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Last updated on May 27th, 2023 at 05:40 am

Euchre *

Euchre *

Euchre * is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by FIOGONIA LIMITED, Euchre * is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th January 2021 with the latest update 1st May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Family, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Euchre * ?

43,658 people have rated 1.0.16

What is the price of the Euchre * ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Euchre * released ?

Euchre * was released on 16th January 2021.

When was the Euchre * updated ?

The latest updated date of Euchre * on 1st May 2023.

Where can Euchre * be downloaded ?

You can download the game Euchre * from Apple Official App Store.



Join millions of fanatical Euchre players. Get the best card game ever: Euchre! It is simple, fast to learn and offers you guaranteed fun!

Euchre is played with a deck of 24 standard playing cards. There are two teams of 2 players each.

When naming a suit (ordering up trump), a player states that their team intends to win the majority of tricks of the hand. A single point is scored when the bid is successful, and two points are scored if the team that declared trump (the bidding team) takes all five tricks. A failure of the bidding team to win three tricks is referred to as being "euchred", and that team is penalized by giving the opposing team two points.

A caller with very good cards can "go alone" (order up alone), in which case the caller tries to win the march without a partner. The partner of a caller in a lone hand does not play, and if the caller achieves the march (winning all 5 tricks), the winning partners score 4 points. If only three or four of the tricks are taken while going alone, then only one point is scored. If euchred while playing alone, the opposing team still only receives 2 points.

The primary rule to remember when playing Euchre is that one is never required to play the trump suit (unless that is the one that is led), but one is required to follow suit if possible.
Enjoy the essence of the classic Euchre game, specially conceived for your iPhone and iPad. This will be your best ever experience on an Euchre game!
With big and beautiful cards, a clear interface, hand picked sounds and an amazing Artificial Intelligence, Euchre, the Classic Card Game, offers you an experience like no other before.

Check out some of the Special Features:

  • Big, easy to read cards
  • Opponents that self adjust to your playing level
  • Beautiful and easy to use interface
  • Complete scoreboard and statistics
  • "Stick it to the dealer" on/off option
  • "Canadian Loner" on/off option
  • Change themes option
  • Auto game saving, just in case
  • Optimized for the iPad and iPhone!
    This is the coolest Euchre card game ever. Try it now and let us know what you
    think! We are always improving. It is a fantastic family card game.
    See what our beta players are saying about Euchre:
  • “Crazy addictive this Euchre.”
  • “Best Euchre card game I’ve played yet"
  • “The best Euchre game, and I tried many of them.”
  • “I downloaded it yesterday and and I’m still playing it. Excellent, I love this Euchre”

Updated on 1st May 2023

We’re constantly updating our app to give you the best experience possible.
Enjoying the app? Spread the love with a review!
Here’s What’s New:

  • Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Euchre * Review

Learned how to play as a preteen in midwest. After moving west, never met anyone who knew how to play. Addicted,now.

Would like more challenging and our partner stinks at playing!

It’s addicting never played befor but it has helped us learn.

Would love it even more if there was a Bid Euchre version. This version is well done and certainly helps keep our Euchre skills sharp!

Love this game. This game has kept us learning.

We love euchre. We love playing this game. BUT, the computer controlled players have no idea how to play trump. We’ve euchred the computer with him still sitting on the right bower! Hell get euchred more times when going alone than when he gets them all. As said in other reviews, its as if there is no bearing on whats in their hand on whether they call it up or not. No bowers? Go alone. 5 trump? Dont go alone. So weird. Does the creator of the app know how to play euchre?

Way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way too much other game advertising. Too time consuming. Hope you get the point.

New deck and game series need to be changed.

We have been playing Euchre since high school and trust us, that was a long time ago! This game is ok because it gives us something to do, but as the others have said, the bots dont know how this game is played. The game is more strategy than anything, and we believe its best to play with humans than bots. With that, we will be deleting this app off our phone. Whats the point in keeping it? When they start really making us mad because rarely do we ever get to call a suit, thats when we know its time to say adios!!

Love the game Ads are more annoying than other apps.

We like a fast moving game so we play with our Bot Jerry our Dad taught us how to play years ago and besides Canasta and Penuchle, its our favorite. Thanks for providing a good choice.

Sometimes our partner makes it Trump with 2 cards and only one is a bower, usually not a good move.

Except for the ads that wont go away, this is fun. We havent played this game in almost 50 years.

We love the app. We HATE JERRY! We hate him so much we changed his name, hoping that our new partner would have a clue about playing euchre. We were wrong. Be warned that youll need to carry your team every hand and any time your partner makes a decision it is likely the wrong one. That said, we got this app to improve our play and Im accomplishing our goal.

