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Escape If You Can Walkthrough

Escape If You Can Walkthrough

Escape If you Can Walkthrough for Level 1 to 9 with Explanation and Item detail description. The most easiest way to understand all the item in the room and the direction to use them. This game is created by Kaarel Kirsipuu and it is updated for the newest level.

Escape If You Can Level 1

Escape If You Can Level 1

Escape If You Can Level 1 for iPhone, iPad, Android with Explanation and screenshot for this room and all the items.

  • Collect the crowbar from the left side.
  • Use the crowbar to break the lock on the right.
  • Now tap the TV and turn it on, check the color.
  • Change color on the keypad and open door.

Game Levels

The game "Escape If You Can Walkthrough" contains 9 levels, you are in the level 1. If you found out that the answer or solution is not accurate, please leave comment below, we will update to you as soon as possible.


19 thoughts on “Escape If You Can Walkthrough”

  1. When getting the pencil, did you tap the button to change the color? If not, you have to go back and do it. This “unlocks” the buttons to enter the codes at the elevator. Good luck.

  2. Did you place the code (triangle,square, X, circle and triangle)? Place both cogs? Hit the “down” button?

  3. You tap the middle of the battery then the remote. The battery will install itself in the remote, then tap the TV.

  4. There is no question for the books on the right of the far side of room. Which am I supposed to tap?

  5. For level 8, to be able to change the xxxxx in the door panel, you have to hit the Red button behind the book case where you get the pencil

  6. Grrr! I get all through level 8, then it won’t let me put the code in the door panel. Seriously. Everything else is set. I’ve tried pushing and tapping on everything! Is it a bug or am I missing something?

  7. I can’t get to the side of the sofá where’s the coin! It’s in the corner of the screen and if I touch there, leads me to the pillow side. Can you help me?

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