Eden – World Builder

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Eden – World Builder


Eden – World Builder is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kingly Software Inc, Eden – World Builder is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 2nd December 2010 with the latest update 3rd April 2015

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Adventure, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,001 people have rated 2.1

You can download the game Eden – World Builder from APP STORE.


Explore a world of limitless possibility. Build your own personal Eden. Unleash your creative and adventurous spirit!

Eden is a game that lets you do awesome things with blocks. The game engine enables crazy sandbox fun. Build, destroy and explore your way through endless worlds. What will you make?

Fun for all ages and played by millions; Eden is a best selling game on the App Store and has just received its biggest update yet!


  • Huge worlds to explore, build, and destroy
  • All kinds of materials to build with
  • Colors
  • Fire and explosives
  • Fireworks, portals, paint bombs, lights, doors and treasure cubes
  • Lovable creatures, including new aggressive ones
  • Community: share your builds with friends and explore new worlds
  • Millions of user created worlds

Updated on 3rd April 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

A new block that explodes into a bigger block

Eden – World Builder Reviews

We love this game we give it a 5 star rating plus it is related to minecraft.

We used to play a this a long time ago and we discovered it again and oh our god the memories are rushing back.

We played since 2013 and Im glad nothing has changed overall.

This is an amazing game and we play this all the time, thanks for fixing the title bug! It really makes the whole game experience better!

We haved this game for a long time now and we like it.

This game has been one of our favorites for 4 consecutive years.

Good game! But we’re tired of the same old monsters. Add animals like horses,foxes,deer,and so on. Also,add saddles if you add animals. Plz make it happen! Thanks!

We’ve waited since 2011 for an update, and now it’s here. We are not disappointed.

We love Eden. It is so fun! We are working on a world with the portals to share. It includes skills and certain strategies. We hope you enjoy.

We really want to be able to make working guns planes and cars maybe even boats we wish they added guns and something to make a plane a boat a tank or anything like that work. Plz plz plz we have been on this game since it had no bombs.

We loved this game when it came out. We played it ALLOT creating homes and really hard obstacle courses then our phone broke and we had to get a new one :/ so we lost our progress. We love this game!!!

This is one of the best games ever! Thank you!!! :-)

Can the apps developers please start updating and optimizing this game more. This is a great game and app, and it really needs to be updated and to be given more attention.

So fun but could still use updates.

Eden is really fun we love it but we think that it would be more fun if you could connect with your friends and play together, also if cars could move, that would be very great , if it is possible ! Thank you so much and we hope that the improvements can be possible!

This is soo cool swing Eden on one of the good games we remember when we used to play it they called it garden of Eden didn’t they? :)

A multiplayer mode is the only thing that will make eden de best game ever.

This is a great game but there could be alot more couldn’t there?

These past few years we’ve seen all the updates we loved the old Eden but the new update was like better it changed everything but you should update it again like you should put more animals and more objects and Even put multiplayer like so you can play together or online and put cars to.

This is really the best game we’ve played since 2018. We love it so much! We built a world in it called Creative World, and it shows how much we’ve evolved in our building skills. Please just change a few things, for example, the ability to paint only the side of blocks, and not the whole thing. Also make the light coming from the lamps not go through walls! Other than that, this app is literally the best! We can’t find anything bad about it! (Except sometimes it crashes when we create a new world and it loads a dark green forest and we jump around in the lake.)

Please update this game we played this since we were like 10.

Please add a multiplayer option to Eden! It would be loads more fun to play with friends.

We LOVE this game and you will to!!

Eden is very different from a typical ours raft clone. You can paint every block any color, including the sky, and there are unique mobs. We love the portals because it works very seamlessly. Eden doesn’t need to be another survival clone. This to us is an artistic sandbox game because of the painting ability. One thing – please increase the height limit.

We loved this game we are glad it is been updated.

Needs these: Signs Vecicles Blocks Pressure plates And More…

We give this app 5 stars and we still play it everyday, but can you continue on it? We think you kinda abandoned the game for the sandbox…

This game is super freakin AWESOME!!!!!

We love this game but it starts to get boring playing alone we think they should add multiplayer.

Its realy good but we think it needs mor things like the portle. Mor tek if it had mor things that were technical we would play it mor. We have bin playing it mor with the portles than anything. Thanks we no it is just our opinion but it would be so!!!! Much better with mor tek stuf in it. Thanks.

Its a great game but it needs characters also multiplayer would be awesome! Can u also not have dying anymore Cuz we dont like the new angry monster and lava can kill u plz remove dying!! Also add furniture please and make ur character and make monsters! Plz also add pets!! Also u know that purple place.., with the under water rainbow coral.., can u not have water there we want to have a home there but it is just water.. It takes very long to remove the water too.. Also maybe add maps it could help!! Just some suggestions we hope to see in the next update plz add them alot of people want these and get to color ur animals plz add we have been waiting for all this stuff in the update plz add Welp hope u read-EeveeTheEevee (^o^)(^o^)(><)(^^)

Please let two people connect together.

We love Eden, super fun game that we just love to hop onto when we’re bored and create wonderful things, our last creation was a Ice slide, with awesome jumps, views and tricks! But this game needs new updates, every update delivers hours of exploring, having fun, and a laugh with the creatures, but those updates get old once you play with them for months, we need more, our ideas? Maybe a Global chat, to chat with other online players, or maybe Multiplayer, we know both these are not too important, but they both be awesome and maybe make the game even better!

We’ve had this game since we bought our ipod touch 4th gen. When it was still pretty fresh in the app store we often played it more than minecraft just for the feature of posting our worlds to the game’s server. As minecraft keeps adding new features, we find less of a need to play this one which is a shame. We love this game but it feels forgotten not only by the ones who played it but by the creator/s themselves. Although we admire the simplicity of Eden, here are the key features we think this game should obtain to become relevant again: more block shapes (but not alot just keep it simple) and features, more colors, MULTIPLAYER, fix the bugs, improve the lighting dynamics, higher resolution graphics, add clouds and sun to add some life and improve the home screen layout so we dont have to click an arrow to choose a world, instead we can just swipe through the menu to make it easier. So in conclusion keep the theme of simplicity in the game but also keep it updated and inprove it as other technology improves.

You minecraft playing cod trolling nube.

Ok we love it but there’s one flaw we accidentally deleted our world but the game won’t let us search it because of a connection error.

Listen we’ve had Eden since 2012 and we’ve never been very picky about it. However we do have some suggestions for it. We feel Eden should have multi player. Many people have suggested that and we think that is a good idea! Our other suggestion is we think the cute monsters should be tamable! It would be fun to have those little guys following us around!

Funny thing is that we deleted this game until an update came with more creatures, and doors, all crafting games MUST have doors!!! Thank y’all for this game, we know y’all put so much effort into making this game, we really like it, keep up the good work! C;

This game is really good we like the art of it the monsters that you can have we like the new angry ones the new biomes and all the cool maps that people make this is an amazing and we fully recommend it but there is a few things that we would like you to add survival and if you do can you add guns maybe even vehicles that would be awesome.

This game is great overall, but what happened to the clouds that you could walk on? Being back the clouds and the game will be nearly perfect.

We’ve been playing this game since we were a little kid. We love looking through houses that other people have built and seeing how creative people can be. This is and will always be our favorite game to play. So thank u to whoever put out Eden, we literally love u so much!

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