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Easy Come Easy Golf

Easy Come Easy Golf

Experience one of the top-rated 0 games on the App Store, Easy Come Easy Golf! Developed by the innovative team at CLAP HANZ LTD., this Sports game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 2nd April 2021, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 5th August 2023.

Are you a fan of Sports, games? Then Easy Come Easy Golf is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Easy Come Easy Golf

Over 1,947 players have rated Easy Come Easy Golf. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Easy Come Easy Golf Cost?

Good news! You can download Easy Come Easy Golf on your iOS device absolutely free!

Easy Come Easy Golf Release Date

Eager to know when Easy Come Easy Golf first graced the App Store? It was launched on 2nd April 2021.

When Was Easy Come Easy Golf Last Updated?

The latest version of Easy Come Easy Golf was updated on 5th August 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Easy Come Easy Golf?

To get started with Easy Come Easy Golf, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Easy Come Easy Golf

Team members tag off each round in Easy Come Easy Golf’s groundbreaking new golf gaming system!

Game Features:

  • Make your very own team with even more characters to choose from. Switch characters every hole!
  • Prefer to play alone? We’ve got you covered! The game comes fully equipped with a traditional solo golf mode.
  • Strategic golf courses modeled after the most beautiful places in the world.
  • Game controller support.

How to Swing:

  1. Swipe down to set power
  2. Find the perfect angle and flick up!
    With a little practice, you’ll soon master all kinds of shots!

Game Modes:

  • World Tournament
    Compete with players all over the world in a weekly tournament with special rules!
    Play as many times as you like during the event period. Aim for the top score in the rankings!

  • Tour Mode
    Win first prize on the global green as you play through beautiful courses set all over the world. Earn new characters by winning in Match Play!
    Enjoy an expansive range of match styles, including Drive Battles, KP Battles, and more!

  • Score Attack Mode
    Traditional solo golf, with scores recorded by course and character. Strengthen your characters and beat your own Best Score! Character levels are shared with other modes.

  • Bring a Club Mode
    Play together with friends and family! With intuitive controls and casual, low-pressure gameplay, anyone can join in the fun!
    Stroke play supports up to 4 players, while Multiplayer can be played with 2 players.

  • Pass a Club Mode
    Play with those around you on one device! No need for connecting over the internet!

  • Survival Mode
    See how many challenges you can clear! Stages are randomly generated, awarding you new thrills with every attempt!
    See how you match up on the Survival Score Leaderboard against other players from all over the world!

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Easy Come Easy Golf updated on 5th August 2023:

Thank you for continuing to play Easy Come Easy Golf!
The content of the latest update is listed below.

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

User Reviews on Easy Come Easy Golf

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Easy Come Easy Golf below:

Suddenly found that this game is made by playstation everybodys Golf manufacturer! It feels as good as ever, and it doesn’t use krypton gold. It’s great.

We gave this game 4 stars only because it needs an update with more characters and more courses. The game play is 5 stars for sure! We hope you are working on an update because we’ve reached the end of the game. We’ve mastered tour mode and score attack. Now we’ve played survival mode so much that we really need a new update.

We keep getting a communication error on world tournament also the game does not show us KP 1 distance very annoying glitch in the game.

We dont want to, but money keeps coming out of our account with nothing to show for it so Im going to have to close our account. We love the characters and the courses, but nothing has changed in well over a year and yet, you keep taking money out of our account. So even though we got so far and have accomplished so much, Im not going to keep paying for the same material. We’ve asked over and over again for new material, but nothings changed. So unfortunately Im going to have to delete this game so dont take out any more of our money.

Gameplay ceased during the last week of October. Our Apple TV app was loaded, offloaded, deleted, and reloaded. The game will not function. The tv goes gray, and the startup screen will not appear. We downloaded the app to our iPad so that our data would be retained. The game tries to function on that platform, but when navigating from feature to feature, the screen again turns gray and the app times out. The app has not received an update in over a month. The promise of online head-to-head matchups has never paired us with a competitor. The last review (prior to mine) was early September. ClapHanz has always been a class act, as far back as the early Hot Shots franchise. We get that there are only so many things you can update within one game, especially a cloud game where download capacity could be limited. But to find the game totally non-functioning and zero data within the review or developer notes is disappointing, and using a one-star review as our only means of reporting an issue feels outright unprofessional.

Not able to play online matches and Bring a club mode. Our Bluetooth and WiFi is on and still cannot connect with online matches or Bring a club. This would be a good game if we could play all modes. Please send us some suggestions or technical support? Thanks!

Not sure what happened, but as of 11/17/23 the game will not open on mac. Deleted the game and installed it again through the app store same thing will not open.

