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Escape Room: HOPE

Escape Room: HOPE

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Escape Room: HOPE! Developed by the innovative team at Pham Anh, this Entertainment game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 30th April 2019, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 13th July 2022.

Are you a fan of Entertainment, Puzzle, or Trivia games? Then Escape Room: HOPE is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Escape Room: HOPE

Over 1,351 players have rated Escape Room: HOPE. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Escape Room: HOPE Cost?

Good news! You can download Escape Room: HOPE on your iOS device absolutely free!

Escape Room: HOPE Release Date

Eager to know when Escape Room: HOPE first graced the App Store? It was launched on 30th April 2019.

When Was Escape Room: HOPE Last Updated?

The latest version of Escape Room: HOPE was updated on 13th July 2022, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Escape Room: HOPE?

To get started with Escape Room: HOPE, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Escape Room: HOPE

You are in a locked room.
Find various items and solve puzzles to escape.
Can you find all the items and escape the room?


  • It is easy and exciting to play, no complicated calculations.
  • No need to worry about getting stuck. Hints will be appeared along with the game progress.
  • The game progress is also automatically saved.

【How to play】

  • Tap to select an item or check the suspicious places
  • Double tap to enlarge the item
  • With the enlarged item, you can also tap another item, and then compose them.
  • If you get stuck at the escape, please look at the HINT from the MENU

【Free To Play】

  • There is no in-app purchase as well as game fee.
  • Since it is completely free, please enjoy the game with ease.

【Contact us】

  • Homepage:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fanpage:

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Escape Room: HOPE updated on 13th July 2022:

  • Fixed bugs!

User Reviews on Escape Room: HOPE

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Escape Room: HOPE below:

Very fun game and it really tests your mind.

They do provide hints. So cool.

Ok so its a really good game but we watched the ad for the hints and we didnt understand so we watched the ad for the answer and it still isnt letting us see it. It might just be us though. But other than that everything else is fine.

We paid for no ads. Im still getting ads.

The game is a lot of fun! However, at the top right of the screen they have a no ads button. When we paid for the no ads we still had ads! It took us a while to realize because we dont use many hint but it was no ads for the hint! Im really annoyed with having so many ads then paying for no ads and still having them! We wish we wouldnt have never spent the $3. Dont waste the money.

We enjoy the game but we paid for the ads to be removed but, they are still constantly popping up. Not happy about that.

We love a puzzle game and we know ads are usually just a part of the app. In this case its hard to get immersed the game because there are so many ads. We played the game for roughly 15 minutes and had at least eight 15 second ads. We finished one level and got bored because we sat through so many ads.

Every third or fourth click you get an ad. We gave up and deleted the game after a few minutes.

Paid for the no ads but it apparently only applies to hints, not the ads in the game. Sneaky. Keep the money and the game. Im out.

Ads pop up about every 1-2 minutes. We understand that this is a free game. However, the ads were obnoxious.

We paid for no ads in this game but am still being made to watch A TON of ads. Ridiculous!!

We paid to remove the ads, thinking it would be the ads that run every time you go through a door or figure out something. No. Just the ads that were at the bottom of the screen. So annoying and wasted our money!


Pay to remove ads didnt work!

So many ads that you cant get anything done or even come close to enjoying the game. We even paid the extra three dollars to get rid of the ads but they still came up. Such a waste of time and money!! So annoying that we are not out that three dollars. Dont get this game!

Is there somewhere we can get help with this app since we spent the money to remove the ads? It does have to do with ads it has to do with the hints not working.

We paid our 2.99 for NO ads but we keep getting ads. Why?

Is happening to us that we cant find the clock in the bedroom where to put the code number ! And we tried EVERYTHING !!! Someone can help us ?

We like it everyone should of get it.

We finished now we need more rooms please.

It is so fin because its a mind game and to us that is the best type of game so if you like mind games its the right game for you.

We really enjoyed this one! We really like that the hints were subtle but helpful. Awaiting the update to get the new rooms!

Doing good until we have to put a carp toy in a bowl to make it black,,dont have a bowl,,found the bowl,,lots of help w/hints,,but we managed to figure somethings out w/o them,,got to the end,,

We liked level 1 it took some thinking. Hope level 2 is fun also. Thxs for this game!

Im really enjoying this game! Its pretty straight forward, not a lot of clutter, & the puzzles arent too difficult that its frustrating. They make you think a bit & then A-HA!

While our daughter and we enjoyed playing this together we ran out of levels in 1 day? Why?!

We cant wait to see new levels, great job! :)

The game is fun! We played off and on for a few days and completed it. Theres ads constantly but they have quick timers to exit them. Clues are unlimited which is great because this game is a challenge!

In level 6, one of the harder levels you said the code to 8664 was on reference to the big picture in the room. The yellow had 5, not 6 in the picture.

