Emoji Puzzle!

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:27 am

Emoji Puzzle!


Emoji Puzzle! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Emoji Puzzle! is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 5th June 2020 with the latest update 27th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


89,542 people have rated 2.89

You can download the game Emoji Puzzle! from APP STORE.


A new imagination game in which you need to connect pairs of emotions by associations. Think and find the idea of each puzzle. Just tap one by one on the elements from different columns to connect them with a line. Or drag to draw a line and connect elements from different columns. If you correctly connect all the elements, you pass the level. Harder than you think!

Updated on 27th April 2022

-Game improvements

Emoji Puzzle! Review

We love this game it is so fun omg you should play it.

We’ve gotten to level 600 and can not stop (Im not joking we need help) we are addicted to this,nad we cant stop playing (please help me).

Thank you for making this great game also l love this because you draw lines and you just made our day.

We got you carried away we did a court screw flip and a backflip.

Dasani Dasani Dasani Dasani Dasani.

OK first of all the ads are super annoying theres like two ads in like 20 seconds and also the game is pretty fun but its very addicting so we dont know if its amazing but the word of what we would use for it was OK but we kinda like it but kind of dont so if you like that we recommend this game because it has a very lots of ads Im eight and we have a phone in it this game so addicting to us so yeah we just wanted to write a review bye -sincerely alex.

Because it is fun to play with.

This games is the finest game we’ve played!! It has lots of levels and is hard sometimes! You need to get this game right now in the App Store!!

This game is really fun there are some that are hard and easy.

It is so nice and it makes us have an understanding.

Nice game it helps us get ready for work.

Those is such a good game and teir is no adds that is why we like those game a lot.

We love this game because we can just turn of our Wi-Fi or cellular data off of this game and we can still play. We play this game when Im in the car driving to somewhere so we wont get bored. We would get more games like these because we know there are a lot of ads but you can turn off Wi-Fi or your cellular data and it still works, it wont glitch or nothing. We dont know how many levels there are but we would like to continue playing this game. LOVE THIS GAME!!

This a great game just need more interest but is great.

We is a easy game but it is fun.

Im Sophia . We love this game,but theres so many ads! We hope you make less ads next update.

Thank yall so much for this new game we appreciate your hard work we dont know what we would do without this game we love yall so much can you please write us a review back we love you so much this game we dont even know what to say anymore this game is so awesome yall are awesome can you please follow us on TikTok our TikTok name is Airian055 thats our TikTok name we really hope yall follow us thank yall so so so so so much.

We love this game but we have to tell you this game has a lot of ads some of the ads we see are inappropriate and this game could be good for kids so if your a parent you should watch your kid on this app to make sure there arent any inappropriate ads.

You may think it looks dumb but you wont regret it.

Love it but it needs more emojis please.

This game is so much fun and we think that out of all of the games we have played we think this is the best one yet.

We like this game its the best it makes our mind more brave anyway thnak you for creating this game :)

We love the game it is very very fun and whoever made this game you did a good job.

We love it so much and it is so fun so far. Thank u so much for making it thank u.

This game is a good game but their are to many ads and if you have a little kid read this part some of this ads are not good for kids so we say like 10 or 11+ but it is a good game.

We think it is ok a little bit tooEasy.

Like its fun in all but like maybe there should be a bit more to do overall ok.

The reason why we aint giving it a three star Its because when we watched the ad for you guys nobody could pass the level so as a right now its to easy but we will keep you posted.

Okay dont get us wrong this is a great game. You match emojis. Thats it. Also every time you beat a level you get hit with an ad. Its pretty annoying when you just are trying to play a game when here comes another ad. Also we feel like you need to be working for more not just to be called whatever. Please take this advice and use it for future games or this game.

We dont think its that fun because it keeps glitching and yeah so its not that bad.

We like this game but it is a little too easy for us and we give it three stars.

We loved this game the add seemed very very fun so we got it but there is way to many ads we would recommend this game to anyone who doesnt mind the ads thank you for reading our review bye.


It’s an ok game. Too many adds but we still enjoy it. K bye.

This is a poop game because we said so ploopys who like the game.

Our 6 year old son was playing this game and an ad popped up with a game where there was a half naked womans and a pencil coloring in her boob with two guys in the background drooling. So wrong, dont download as ads are very inappropriate for 4+

Puzzles are good makes your brain smarter on puzzles. Thank you so much.

So this is good because it helps you learn your emojis so when people text you emoji youll know what it means.

This is the best game you should play it.