Made learning the game easier but there are Commercials between almost every hand, that is too many.

One thing we dont like is that in a real game you have a misdeal if a person has only 9s and 10s dealt to them.

Pretty good version of Euchre. Programmar obviously has limited experience playing this game. Your Partner never leads trump when appropriate and causes losses of hands because of that. But we have not found a better version to play.

This game is awesome except for one thing we do not like when the computer decides for you on your deal to pick up the trump even if you dont want it. We would never pick up trump if we only have one other one in our hand and low off cards But the computer just did it and theres no way to turn that off and we got euchred.

First, our partner is an idiot. He will order up trump, go alone and pull zero tricks. Second, the accept a new challenge pop-up that you have to hit twice and is covering the new game button.

Too many adds between hands!!!

Game is fun but it moves too fast. Suit selections happen before you know it and theres not much time to think.

Used to play 3 games in 15 minutes with our family. Same rules, same cards, different game. We cant accurately describe it, but something is just off with this game we would not recommend. Also the longer you play, the longer and louder the ads get.

Whoever programmed the logic doesnt seem to have a very good feel for playing the game! People make trumps without minimum trump cards. We have never seen more loners set in our life.

The computer players go alone sometimes 3 or 4 times per game, its annoying. They sometimes go alone without either of the Jacks in their hand, it makes no sense. Oh well.

We d love this app Id not for the ads every time you get done with a hand. We get they need to run the ads, but they could do it every 3 hands instead of every had. Very frustrating.

Great format for the card game but AWFUL in terms of ads:-( WAY too many and anti-women.

You should be able to sort your cards.

The game needs improvement. We get irritated that often times the player on the left gets to deal twice in a row. Unfair advantage of course. Also, we dont care that trump gets called so easily. There are many times when it gets called when the player only has one strong card. This makes it very easy to euchre the opposing team.

No hint cards for bidding. Frustrating. We are trying to learn. We are in Indiana. But we came from PA where no one has heard of this game. HELP,HELP,HELP.

Please improve the decision making of the field.

Its a fun game but predictable at times and some very poor play at times. You wouldnt want a euchre partner that played like these computer players do at times.

This game absolutely is not worth the time. Never had a game absolutely punish a veteran of the game. The algorithm is unrealistic. The consecutive dealing history shows an imbalanced deal history. The last 72 hours was enough to make us delete the app. If no other app exists? We’ll look for humans to play.

There is an ad after every hand. Quite annoying. Most card games we play might have small banner ads or an ad after the game but not one every hand.

The computer-generated partners call trump with bad hands and trump their partners tricks. Very dumb play!

What a mess. This last week the computer players have really been off. Trumping with right bower instead of a lower card, trumping partner aces when not necessary, losing tricks. Im done.

Believe us, we get the whole ad thing, but this is beyond annoying and will have us delete the app.

Never having played Euchre, we feel like a three year old just pushing buttons. It is hit or Miss to win a hand. We have not figured out the strategy.

We know its free and we have to tolerate some commercials but not after every hand and not the same ones over and over.

While graphically the game is well done, the game play is poor at best. Who ever wrote this game isnt very familiar with euchre. Takes away from the game when your partner consistently makes the wrong play. We have played euchre for a long time and have never euchred our opponent 7 times in a row! Believe that is impossible. Please take some time and improve the programming!!

They have ads between each and every hand. Also, the realistic play isnt always the best.

Prepare to waste your time!! Not challenging and the computer will get the top cards 90% of the time. Being able to calling trump is a rarity!!

Too many bugs! It appears that the game is rigged. The person that we control rarely gets good plays while the opponents seem to receive numerous loans. Going to look for another a euchre game.

If you like euchre, skip this game. Your A. We partner is an idiot. They will consistently call trump with 2 low cards. It is truly annoying. Your opponents also go alone a lot, we’ve had games where they have gone alone 4 times in a row. We know its a card game and its random but it sure smells fishy. Im sure there are better euchre games out there.

On a regular basis, a bower appears when the computer is dealing. The odds of that happening when the live player deals is highly unusual.

The game itself is okay. Easy to see cards and clear who played what. Would like additional rule choices. We grew up with a variant that upped the stakes on loner hands. You had to take all 5 tricks on a loner or you lost 2 points. If youre going to go for 4 points you had better take them all. The worst part of the game is the very loud and annoying ads that pop up between every hand that require two clicks on opposite corners to get back to the game. Looking for another euchre game because of them.

Its so stupid they play alone and lead off with some stupid card when they have both bowers and 2 other trump.

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