This is a pretty easy little game but fun. We would give it five stars, but frequently when we tapped on something it sent us into another area for no reason irritating.

On the penthouse game the electrical box wont open to use the switches.

Our daughter and we love to play escape rooms together. This game is challenging however there are some areas that we simply could not get without a hint. Thanks.

Im doing what a hint says, but the carp toy wont move to where you say to put it. And it wont give us a new hint. So. ?

This could be a great game but…. Fatal flaw. When you run out of room to hold items.. Any new item disappears! POOF!!! Also once you use a clue… It does not disappear! Also items are hidden in places youd never think to look… Like under platform.. That doesnt look its on a platform. Or… You have to wait a few minutes to see if your reason or gues is right… Theres a delay. Other than that we really liked the game. It took some thinking and reasoning.

Great game would be better if it was less adds.

The game rewards you with ads every time you solve anything or make any progress.

The clues are way to difficult some dont make sense at all we like games like this but this one we have had to use to many hints.

The puzzles/riddles themselves are clever and the rooms are relatively interesting, but the navigation and UI are horrible. Even very precise clicking can randomly move you to a different part of the room no where near where you clicked and its incredibly easy to accidentally navigate out of a puzzle, and when you do, nothing you entered saves and the puzzle is reset. VERY annoying. Could be a good escape room game if these navigation issues were fixed, but its almost unplayable as it is now.

Every single puzzle has an ad after it. One game and youll view 30 ads. Its obnoxious!

We agreed ads are important budget resorces but those ads in this app never works well. Those did not start and cannot be close. Sooooooooooo annoying.

We get that escape rooms are supposed to challenging, but what do you do when you are fully stuck and hints are useless? Use the combo on the clock, but the clock doesnt respond to any touch? No way to enter combo. We are sure it is part of the puzzle, but what to do when the hint isnt helpful?? Completely stuck, now what? Paid to stop adds, how to get support? :(

TL;DR: HA, MY TL;DR WAS TOO LONG, LOL!! Oh well… Its truth from an avid escaper. Listen to poor reviews, except one who says all escapes should be horror. Na! They can get old. We play tons of mini escapes like this. Poorly laid out, poor hints, quit level 6 (final escape) over a yr ago, n just now came back to see what was up. Needed clues to do every puzzle cuz bugs were so bad things didnt work, and we were tired of using elevator to go floor to floor when it wasnt fun. We escaped Escape 6 Elevator (not Elevator escape game by the dev who used to put out INCREDIBLE escapes. Look Elevator escape up in App Store, n play those, which we think only some are still available) w/o even finishing puzzles cuz we used a number on drawer that gave card to check out n escape. DL n play first few, we think theyre standard, tho today theres many better devs. Just know YOU WILL GET FRUSTRATED and confused later on, even if youre good at escapes. Things DONT WORK. And since this app seems long ago abandoned despite the coming soon! Slots, theyll never come. It seems broken n bug filled, with no plans to fix. Also note, all the positive reviews are long ago n by ppl who only did first 1 or 2 escape rooms of 6. – Have had this on our phone for well over a yr. If we recall, back a few yrs ago, they put out pretty good escape games, n we used to look in the store for new ones. Then they joined the all in one app train, that most of our fav escape devs have done. It was forever ago that we tried level 6, which is final one. We remember why we quit. Only cuz Im a must complete type person as much as we can w/horrible escapes, we just finished it and can take it off our phone. Reviews have been written since we last left off, and the negative ones are almost all by ppl who reached escape 5-6. We even opened after near a yr, n a pop up to rate 5 stars even came up on screen before home screen to select! So, if we remember, the first ones were your typical escape, but nothing outstanding in a genre which has SO many others out there way better. The clues are HORRENDOUS and they barely helped us finish level 6 (devs, not sure WHERE bowl was to turn white carp black, cuz we solved another puzzle which gave us a Visa card to check out, then we got our escape key. Thank God. We watched no less than 3 ads per hint, answer n one before u got hint screen. As useless and as lost as we were (I remember being lost all the time on what floor n where was what we needed, AND ESPECIALLY useless items placed around that had nothing to do with the game, which just made things more chaotic), we used hints just to finish and be able to delete this off our phone for new space. Its been like over a yr, 2 yrs maybe Idk, n Idc, that says coming soon. Even switched phone to Japanese and looked if just US App Store just wasnt being updated, but nope… Looks abandoned altogether.

So we just got this game today and we WAS really excited to play this. But until we tried to do our first hint. We were stuck so we pressed the hint button and it took us to a black screen that had loading on it. So we waited two out of four times we tried it wouldnt stop loading so we exited the screen and went back in and then the other two times we it said video could not be played bc of an error or something like that. Its horrible.

It want let us move the knobs there just there or they say nothing useful and it is not like a real escape room we think it could be better like escape rooms are kinda scary so make some challenges and if we dont pass them we die and have to do it again .

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