Rush Rally 3

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Rush Rally 3


Rush Rally 3 is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Brownmonster Limited, Rush Rally 3 is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 27th March 2019 with the latest update 15th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Racing, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,428 people have rated 1.144

You can download the game Rush Rally 3 from APP STORE.


Rush Rally 3 is the most realistic rally simulation on your mobile.

60fps racing at night or day in the rain or snow! Over 72 new and unique stages each with different surface types including snow, gravel, tarmac and dirt! Race with one of the best car dynamics models to date, including real time vehicle deformation and damage, built from over 15 years experience.

Take on the new Career mode, race A-B stages over a Single Rally or grind metal to metal with other cars in Rally Cross.

Compete in weekly events against other players all over the world on a unique selection of tracks!

Upgrade, tune and customise a garage full of cars. Use the new livery editor to completely change the look of your vehicles. Buy new wheels and upgrades to make each car truly unique.

Real-Time multiplayer, Social Leaderboards and Ghost Racing allow you to race any player at anytime. See how you compare with the worlds best.

A fully customisable control system designed specifically for touch and tilt devices means racing becomes more fun and consistent. Place the controls where you want them! Also includes full support for all MFi controllers

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Touch Arcade – "Rush Rally 3 – Game of the week"
9 / 10 – Pocket Gamer – "Rush Rally 3 – Probably the best rally experience for mobile right now"
5 / 5 – Touch Arcade – "Rush Rally 2 – Easily one of the best racing games on mobile"
9 / 10 – Pocket Gamer – "Rush Rally 2 – You should grab this as soon as you get the chance"
9 / 10 – – "Rush Rally 2 – Undoubtedly the best rally game on mobile"

  • International mobile game awards (IMGA) game of the year award Nominee 2017 –
  • Short listed by games industry experts in the Develop Indie showcase awards 2014 –

Updated on 15th May 2023

Fix for saving of Live events
Leaderboard fixes

Rush Rally 3 Reviews

For an iOS game, this fantastic little rally racer definitely punches above its weight. The dual shock 4 controller support is well done, and we greatly appreciate the high level of fine tuning available in the options menu to tailor your experience according to not only your hardware but also to your personal preference to frame rate vs level of detail and screen resolution. As a paid app, and at a very fair price, youre never bombarded by advertisements, which would be worth the price of admission alone, and the paid dlc on offer is also reasonably priced as well. A very worthwhile purchase and especially considering that it seems to be the work of a single developer. Kudos.

This game is the best rally game we ever had played. PS. We have Dualshock 4 game pad and it has zyro sensor. Have you got a plan to support it?

The first problem is that when connecting your Facebook account it doesnt work we’ve tried it multiple times and every chance we got did not work so we cant do live events or anything and the 2nd problem is that every time we try to race in skills games it lets us pick our car and everything but when its loading in it just instantly crashes Im not sure why but it only happens with that we hope these are fixed soon because this game is amazing and we would really like to get to see all of it.

Love this game, graphics are gorgeous on an iPad Pro and it really captures the fun of the Colin McRae games that codemasters put out a few years ago on the PS.

Without a doubt this is our favorite mobile racing game. Well worth the money. Thanks for this unexpected marvel.

What can we say its an Amazing Game even more amazed that it is a One man job… Your a talented bloke and we hope your hard work gets paid off and you will get recognized for the development you have done. Job Well Done.

We would love to see you all develop a version of this game that involves baja buggies like those seen in the Dirt video game series. That would be incredible!

Can we get a version of the lancia delta S4.

Finally, a racing game that puts realistic driving at its forefrontno fancy fun stuff like power ups, coins, flashy trails, and all such nonsense. This is just driving at its cleanest and dirtiest. Also, very minimal purchasable stuff, everything you need is pretty much included in the download. Customization of controls, performance tuning make it totally lovable. Visual customization is minimal though (restricted to paint and decal work, not much in the way of body work). Nothing to complain about the driving mechanics. We just wish there were more cars. If you need all licensed cars and stuff with fancy arcade style gameplay, you have plenty of games around. If you can look past all the authenticity and flash, this is quite possibly the best driving experience you can get out of a mobile racing game.

Im dubious of most IOS games these days. We went online and read some reviews. The first selling point was the controls. Tilt steering games or flying games piss us off… We noticed you gave it as an option… Good on you. The gas and brake and hand brake are just where they should be. The tap steering!… Took some getting used too (But which is also our lone… Question) we purchased and all we can say is you put into it everything that we could have hoped for. We love how in just practicing a course you put a ghost up of our best lap so we can in a sense just chase myself and see what we did wrong or right. THAT right there is worth the price of admission. Reviewing your performance using different camera angles was another thing we were looking for. We see so much we did wrong when we see it from a different perspective… We love that its not arcade. Trying too hard is bad driving. Smart driving is rewarded. And starting from the bottom and Taking a fifth place when you probably only had 7th place equipment feels as good as a win when your earning money to upgrade or replace your ride our only question… Why not a gradient Input slider on the left hand for thumb steering instead of just the buttons which seemed to have a fixed turning ratio… Tapping to steer dosnt feel like steering like a slider would. Seriously, playing is great fun, but it seems a bit wonky.