Hot Shots Golf games for the PlayStation consoles are some of our all time favorite. When we learned Easy Come Easy Golf was from the same Developer, we installed it right away and have been having a blast with it! Although missing some of the elements from the Hot Shots series, this game definitely looks and plays very much like a console title. We would absolutely love a Clap Hanz tennis game too. Thank You, Clap Hanz! Great Game!!!

For the past few days a communications problem notice is appearing. Please fix.

Well balanced and enjoyable to play.

Very fun, easy to learn game. Been a while since any new levels were added. Are yall close to adding more?

Great golf game, only real issue we have is the way the game handles unlockables. Unlike claphanz previous golfing games, this one does not have a shop with cool and interesting things to buy like music, character art, etc It is now just a grindfest of playing the same holes over and over for a single cosmetic. Please bring back the shop and add more holes! Thank you!

This game is one of the better golf games around. Fun yet challenging and the characters are interesting and quite diverse. We would have given this game a 5 star, but it has one major flaw. The triple tap only works about 30% of the time. It is rather annoying . You will be going along, and then it quits working. You have to go out of the game and come back in and even that isnt a guaranteed fix. You can go down a club, but you will always come up way short then you had hoped to. Other than that, love playing this game. Hope you can fix this, then we will give it a 5! Update. The triple tap is getting worse. We can play a round of real golf faster than a round of this. We change our rating to a 1 at best.

Character designer: How racist would you like this game to be? Clap Hanz: Yes.

Seems odd to develop a game and the stop and grade17. Its like its not finished. So u can continue to play the game thru rank 17 but there are no more ranks so seems a waste of time. Just weird that it stops and u can still play for points for each course but they arent added anywhere. So just sayin seems unfinished:(

Looking for a simple game title very misleading.

Come all play this get high. Besafe StayHigh.

Nobody plays random matches online so unless an actual friend joins you in a created room or visa-versa you can forget about human-human play. Im trying to get a house family member interested in local or online play but as a novice they would only have access to one golf course and lower rated players so thats a no go. We like the gameplay but it takes too long to acquire all the courses and develop your players.

We had fun playing this game for months now. But unfortunately same issues with our scores in survival mode not being submitted(my scores was submitted but started messing up again,plus we played for months with our scores not submitting [not knowing all those months because we were playing online match mode not world tournament mode] until we ranked #2 in a World Tournament checked your Twitter results and thats how we found out all those months our scores was not being submitted). Ill be ending our subscription for now. No longer worth us paying $5 a month to play this one game on Apple Arcade. We might return to this game in the future.

The app opens, Apple Arcade and ClapHanz logo, then Loading then the golf course with two people and a chipmunk are shown. No controls. No demo. No sound. Nothing. 2.7GB for a ten second cut scene. Id ask for a refund but this is Apple Arcade and $32 is just what this useless app doesnt cost.

Will there eventually be 9h,18h for random online matches? With perfect impact, will homing/rising/side spin shots make a comeback? Ting! That sound and blue flame haha. Or ware we phasing that out. Ok either way just curious. Let’s bring points back too, separate tournament golfers that have the same score. Keep up the good work!

Im not really a big golf fan, but back in the day, we really enjoyed Hot Shots Golf on our PS1. We’ve been searching for something similar for the past few years for iOS, but nothing has really captured that same feeling. So, when we got an opportunity to try Apple Arcade for a month, we found this game. Our wife got a new phone and we received a 3 month trial in addition to the single month we already had. That being said, as much as we like the game, we dont like it enough to pay $5 / month to play it. We would pay $10-$15 to have the game, but there really isnt anything else on the Arcade platform that interests us (except, maybe Ballistic Bash). Our time to spend playing games is limited, so we cant justify the monthly commitment. Thanks.

Yall need to get this its our top 3 favorite mobile game.

The triple tap update just made this One of the best golfing games Definitely hot shots golf vibes for sure! Recommend 100%

Its entertaining since its not a golf sim.

If your looking for a grindey golf jrpg with rougelike elements.

Arcade-like golf that is fun! Great for fast rounds when in line, traveling etc. Bravo.

When we can control the character walking in course and we hope to play on PlayStation.

No cursor or hand or anything to let you know where you are with the mouse. Have to exit fullscreen by swiping left and then swipe back right.

The year is 2022, people are asked to multi task more than ever. You get a break every so often and would like to play a game for 5 minutes to clear your mind. Developers: we know, let’s force the game to only work in full screen so the user has to 100% focus on our video game and make it difficult to get out… No other options are available. We’re geniuses!

Anyone who played Hot Shots Golf back in the day will be right at home with this game. Its from the same developers. Love the quirky style, easy to pick up controls.

