Duck Life: Space

Last updated on June 11th, 2023 at 06:50 pm

Duck Life: Space


Duck Life: Space is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by MoFunZone Inc, Duck Life: Space is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 21st April 2016 with the latest update 14th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Sports, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


212 people have rated 5

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Prepare to go galactic in the biggest Duck Life adventure ever!

It is a peaceful day on Earth. You are enjoying your fame and fortune being the world duck racing champion. All of a sudden, a wormhole materialises in the sky and an evil looking alien duck appears. Without hesitation, he steals your hard-earned champion crown and flies off into space. Now it’s up to you to get it back!

Train up in running, flying, swimming, climbing, jumping and (for the first time ever) intelligence so you can race your way across the universe to get back your crown! Explore exotic worlds to find new training mini games and wacky duck aliens to race. Enter the duck racing tournament on each world to win a trip to another planet, and get one step closer to your goal!

You don’t have to go it alone! Enter a shop to buy new members for your duck racing team, and become an unstoppable racing force! You can also buy clothes, hats and hairstyles for your ducks to make sure they’re the most stylish champions around!


  • 6 different planets with their own species of alien ducks
  • Over 30 different races to enter
  • 6 different skills to learn and 24 mini games to train them
  • Customise your ducks with hats, hairstyles, clothes and paint
  • Adorable characters
  • Outstanding graphics
  • Captivating music

Updated on 14th December 2022

Support for iPhone X and above

Duck Life: Space Reviews

This game is great! Its funny its engaging and its super fun very worth the 2$.

Now we know that this is your game, not ours, its also been a long time so we doubt that you will see this.

We rate this because we love Duck Life! We like how you go through different planets and train. We also like how you added intelligence training! One thing though. There needs to be new training after you beat the champion. Just an idea though.

So… We like this game and we love the training and we thought since this is a space game we thought of a black hole with a big shadow for the boss and if u beat the boss… U get a power and unlimited energy this power Im talking about can pull the person whos first in race BEHIND you….. Ps: make the shadow really fast… Also you only use black hole power once race.

The tall ladders bugs us and the game is still going. And we can not move.

Dont get us wrong, we love this game. But we found a glitch in the Intelligence 2 mini game where after a certain point, the game just freezes, even worse is it happens when you get a really good score. Other than that, this game is amazing, 9/10.

It’s our 2nd favorite duck life game also we’re kinda a nerd and intelligence training makes the game unique there’s one problem in climbing 2 we would stick to the ladders constently we’ve had to exit out of the app because of that besides that ()-() <– that means INFINITY STARS!!!!!!

This game has been on the same version for too long now. Please update and make with animations from the original DuckLife App. But we still like the game.

1: the whole app needs to be corrected by a grammar checker. 2: level 245 is not unlimited training. 3: please make more races.

This game is good! It had its highs with good training games, atmosphere, and clothing. Then we got to the Freez planet, and suddenly training got much more tedious, and intelligence 2 started bugging out. We never did like this game on computer.

There are two glitches for us to report so far in our gameplay. First glitch is in the ladder climbing mini game whenever you go to high and release, when you land the duck freezes and the timer goes into the negatives. Second glitch is on the terra planet climbing game sometimes it will spawn you right behind a spike and you have to instantly tap the screen to move or you will die.

Its a cool game, but update the quality. Make it HD, update the intro, the style, take out the buttons so we could use the screen to tap. So please give a new update.

Its a good game just like all the other duck lifes, think it should be .99 not 1.99 but other than that its good except that some of the things are color related and Im color blind and its very difficult, so if your color blind do not buy.

They need to make the running on earth more easy too get ok They Ill rate this 1 star so please Make it more easy.

Love this game WOULD give it a 5, yes WOULD, because when we got to Mars it kept glitching on the climb training lvl and we keep having to reset our tablet, and theres nothing to do when we somehow finally beat it… You need to have a QUIT TRAINING BUTTON, now we hate the game.

We love the duck life games and this is no exception. The only thing we would change is that we finished the game in a few hours and there isnt much to do in end game. We dont really like buying outfits and there is no reason to train more than one duck. We literally trained our duck to every max level and energy level to 255. There is no reward and zero reason to train above 150 or so.

You know this app is going to be good.

This is the best duck life ever, we just got to mars, and it is already amazing! This is so worth it. 10/10.

Ducks racing in space instant 5 stars btw haven’t even played the game.

  1. Earth 2. Moon 3. Mars 4. Terra 5. Freez 6. Pyro.

This game is VERY VERY GR8! Accept they need more planets. Really challenging its fun. One spoil alert if you don’t want spoils don’t read next thing we’re gonna say. We like how where you’re at a planet going to the planet called "FREEZ or FREEZE" idk but we like where he said "HE CHEATED!!"

When we played Duck Life Space there was no glitch on the Terra planet climbing mini-game… So maybe there would have been an error on coding for some of the copies of the game, we guess. Still, this game is very good for Duck Life fans like us. We would like to rate it… 5/5 stars which equals for the company!

Duck life 4 was horrible and a disappointment to the entire Duck Life Franchise. It took what made Duck Life fun and turned it into senseless garbage. This is a return to what made Duck Life great in the first place, with some of the good elements from 4. We are happy to have bought Duck Life Space. It is worth the money. -Mace Windu.

This game has the great elements of duck life 4 and none of the bad ones.

So far we like the game but we HATE the training. We feel like its too hard to gain levels. Ill try our hardest to get far on any of the training we barley go up an level.

Really good game but there is one thing. On the Terra planet climbing mini-game, there’s a glitch where you go a bit too far and then you float, and the time goes to negative and there’s no way to get off of the mini-game except swiping out the app and going back in, and it’s really annoying sometimes. Anyways pretty good game we would give it 4 1/2 stars if we could.

The training keeps messing up. Either we get stuck and have to restart the app or the actual experience earned is reduced.

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