Tricky Castle

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Tricky Castle

Tricky Castle

Tricky Castle is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by AI GAMES FZ LLC, Tricky Castle is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 31st August 2019 with the latest update 27th June 2021

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Tricky Castle ?

4,944 people have rated 1.5.9

What is the price of the Tricky Castle ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Tricky Castle released ?

Tricky Castle was released on 31st August 2019.

When was the Tricky Castle updated ?

The latest updated date of Tricky Castle on 27th June 2021.

Where can Tricky Castle be downloaded ?

You can download the game Tricky Castle from Apple Official App Store.



Escape from the castle, full of tricks and mysterious puzzles. This escape room game will challenge your ability to solve puzzles!

The Terrible Villain grabbed the Princess and set traps on the way to her rescue. A brave knight can save the princess hidden in the tower of the castle! Forward to adventure! Wander the mysterious corridors of the castle, solve puzzles, and avoid traps to find the faraway tower. There’ll be hundreds and hundreds of doors, spikes, platforms to jump on, and all this in order to find the treasured key. Take a close look at the room and read the clues (or riddles?) to figure out how to escape the room.

  • 120 unique levels, packed with escape puzzles
  • unusual ways to escape the room
  • hundreds of doors you’ll have to open in your way to saving the princess
  • excellent combination of logic games and relaxing 2d platformer games
  • light humor will make you smile :)

You won’t want to stop solving puzzles! Explore the castle that holds more tricks and secrets than it appears on the surface, and enjoy this fun puzzle game!

Updated on 27th June 2021

  • Added 20 new levels
  • Bug fixes

Tricky Castle Review

This gam is so fun an can be tricky, we jav recently been addicted to this gets an if you like riddles an trick we’re sur you will love this game, it’s fun an pretty tricky there are also multiple types of levels you can go throw like the witch castle or the princess one,. It’s such a fun g am we’re sure you’ll love it.

This was a wonderful game! We liked the creative ways of solving the levels and it never got old! Im looking forward to any possible new levels or other additions to the game!

This is thinly game we have ever enjoyed enough to finish it. We beg you for more. Plssssssss we love this game and the story behind it and want a second game or more levels as do many other people. Thank you for making this game.

We LOVE THIS GAME!! But it needs more levels we finished this game and was disappointed it was over!! Please make more levels because it was so much fun!! It was an amazing game and we highly recommend getting it!!

One of the few apps that we’ve spent real money on. Puzzles are interesting and not always the same. Some really make you think. Just waiting on new levels now!

Just finished all the levels and we loveddddd this game! We really really hope they make more levels!!! It was challenging but not too hard! Well done!

Although we had a hard time on some of these levels this game is still a great game!

We first got this for our kid, to play on roadtrips and the like. She loved it. She liked the art style and how it challenged her brain to think of an out side the box solution. Over all its a great game and we would recommend it to people who have children who love puzzles. We love this developer and their doing a great job!

We just finished the game. Truly one of the best phone games we’ve played. We love it!

Got this game from an ad which we dont usually do, its really fun and makes you think! Its a lot less annoying without ads so yes we paid to get rid of ads and its so worth it. We finished the game and now Im hoping we get more maps.

This game is awesome. Not just another mindless mobile game. We’ve told all our friends to check it out. We cant wait for more content!

We love this game, its got us hooked and staying up all night trying to figure out the riddles and how to complete each different level! This game is sometimes frustrating but when you know the stuff, its easy as pie. Also we guess thanks for reading the reviews!

Very interesting entertaining and some puzzles can be challenging.

This game gives you plenty to think about. Many many new puzzles and tricks as you progress through the game. We recommended 100% for people who love to figure out puzzles. And a great story line! Kept us interested!!

A game on the App Store we actually enjoy! Besides all the ads it is very fun and enjoyable. We look forward to the second one!

Okay, we only downloaded this game because we wanted games on our phone during our 13 hour flight. We INSTANTLY FELL IN LOVE!! When we landed and had wifi, we had no problem watching ads to unlock certain levels. This game is so much fun and really makes you think before you go a certain route ya know? Anyway, finished the game and came back to see if the game makers had any more similar games because theyre AMAZING at their job!!! This game is totally worth it:) btw, loveee the characters! Our fave is the one with three eyes.

