Earn to Die 2

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:10 am

Earn to Die 2


Earn to Die 2 is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Not Doppler Pty Limited, Earn to Die 2 is a Racing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 20th November 2014 with the latest update 25th November 2019

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


4,328 people have rated 1.4.17

You can download the game Earn to Die 2 from APP STORE.


Drive your car through a zombie apocalypse in this massive follow-up to the chart-topping hit Earn to Die!

An evacuation ship is waiting on the other side of the country. The only thing that stands in your way: city after city overrun by zombies . With only a run-down car and a small amount of cash you face a familiar situation… to drive through hordes of zombies in order to survive!

Earn to Die 2 introduces a massive new Story Mode, five times longer than its predecessor. The game departs its familiar desert setting and delves into the depths of cities infested by zombies.

Levels are now multi-tiered! Drive across decayed highway overpasses, via underground tunnels, or smash through epic zombie filled factories. Whichever path you choose to take, you won’t be able to escape the zombie hordes – your only choice is to smash through them!

Unlock and upgrade 10 different vehicles, including a sports car, a fire truck, and even an ice-cream van. Each vehicle can be equipped with a range of upgrades, such as armored frames, roof-mounted guns, boosters and more. Those zombies will stand no chance.

Vehicles are now fully destructible. Hang on for your life as your vehicle gets smashed to smithereens if you aren’t too careful.

What are you waiting for? That rescue ship isn’t going to wait forever! Prepare yourself for a wild ride – and seriously, there is nothing like smashing through zombie-filled factories!

Updated on 25th November 2019

  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes

Earn to Die 2 Reviews

This game just gave what we wanted in the previous game awesome would recommend to buy it.

This game is really fun we had it on our tablet and it was amazing especially cause the cars as you go they get better and you can upgrade them.

Both games are great but we beat both of them 2 times so Im bored can you make earn to die 3 please.

Its just as good as the first one keep up the good work.

This game is super fun we love this game 100% get this game!

We love the game but we hate that it cost one dollar on iPhone but free on android.

You spend all this time upgrading your car and in the end youre driving a 25 ton dump truck with body armor, a concrete saw mounted to the front and a friggen Boeing 747 jet engine strapped to the back but it has a super hard time crashing through a stack of wooden boxes. Still a fun game though. Love the art work and animation!

But in real life you would need to look for or get the upgrades because in zombie apocalypses you dont need money you need to scavenge for supplies but its not bad.

Number two is a complete and utter joke! It takes so long for you to upgrade your car just to get from one point to the other. Also, the game gives you know cash!!! Only a tiny bit! Furthermore, the music last game was so much better!!! This game takes hours and hours of grinding just to get to one checkpoint. The first earn to die was at least 10x better at the very least. If you guys make an earn to die 3, we will be more prepared and read the reviews.

Its one of the best mobile games we play. It takes long but is fun.

It takes several days to finish. We enjoyed it for a long time. This game started as a flash game but this app is a fully featured version of it. The only gripe is the micro transactions. While you can play the entire game without realizing they exist like we did, the only purchase that is actually worth it is the money doubler. All the other ones dont make any sense. Paying for this game DOES make sense though. Its worth it.

We used to play this game on our android tablet but we couldnt any more because we lost it but u got a new apple tablet but couldnt download the game because it was 1 dollar and we were too scared to buy it but then we bought it and we were so happy Im very glad the game hasnt been deleted.

This was always one of our favorite childhood games.

We got day 100 we are happy the best car game.

This game is great we play all the time and there are no adds.

We have no words this… GAME… IS. JUST. SO. FREAKING. AWSOME! Its one if the best mobile games we have seen for a while. Lately its just been battle royal games, io games, and other crappy games where you click a png to make another png pop up so too see a game unlike all those is just great! We know those games technically are free but the fact this game is only 0.99$ is just crazy! Its a steal! If one of the creators are reading this… You guys are doing great. Keep doing what you do best!

This game is pretty fun but just another thing to help the stress and pain.

We got to the jeep we decided to get off and when we did it restarted us it also happened To us in earn to die two (which we spent money in game) please fix.

We think you should make a console one we love this game its the best.

The crash physics applied to your ride throughout each level, randomly, pretty much make this pass time indomitable. Beautiful game, we just need a lil more. Bring much more, pls.

We have the last car and we want more cars and we love your game its amazing.

It is an awesome game . We love it.

Like we said we just like the game.

We love how do you can get a grade and up to an OP car is like awesome.

The game is made (most likely) to pass time and have fun, we would recommend it because it has good mechanics and is fun to play.

Dope and Super fun. We recommend you guys playing it.

We highly recommend it, this game is so addicting and fun.

Idk why but we’ve been playing this game since it came out and we’ve never got bored even tho its a bit grindy we still love it.

The only thing we think they should add is difficulty settings.

We love the poo out of this game but when is Earn to die 3 coming out????

This is the best game we have ever played so much action and violence we are addicted to this game keep up the good work.

We finished the campaign once and we’ve started a second playthrough the game can be grindy at times but otherwise its great. If you havent bought this game what are you doing with your life.

We love this game we are rate it a 5 star and 1 dollars for this game totally worth it they should make a 3.

An iconic mobile game, still amazing to this day.

So let us get something straight, the second game has you grind SO much just to get one upgrade, for example to get the M4 on the mustang its $5500 and on the second course on the minor upgrades (lvl 2 armor, lvl 3 engine/transmission etc. Etc.) and other than that we like absolute CHAOS games (bloons TD battles bullet hells etc.) and the first game is an absolute chaotic game, for example when you get to the army HumVee things turn into absolute CHAOS. But other than that this is kinda a review about both of the games so yeah both games 9/10. And Not Doppler please take action and add like gold bars to the game, for example 500 gold bars could be used to fully upgrade a vehicle, so yeah if you see this Not Doppler, please do this.

We’ve had this game for what seems like forever and its always our go to game.

So awesome game but we think your next game should have a mustang boss or something else like that as a starter car and make it easier to play and make the game free to get more popular on the AppStore By the way this is just an option for you guys who made this game so if you do see this please add it in the next game please.