Engine Pistons ASMR

Last updated on May 27th, 2023 at 06:50 pm

Engine Pistons ASMR

Engine Pistons ASMR

Engine Pistons ASMR is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Engine Pistons ASMR is a Racing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 21st December 2022 with the latest update 26th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Engine Pistons ASMR ?

1,898 people have rated 7.7.3

What is the price of the Engine Pistons ASMR ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Engine Pistons ASMR released ?

Engine Pistons ASMR was released on 21st December 2022.

When was the Engine Pistons ASMR updated ?

The latest updated date of Engine Pistons ASMR on 26th May 2023.

Where can Engine Pistons ASMR be downloaded ?

You can download the game Engine Pistons ASMR from Apple Official App Store.



Add pistons and merge! Be the best and win the race!

Make money while gassing in the perfect ASMR engine piston racing game! Upgrade your car and your diamond, gold, silver, and bronze engine pistons to make more money!
Watching engine pistons has never been this fun. You will definitely love this ASMR race game. We wish you pleasant games!

Updated on 26th May 2023

In this update, we’ve made a couple of tweaks to improve your experience just out of our love for you. What are you waiting for? Download now, go, go, go!

Engine Pistons ASMR Review

We kinda got to a point that we make 200b a second and now its kind of boring would like some updates because once you get past the point that you can max the car out super easy in like 5 seconds every level its really boring.

Its really fun and satisfying we would definitely recommend it.

We paid for ad removal and it took the money, that was no problem for the developer. However it never removed the ads. So, false advertising. False pay for ad removal. If it was worth the trouble. Id ask for a refund but for $4 dollars. Im not going to waste our time. Anymore than we have to. We do not recommend paying this developer. Swindler and snake oil merchant.

Cant even play nothing but adds.

We’ve had this game for around a few months now. Although the gameplay is mediocre, theres a few bugs that make it unsatisfying and difficult. 1.) When you reach the trillions, itll still be referred to as billions. (I.E: 1T=1000B) 2) Any gears past level 20 stop increasing cash income. They stay at 2147483674 constantly. 3) If you pay to remove ads, you should be able to the skip booster ads and still get the rewards 4) After you make 2.1B/s it will simply cap out. However, youll still produce the right amount of money. (Say we make 4.6B/s, the game would SAY we make 2.1, when in reality Im making much more.

Every time you get a new car you get an annoying pop up message that says youve earned a new piston even though we’ve gotten the same exact piston a lot of times already. Kinda annoying ngl.

You pay for no ads and guess what.. Still ads all the time. We demand a refund or demand you be removed from the App Store. No more room for more scammers.

Bought the game so we wouldnt have ads but they still keep popping up. Dont like that.

Ads are ridiculous. Mediocre game. Wants 4 dollars for no ads. Tired of this nonsense.

But we didnt get the no adds anymore. We are still getting them left and right.

We like how all the pistons fire at the exact same time. Wouldve been cool if they did ten minutes of research and found out about a little thing called firing order. Then maybe modeled the engine sounds after that instead of it sounding like anything but an internal combustion engine.

Its called engine pistons or sum but what do the pistons do???

Best game in the world we love it, we think people should play this a lot more.

Every minute theres nonstop ads and you cant skip them. Theres not even a subscription to play without ads.

This game would have been fun but has way to many adds and way to often.

This game is flooded with ads and will ask every 10 seconds to watch an ad or just give an ad after 30 seconds.

It needs to be updated it freezes and crashes when playing or when an ads play or try to play it crashes cant really enjoy the when it keeps freezing and crashing at every chance it gets so far thats the only problem as of right now we hope this issue will be fixed soon.

Love the concept of the game but we spend more time clicking off ads than playing pls fix this.

Money is useless and watching the free ad to upgrade your car is faster than even buying the pistons making them useless and completely making the game beyond pointless. Plus, they will throw ads at you from time to time anyways so you may as well watch them. Got to lvl 2 in about 40 min from just spamming ads and it would have taken 10 times as long if we didnt. We get thats their money making scheme which is fine, but we feel that making a core mechanic in the game pointless just to make a couple extra bucks just shows this game is literally an ad simulator. Stay away unless you like watching ads or enjoy ad simulations.

ADS on ever click and corner, every 30 seconds to a minute ad pops up. Trash.

Way to many ads, legit one every 60-80 seconds. Plus ads running at bottom of screen and constant popups asking you to watch ads. Greedy devs ruined the potential of this game, obvious cash grab.

We want to play this game but it literally wont let us. Theres an ad every minute at least, you cant disconnect your phone from the wifi, and it drains our battery so bad because of the constant ads. These devs know what theyre doing and its disgusting. We cant play the game for more than 2 minutes without our phone practically overheating. Id pay $2 to get rid of the ads, but we dont even see an option. Dont waste your time with app. Id rather rub salt in our eyes then play this piece of crap a minute longer.

We recommend playing this game with your phone on an ice pack or in the freezer because it gets scary hot when playing for over 5 minutes. Also you might want to keep it on charge because the battery life is going to plummet from just launching the game. Its an ok game at best, we can hardly say its ASMR due to the frame rate being so inconsistent and it crashing constantly.

Only played for several minutes, but you are swarmed with ads. Watch an ad for auto clicking the screen for 15 seconds, the ad is 45 seconds! There’s an ad for everything, but the boosts are not worth it at all. After 2 minutes, you’re hit with a forced ad, for no boost or anything to add to the gameplay. This game is garbage, stay away.

We would play this if it wasnt for the constant ads we barely installed and gotten 3 ads from just 2 min of gameplay you cant even enjoy the game.

We like the game, but the pop up ads are too much. If we wanted the boosters, Id click on the prompt for them on the right side.

While there is an idea here, there are many factors that make it not enjoyable. The ads definitely is an issue and the game is repetitive. All you do is tap and upgrade. Is this what mobile gaming is now? We are very disappointed!

To many ads wont ever waste our money on yall to remove them either we’ve barely played one minute and have had 6 ads alreadyi just close and reopen yall dont deserve ad revenue.

If you want a game with ads every 5 seconds this game is the one for you fix the ads this game be a easy 4star.

Extremely greedy, ads every 1 minute. Doesnt allow you to use airplane mode to not encounter them. Very money hungry company.

Why the he11 are there so many ads its a fun game but good lord just the ads, waste of time.

Its a nice time waster, and progression is decently quick, but if we had the option to remove ads, it would be better. An ad every 45 seconds is annoying, please add or Ill probably be deleting your game.

Just barely opened the game and there was a constant flow of ads. Two seconds thats all it took for an add to pop up. Would recommend not bothering with this app. Just another ad film.

This game is almost unplayable with all the pop ups and ads in the middle of playing. For the first 10-15 minutes we played the gamed we think we’ve had to watch at least 5 ads, and at least 10-15 pop ups to decline. What fun is a game if you have to watch and ad every minute and decline pop ups every 30 seconds. Already thinking about uninstalling.

Be nice to play but you cant bc theres ads every 2 seconds.

This game is just a forced ad app. If you turn your cellular off the game locks until you turn it back on. Do yourself a favor and do not download!

This owner does not know crap about cars.

This would be a great game, but the fact that ads pop up every 30 seconds is enough to make you want to delete the app in the first 30 minutes after downloading it.

Too many pop ups that interrupt the game.

We genuinely think this game is fun!

Watching engine pistons has never been this fun.

Though we really like the idea of the game cant get much game play do to ads would really like a different way to get boosters besides ads like a different currency when completing a level or something to that effect but will be waiting to see what yall come up with.

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