Escape If You Can Level 8

Escape If You Can Level 8

Escape If You Can Level 8

Escape If You Can Level 8

Escape If You Can Level 8 for iPhone, iPad, Android with Explanation and screenshot for this room and all the items.

  • Check the typing machine on the right.
  • Reveal the hints from the machine and a piece of paper on the right.
  • Now check the painting on the wall, and slide it to the right. Reveal another hint from here.
  • Now move the other side of the room, check the globe and reveal another hints.
  • Now check the painting above the firebox and reveal another hints.
  • Now move back to the other side.
  • Tap the box on the left side, change it to correct color by following the hints.
  • Collect a key from it use key to open the cabinet below it to collect fire extinguisher.
  • Collect a screwdriver from the other cabinet on the left.
  • Now move to another side, use fire extinguisher on the fire and check a key from inside.
  • Now use screwdriver to unscrew and collect the key.
  • Now tap the book rack on the left and set the logo to correct one, collect a pencil.
  • Now tap the small book rack on the right, tap the book by correct answer.
  • Use the key to open the painting on the right and collect a cog.
  • Now back to the other side, check behind the photo on the left and collect a cog.
  • Now use pencil to draw the book beside the typing machine and reveal a group of code.
  • Now tap the lift control panel, tap and change the code.
  • Place the cog and the door will open after you done correctly.

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  • Shaylala

    When getting the pencil, did you tap the button to change the color? If not, you have to go back and do it. This “unlocks” the buttons to enter the codes at the elevator. Good luck.

  • Shaylala


  • Shaylala

    I’m stuck on this one also. Grrr. It’s a great game except for “glitches”.

  • Shaylala

    Did you place the code (triangle,square, X, circle and triangle)? Place both cogs? Hit the “down” button?

  • Shaylala

    You tap the middle of the battery then the remote. The battery will install itself in the remote, then tap the TV.

  • Shaylala

    How do I enter the BCAD for the books, I have everthing else except the second cod. Thank you

  • Kelly

    There is no question for the books on the right of the far side of room. Which am I supposed to tap?

  • Erin

    The door won’t open!!!!

  • A

    For level 8, to be able to change the xxxxx in the door panel, you have to hit the Red button behind the book case where you get the pencil

  • Robyn

    Grrr! I get all through level 8, then it won’t let me put the code in the door panel. Seriously. Everything else is set. I’ve tried pushing and tapping on everything! Is it a bug or am I missing something?

  • Yogui

    I can’t get to the side of the sofá where’s the coin! It’s in the corner of the screen and if I touch there, leads me to the pillow side. Can you help me?

  • Muffie

    Arghhh!!! I can’t pick up the coin!!

  • loosey

    i hate everything

  • Kayleigh

    The battery ad the key wont go in I have tried taping the corner I get nothing

    • Faith-Marie

      Have you figured it out? cause i am currently stuck on it..

  • Claire

    What is the correct answer for the books in level 8?

  • Jake

    I can’t select the coin

  • macpogi

    tap the far side of the corner of the box on top

  • Dawn

    The battery isn’t going into the box. Neither is the key. Whyyyyy. Lol

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