From the feel, to the additions that always seem to be coming with each update, this game really is the one stop shop for everything rally for mobile and there should be no excuse to help this one man teams passion project and not buy everything he puts out. This games worth every cent.

Been into racing games for ever this is amazing that its mobile bring the hype as you upgrade your cars the speed gives you the adrenaline rush for sure .

But we have one problem how do we change to a different race in career mode it keep making us repeat the same racing we cant click next or nothing helpppp pleaseee we really like this game.

Love the game. Really low cost. It’s also amazing that they allow it on so many platforms (M1 Macbook, AppleTV, iPad, and iPhone) Many of the larger companies lock you out of installing it anything but the iPad or iPhone. Please add keyborad support or full native M1 support.

This is dirt rally for iPad and its amazing! Perfect balance of realism and arcade.

Finally a rally racing game that you can really enjoy. The physics are great, the graphics are sweet and you can actually drive the car with some speed with out oversteer killing ever turn. Lots of fun !!! Highly recommend!!!

This is the best rally game in mobile it has good controls and high graphics and best tracks. We would recommend this game if you are a rally fan or you have a money but dont know what to spend it on.

Great tracks, cars, missions, and challenges!

This is the model we wish the rest of the games followed. You buy the game and expansion packs and race. The game is more about skills and less about how much more money you can spend than everyone else to max your stats. Thank you for making this.

If you whant a REAL mobile rally game instead of M.U.D then you should get this because it your best bet. Yet it has a hefty price tag for a mobile game but just be warned when we say watch were your driving! You should get the dlc packs if you really love this game and its awsome for people who love the 90s. This is one man team so dont be to hard on him.

This game has three in app purchases. THREE. You rarely see almost no in app purchases, and they are very cheap purchases. Its a map pack, car pack and a multiplayer thing. If you buy all the in app purchases it is only $8. So $13 total if you buy the game and all the pack things. We believe it is well worth the money. Games like this are very rare nowadays. Good graphics, little to no in app purchases, and good gameplay. One of our favorite things about the game is that you can make any car R class (The highest class in the game), regardless of how bad the starting stats are. And the fact that this is made by one person, and its still better than some multi million dollar companies games is impressive. You get a generous amount of money to start the game, and you earn a lot of money from rallies. Even if you come second or third you make a lot. We chose the cheapest car, a small, lightweight car but slow. We’ve done two rallies in the career mode and now that car is R class. It isnt easy money though. The AI is very good, almost feels impossible sometimes, and you will have to restart a lot of times until you learn when to brake, and how to take corners. We love how you can tune the car for the best performance, and customization is good enough. We feel like the co-driver waits a little too long to say when the turn is. One second youre going straight, and then .2 seconds before a turn he says, Oh yeah btw there is a hairpin and if you go too fast you fly off a cliff so make sure you slow down. And its a little frustrating. Off track also damages the tires a bit too fast in our opinion, and it makes it hard to keep the tires in good condition, even if you only barely go off track. We guess it does discourage corner cutting though. We only knew two of the people in the game, Colin McRae and Ken Block (Colon McRay and Ben Klock in the game) but its nice that you can still tell who a person is because the names are similar. Also the brand names are close enough to the real ones that you dont really notice unless youre paying attention to the sponsors at the beginning of a rally. The graphics and controls are also highly customizable to fit different play styles, and devices. Have a Low end device? You can lower the graphics down to like barely better than DS graphics. High end? You can make the graphics look really good. Something thats pretty cool is that the developer responses seem to be real, and not just a bot that says the same thing to every review. We hope we can get a developer response, cause that’d be nice. We were thinking of maybe making a YouTube video on this game. We really look forward to future updates on this game, 10/10.

Why is it that you buy the game then there is in app purchases? Otherwise good game good graphics no lag. Would recommend.

Loved V-Rally on the PS2 when we were younger and this game reminds us of those fun times we had with friends on it. Would definitely recommend this game to anyone who love that retro, early 2000s feel. Kinda expensive once you add the in-app purchases (the whole game amounts to $13 with tax) but the parts you get for the initial $5 we feel is worth it.

We didnt like the game that much at first, but after playing it using our Xbox One controller, its been much better. For a mobile app its good enough when compared to the competition, but the controls could be improved, we only play it when Im at home and we have a controller to play with.

