Dumb Ways To Die 12 Blow

Dumb Ways To Die 12 Blow

Dumb Ways To Die 12 Blow

Dumb Ways To Die 12 Blow

Dumb Ways to Die Blow Walkthrough, Cheats, Solution for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android.
Please follow the few arrow steps to solve the level Blow.


  • Blow
  • Find mic part of your device and keep blowing fast!!!

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  • Firery

    you can pause the game when someone at the door comes up to see if its the panda and pause the game to see where the letters in patience goes

  • Joseph An

    That’s great, but after everyone dies, what now?

  • Greggeth

    so…. where is the solution??

  • Tyler Flowers

    For the clean one, there’s a cheat I found where you put 2 fingers in the sides of the phone/tab, and it will clean the entire line of non-clean stuff there.

  • hayfa

    what the hell if some1 wants to die they will die In a good way so they cant feel the pain but the thing that I don’t get is why would the die in dumb way the must be dumb them selves

  • Kessy lok

    bye bye la boys

  • Kessy lok

    good lo i want sex all of you got girl friend ka?

  • Kessy lok

    what you taking Chibi”Ariz”MarshallLee we thahu lo

  • Kessy lok

    bodoh bodoh one

  • Kessy lok

    my sister play this game la she is like a fuck girl & a sex girl her name is kelly lok who like her

  • Kessy lok

    fuck you all la dick butt. dumb games is not good fuck boys hahahahahahahaha

  • jahaira

    its is good dump ways to die

  • Hold all the holes…… HOW MANY FINGERS DO YOU THINK I HAVE?!

  • Kat

    if you put 2 fingers on the 2 sides of your device and swipe them up at the same time, it will clear all of the puke

  • Lucy

    But the thing is I can’t get it out

  • Emelia

    I love this game it so much fun but I didn’t get the blow part at all but then I looked at this website and it helped me completley thank you

  • Jooloing

    Instructions too vauge, got my dick caught in the ceiling fan.

  • Monica shampo

    PointsHere is the 1st episode of wipeout in the zone.
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    find me on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Xbox-Games-Galore/186185304764021

  • Sam Harris

    How do you do this on a iPhone? It’s impossible

  • ryan mcdury

    i dont get it

  • f3my z4hr4

    oh thx.. :D

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