We are obsessed with this game, and everything about it. We need to make sure our princess and we have a happy ending.

This game is literally SOO fun! We spent hours playing it. The puzzles are super hard, too! Thats what makes the game super awesome!

Best game ever we have spent an absurd amount of time playing and we don’t regret downloading this.

We’ve already told so many people bout the game im hooked we get sad when the 10 levels r up cuz we wanna keep playing its so fun and keep hr brain working makes u think and see things u dont think would be there. Very minimal ads we generally only get them when we wanna see a hint cuz we dont always get it or rarely do we get one after a level its an amazing graffics and games 100/10 definitely recommend.

Perfect game one problem is that there should be a tricky castle 2 . Anyways we think thats all amazing game but we dont suggest it for kids under 6 and for a tricky castle 2 thats all its an amazing game for kids 6 and up.

Its fun but the ads really make us not want to play and Im speaking on eveyone behalf Im sure nobody wants to pay 3 bucks to remove ads.

Its a really good puzzle game we can play while we have nothing to do. The only thing we dont like is the ads. But other than that, its probably the best puzzle game we’ve played. But when will you add more levels?

Its an amazing game! We completed all the levels in less than a week and its so addictive. Cant wait to play more levels or a 2nd season!

This game was very well done. Us and our kids loved it!

This game is so fun, and sometimes sarcastic :) It keeps you in suspense and it is the game we have been playing for months! 5/5! :D.

We absolutely loved this game and we want more of them please!! This was awesome we love games that use the app and phone in general as ways to solve the puzzles in the game.

We really don’t have any complaints, we like the game because it gives us a brain workout. The shock after seeing how the level actually works is a never ending feeling. There could be less ads, but we guess it could also be worse too. Overall the design is nice and so is the idea, you can’t really go wrong with it.

This game is great and helps us cure our boredom. Very recommended.

This game is amazing it is kinda hard but easy at the same time we just wished that there was more levels and more tricks to it the design of the game is cute and simple and we loved all the levels.

We love this game so much we just dont know how to subscribe. Thats it Im addicted. We LOVE puzzles so much and a reason we hit it ever since we saw the whole add even though we can really hate them RATE: PUZZELES MY FAVORITE.

This game is so fun. It doesnt have many adds and when it does, its at the right time. This app is very addicting and we think its really funny. This is a really good app especially for it being a mobile game. We saw one add and got it and if you are questioning if this app it fun and is worth it, it is. We highly recommend getting it especially if you love adventures and the style.

Ok to start we really love this game, the idea and game in general is a fun concept however when we realized how many adds the developers put in the game it became a huge problem. The amount of adds got us very annoyed and frustrated. Every time we finish a level an add would play and every time we get to a new floor of the castle we had to either watch an add or wait and we are talking long 30 second adds. This problem made the whole game very frustrating to play. Now to the developers- Please note we love your game and we really hope that you fix this issue in the future. Thank you for taking your time reading this review. Thank you.

This game is SOO fun! We love this game! You get to solve fun puzzles and your trying to free the princess and its our favorite game EVER.

Im so happy we downloaded this its one of the best games you can truly find and the only bad part of this is when you finish every level, then realize there is not a second! The creators really need to make a second one!!

We loved this game a lot. Was really sad when it ended. We hope you add to this game or maybe make another one like it!!

Without the fun personality of this game, we wouldve turned our head away from it. The ads are more tolerable, even if they are used the same way with other games. Personality matters!

This game really gets our mind working and we recommend it if you just wanna have fun, get your mind working, or if your an idiot like us and want a bigger brain.

Just buy to get rid of the ads. There’s so many levels, it’s worth the $2.

This is the best game ever! GET IT!!!

This is gonna be short, we love this game, we really love this game- just add more levels. Please. Thank you.

We really enjoyed this game it kept us entertained for like 2 weeks until we beat all the levels, and found all the stars and bats. We’ve played it trough a couple more times and its still entertaining we just wish there were different levels to play.

We don’t know what to say but it’s worth a.

We totally recommend this game for all ages, it had us and our kids stumped! Not only is there hundreds of levels, but a lot are creative and you really have to use your brain. We really hope the creator makes a sequal (hint hint). Also.. The animation is really cute.

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