It might just be our account, but whenever we try to do a skill game, the app crashes. Other than that, best rally game mobile! If you fix this issue, Ill give you 5 stars.

The game is overall great. However, whenever we try to play Skill Games, the game shuts off. Not sure whether it’s a bug or our phone (iPhone SE)

Reminiscent of Colin McRaes rally racing game. We like this game very much. Our only issue is money paid for the car pack, we have yet to receive. Though our payment was promptly spirited away into the ethereal plain. No sign of that purchase exists. Less the notice that this item has in fact been purchased. This has really spoiled what was a really a great gaming experience.

The time to the speed in the upgrades gets stuck at 16 after upgrading certain things, so it doesnt change after that and you cant see what any other upgrade will do from that point.

Id be a good game but Im stuck in the armature races because it kicks us anytime we complete a race.

Hi devs we love this game so muxh! Its all fun and everything! But one thing… We cant play on free mode because there are none free mode? So.. Can we get refund? If later this game have a free play mode we will download it back! Thank you!

The controls are so bad. We love playing racing games, but this is by far the worse. We would love a refund if possible, dont like paying for games unless they look good, which this one did, but when we started playing it. It was not what we thought. The cars are not even nice, the graphics are ok, but bottom line, refund please.

This game is loud and obnoxious. Hard to control and a terrible UI. And despite having bought the game you cant do much without buying upgrades. Its a con and dirty business. Just not fun. We want our money back.

We really like this game. Pretty much all we could hope for in a rally car simulator. Complaints: it crashed once, shortly after purchase. And its awkward to quit gameplay.

Very fun game. Lots of playability. Best racing game we’ve played with the controller.

We love the game first of all. Second of all everyone thats bashing it probably isnt a racing game fan. But overall the game is amazing. However, we do have a few things to say. We wish we could adjust the seating in the car or the mirrors or something because when Im racing against other people we want to be able to see them in the rear view mirror for example without taking our entire focus off the road ahead so thats a suggestion we dont know if its possible to introduce that in the next update but lets see. The logos arent showing up for us to add them to our cars. We can only use the ones on the car before and change them. If we have a car with no vinyl on it, we cant add anything besides letters, shapes and numbers. We want to add company logos without having to use a set template if that makes sense. Love the game though its the best rally racing game on the App Store. 5 stars.

Not lying when we say this is a really good driving game on mobile right now, we recommend anyone who enjoys driving games to give it a shot, it really captures the essence of rally. We’ve downloaded tons of driving games and they dont scratch the itch like this one does. Really simple, stylish, polished presentation and gameplay with super tight controls, arcade like just as promised. We hope this series stays alive and wish the developer luck on future projects.

We dont usually write reviews but this game is really well done. Its one of the few mobile games which you can play using the in car view with the device as the steering wheel. We personally think for race sims, physics are more important than graphics. The close racing in the Rally Cross mode is really amazing with the bumping, grinding and close passing in packs. Developer: Can you add a delete option for the steering wheel and driver and and option to move the seat forward for the in car view? Great game!!

Its just that simple, nothing on mobile devices comes close. Its just one guy who is the developer and hes never more then a couple hours away from a discord post. The community is welcoming and its so nice not to be hounded for extra money all the time . Its worth the cost 10 fold and Im not exaggerating.

Thanks for providing such a great racing game. We think everything handles amazing, from the mechanics of the physics, to the way the menus work to navigate the game. This rally game looks awesome and its challenging as well!

We are not big on phone games, but this game is console quality. In fact, it is now one of our favorite rally games. We were worried about the controls, but they have been very easy. We also love how easy the menus are to navigate. This game is well worth the price!

For a 4 dollar game youd expect something good, right? Well this game is decent and not bad at all, but wheres all the cars?? We were disappointed to see that theres not a lot of cars to chose from. Everything else is pretty much perfectly fine, but this game just needs more cars.

We love this game so much, please add ps4 controller support.

Bought the classic pack and got nothing.

Great game but for 5 dollars it needs a lot more work half of the time you cant get sound to come through and the multiplayer is very laggy/crashes.

Its very easy to spin out we cant even beat the Ai on easy. They are like magnets to the map and zing across the map.

Just the kind of racing sim that we’ve been sorely missing since our main console became a Nintendo Switch. Excellent touches all around: – customizable graphics that look gorgeous on our iPhone X and passable on our 4-year-old iPad Mini 4 – physics that feel good enough but not harsh like some PC racing sims – car decal customization – menu sounds reminiscent of Gran Tourismo – solid PS4 controller support.

We have graphics better than our Xbox with this game, and game physics are REAL!!! Play with the controller its so much fun. Please dont make it less of a simulator, and could yall add a clutch? That would be gnarly on manual.

Would be nice if during racing dust and dirt covered the back of the car.

You guys boast about the multiplayer feature yet still it freezes upon starting.

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