOMETHING IT HAS AN ADD (and for us it played the same add over and over again) LIKE WHAT!?

We would give it 5 stars but there is lots of adds and its the same one we would love yall if you made this game add free but its kind of a meh game and it makes you pay like huh and in the add it kept on saying get it free and if yiu see a 5 star review then its probably fake so dont get it fyi it does not save your ur avatar.

One thing we hate the most is the ads bc it pops up always. And we dont like to watch some stupid ads, we dont like the game bc the cute clothes, face, and accessories have and ad we have to watch and it is very dumb to watch an ad to get the stuff. We are sorry if you feel offended we are just really annoyed.

Our daughter loves this game however there are inappropriate/creepy ads displayed when playing the game. The ad was reported as inappropriate however it still kept popping up.

This game looked so fun! We downloaded it when we realized we could do fun little dress up challenges for YouTube. We thought that would be fun, and when we tried the app, we were disappointed. As soon as we opened it (FOR THE FIRST TIME) an ad popped up. We had to watch so many ads for extra hair, and every time we switched a tab, another ad would pop up. We dont normally write negative reviews, but we think people should know about this before they get the app. We found this really frustrating and deleted the app.

Its a pretty great game if you ask us. The only problem is a lot things we want need ads. If they could fix this then there would no problem at all.


Its very fun on the bus, and you can make as many characters as you WANT!! Its either as good, or better then Gacha life. (Which we also have) Only bad thing? Ads but like, turn off your WiFi, and boom. No ads.

This is the best game we have ever played but there is way too many ads fist of all and second of all there are way too little colors like five? Are you serious? Update the game but it is a good game we fell in love in one second but please update.

We really enjoy this game and how creative it is but there are some glitches, like sometimes when we accidentally click on something that requires an add to unlock, we press the x button but sometimes it doesnt work, sometimes it freezes, sometimes when Im back we still hear the add and then the whole game freezes and when we go out of the game, we still hear the add and when we turn off our device, we still hear the add but a few seconds later it finally stops. And we have a suggestion, maybe include some/more ballerina clothes and maybe some bigger . Over all we LOVE this game.

So we downloaded this app and it is so good and cute and we love it so much, but if you are about 4 years old dont download this app because it has a anime characters in it that 4 year olds cant watch. And the ads are lies because they show you a Christmas one of a person who is making a Christmas girl and some of the clothing is not on the app so you cant make the girl . So that is it. Nnnnnoooo why last time we played this app it had a awesome hair but now its gone it looked like it had cat ears on it and it was on a add plz add it back ps: we like that it has adds on here .

We love this game its so cool you get to dress your dolls up and we think it is so cool we have made 28 dolls already and its so fun but there is one thing but for some of the clothes you have to watch ads to get and we really dont like that but its really good over all. And its great for kids.

You can make people but you cant make a boy and you need to ad more players like 20. There a lot of ads.

We love it so much and we love the game.

We love this game its like the best game ever. Love.

This app is great but we get confused on where you can customize your avatar, other than that it is a great game!

There are some needed tweaks but otherwise its amazing! We can play with it in the car, with no internet, anywhere! Plus there are some really really really really cute shirts, shorts, pants, dresses, and more! We made some really cute dresses! Theres lots and lots of cute kawaii things on here so if youaesthetic is cute kawaii then this app is definitely for you! Chibi Dolls is our favorite dress-up game. Probably gonna be yours too! Its amazing you should definitely get it!

The adds are short and like that but people think it is competing Gotcha life but it is not how is it gotcha dose not have cooler the clothes and people are so predictable it is so relaxing so we think it deserves 5 stars please have fun and dont be mean.

To call this game the best no but it is very good you can make people and take pictures but we wish you could make them then have a city that they can be used in like toca boca.

We like it a lot and all but less adds plz we hate adds but we recommend trying it its cool and Fun.

The items and the game its self is so cute! But to theres to many ads and its kinda annoying. Also Id say they kinda copied Gacha life. No offense! But the game is really fun. You should try it and see for your self!

So we think this app is cute and all and we are having a lot of fun playing this app but the reason we chose this rating is because there is a lot of ads and we wish it didnt have too meny ads.

1st problem: Everyone is saying there are to many ads but.. When we try to do anything that requires a ad we will say that it can not load but Im connected to internet and so we cant really get that much stuff 2nd problem: The daily rewards? After the first one of the rewards (first full week of stuff/outfit) it wouldnt let us get anymore rewards and we’ve had this game for a year and a half almost.. Please help!!!

Its a good game but way to many adds thats the one star thats gone!

We love this game but there was TOO MANY ADS. Other then that it is still a pretty fun game!

Chibi dolls is a fun game to create your own unique characters. We love this game, its good for kids! But.. There are way to many ads. Every time we click something, theres a ad. We would love if there was less ads. We like the clothing, but we wish we could color it. We dont recommend this game for someone who doesnt like ads. Overall, this game is fun, and we really enjoy playing it!

This game is pretty fun but theres a few things we wanna point out, to many ads, we keep trying to pick hairs, outfits and etc but almost all of them are ads. Next is that and ad popped up and it finished showing us the game then we couldnt exit out of the ad so we had to restart the character. But the game is pretty good.

There are way to many ads other than that great.

This game is fun and we love creating one of the little characters! Theyre so cute! But we dont like how most of the stuff you hate to watch an ad for. We dont mind ads when we volunteer to watch them but then they pop up on their own and thats when we dont like it. They pop up way too often and if Im offline we would only have so little to choose from since we have no internet. But it is a good game and we do wish you could be able to change the color of clothes. That would be nice but overall we love this game its so fun to play when Im bored and the characters can be made into pretty much anything you want which we love.

TO MANY ADDS Thats why we rated this not five please put in there like a mini game or ways to get coins to BUY shirts, pants that type of stuff and can You make more backgrounds please a update and can It be like in a month or two because if l dont play a game that we dont play often then we delete but we really like this game But LESS ADDS thanks.

There is a lot of adds. And there is these 3 annoying adds so one is kinda inappropriate because it is like butts and boos and there is these other ones and it is like doctor panda and it is so Annoying but otherwise you should get it because it is really fun also the music can get kinda annoying.

This game is AMAZING! We love it so much! BUTTTTT!!! SO MANY ADDS!!! They pop up out of now where and also on the outfits and the stuff that you you want. Its sooooooooo tiring of all the adds they definitely need to fix that definitely! But other then the adds its amazing and you would definitely love it!

Almost every time we try to enter a different category it gives us an ad, also, we are only able to make 2 characters, why? It isnt really anything Ill keep playing, although it will be our game if we cant find anything else to do, so guess we will keep it, please add more abilities to make more characters, add more backgrounds and clothes and stuff please..

Okay you have gone too far, using our favorite pastel game for an ad? Not cool whatsoever, if your that desperate for 5 stars then delete thousands of ads and make a ad of ur game on yor own. Cant believe we used to be a fan.

We see an ad recently of them using the app love Nikki ads as the ad for this idk why they think thats a good idea when they are not similar and not even close to the same style. Otherwise they are good but the blatantly obvious lying ad is weird and made us rate it 3 stars.


When we got an ad about this, we were angry when we got the game. The ad had tall characters. But when we got the game, The characters were TWEENS. But still a good game. Just, we dont get why it lied in the ad..

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