Reminds us of the tiger woods pga tour games on ps4 with the boss levels and putting style. So much fun. Wish there was a little more difficulty but Im still early in the game so it may get more difficult as we go. Thanks to the devs for putting this together!! Keep it up.

First clap hanz golf now easy come easy golf.. Perhaps the two worse possible names for a golf game. Unfortunately cause the actual gameplay is great.

We were having trouble with the touch screen controls, and the lack of 3-click shot meter with controller was a problem in earlier versions of the game, but now that we can use 3-click shot control we’re getting much better results. Thanks to the developer for listening to player feedback and for making a super fun game! We hope Clap Hanz will also make more console golf games in the future… This and the Everybody’s Golf games are the perfect mix of sim / arcade and we hope there will eventually be another game that collects player-favorite courses and characters from the older games. We would buy that in a heartbeat.

Truly unbelievable. You had a great game here. Probably the best golf game out there. Then, you make "improvements" and our PS 4 controller no longer works. Ever hear the phrase "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it ?" Apparently not.

We really enjoy playing this game. The different playing modes offer a variety of ways to enjoy the characters and courses. You can play a quick round in Tour mode or World Tourney mode or settle in to build up golfer scores in Score Attack. You can also dabble in experiencing the frustration of real-life golf in Survival mode. This game for us has been such a great stress relief because is offers us mini vacations from the hustle of daily life and does so 9 quick holes at a time. The characters are entertaining , the course designs are really impressive and the little quirks like vacuum cup or no-pins are fun. We hope the game continues to grow and evolve.

Love the game and we’ve been playing it nonstop for months! Characters are fun and the game is fast paced enough you can pick up and play a round in 5 minutes. Only complaint with the latest update is the new triple tap mode and how you turn it on. We prefer the classic flick control and the way youve laid out the buttons, our muscle memory taps the bottom right of the screen to play, throwing us into triple tap mode. We usually exit back to the home menu and start over, but its annoying. Would love it if triple tap mode was an option you could set overall instead of a per-round selection. At least able us to set a preferred mode and have a single start button!

We play daily for a couple hours. We used to play hot shotz a lot too. Thx so much. There is a new bug though since the update. The game will go into slow motion often now. Is there a fix?

The game is fun – play it to kill time and rounds are quick. Now with the new swing controls, it more than doubles the time to play a round. Awful change. At least add the option to play either way. Update: Didnt see the flick option. Does feel more sensitive now, but so much easier to play. Appreciate the response.

We like the game, just wish we could play online tournaments without the cheaters. We know ppl cant eagle/hole-in-one every hole so those -36 players aint fooling anyone. We dunno how the developers could combat this, but if they do, online would be fun.

So when we open the app, when it gets to the loading part, it kicks. Us out of the game. Please help.

This is a fun game, but the latest updates are a huge step backwards. Users should be able to completely turn off the (less fun) three tap option so you dont accidentally choose it and have to restart the whole app to get out of it. Same goes for 18 hole play it might be nice on occasion but the games take too long, and simply mirroring the course and forcing a whole second round with the same characters makes the longer game feel like a chore. Hope they give users the ability to opt out of these latest features cause they make the game less fun.

Please stop making us play as the old Italian lady.

Just a question why is every game we play have a devil horns on everything including your managers.. Im sick of the devil references in all games we play. You may be need to fix this if you want more christians to play.

Tons of fun. Reminds us of hot shot golf.

Great game, we’ve gotten all characters and mastered almost all so far. Needs more Courses (2 or 3, not just 1) as well as more rare costumes for characters. As it stands, the only rare costumes available are for the 2nd outfit and not the firstmaybe hold off on everyone having leopard print as well. Nothing against it, just that not everyones rare costumes should be leopard print. Last but not leastMORE CHARACTERS!!! Very fun game, only reason we still have Apple Arcade subscription.

Solid foundation but need more customization, maybe clubs, balls, shirts pants etc definitely could use ranked vs mode, needs a little more clap hanz golf that we know and love.

We have played many of the old Hot Shots Golf games on PS2 – PS3 and Everybodys Golf on PS4. They are by far our favorite golf games. Clap Hanz Golf feels like a close cousin to the Hot Shots games, but not quitef as polished as Everybodys Golf. We get that this is on a new platform and maybe not 100% the same team, but there are odd missing elements, like the lack of an impact sound effect when you putt the ball, that just makes the putting feel floaty. Not sure if rights issues prevent the inclusion of the Hot Shots courses, but would love to see some of those in this game. The touch controls are pretty good, but can be tough to master precision. We almost wish we could use the old 3-tap meter from Hot Shots / Everybodys Golf. Please consider adding the old meter as a control option in a future update. Honestly, if you made this game for other platforms, we would buy it full price. The characters are great and game mechanics are super solid. Keep up the great work!

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