Shop Craft! – simulation game

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Shop Craft! – simulation game

Shop Craft! - simulation game

Shop Craft! – simulation game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by FTY LLC., Shop Craft! – simulation game is a Family game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 19th December 2022 with the latest update 21st December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Family, Entertainment, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Shop Craft! – simulation game ?

48 people have rated 1.1.0

What is the price of the Shop Craft! – simulation game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Shop Craft! – simulation game released ?

Shop Craft! – simulation game was released on 19th December 2022.

When was the Shop Craft! – simulation game updated ?

The latest updated date of Shop Craft! – simulation game on 21st December 2022.

Where can Shop Craft! – simulation game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Shop Craft! – simulation game from Apple Official App Store.



Can you be a management master!
Run your own store and bring in more customers!
Customers line up to buy products. Sell your products to those who try to buy them by falsifying their age or name!
Be careful not to hit the wrong person or your reputation will be ruined!

Features of the game:

  1. make the right choice!
    What are your observation skills? Can you sell correctly? 2.

Can you adapt to different game systems?
Not only selling products, but also catching shoplifters, cleaning up, and many other unique and wonderful games to play flexibly!

  1. fun for the whole family
    It’s a leisure time shit game that anyone can enjoy playing. Because after all, everyone likes to make a lot of money, right?

  2. suitable for your spare time!
    You can progress little by little, or you can go into a mode where you develop your own store! Let’s play in our spare time to kill some time!

If you are a fan of puzzles, word games, trivia games, quiz games, brain games and collecting items, Shop Craft is the game for you!

EU / California users can opt-out under GDPR / CCPA.
Please respond from the pop-up displayed when starting in the app or within the settings in the app.

Updated on 21st December 2022

minor bug fix

Shop Craft! – simulation game Review

Lots of ads. Also why do you have to check ID for cond0ms theyre literally out in the open in real life, at least where im from.

Alot of people are saying its horrible, but we dont see it. Its entertaining and not to glitchy. People are saying that its inappropriate, and to that a say, grow up. Its not the weird. If you think its gross, dont play it! Its not 5 stars because it drains our battery pretty fast and you have to have wifi going on, then turn it off to play without ads. Not as bad as people say.

At first it was fine but then it said cond0m And we did both and still failed.

It didnt let a white guy (35 yrs old) buy a condo* but the black guy could.

Sometimes a guy wants to buy a beer and they say theyre like 35 for instance and they are but you get in trouble for selling it to them. And lots of ads.

It looks like a tampon but bigger but if it was people who are 17 or 18 should be able to purchase it.

We got this bc we thought it would be fun but it had way too many ads. It play 6 ads in a minute. It was not the best experience.

This is supposed to be a kid game and you have the customers getting porn magazines. What kind of game is this and why would it be for children???? This needs to be removed immediately!!

Could not play this game and had to completely remove the app off our phone. Absolutely garbage. Do not download.

It has way to many ads and it is sooo boring.

Its almost like even tapping the screen at all triggers an ad.

Bro when we press play, it then pop up an ad. We cant get it out we try closing out the app and opening it but the same ad.

There is this one thing that like wont go away.

There is to much ads and it made our phone glitch and this if for kid?!?. It has porn magazines.

When we go on the app it just loads sense we got the game. We redownloaded it when we seen the add like 1 month after and it does the. Same thing. It does the same thing to a lot of people. We dont recommend this at all.

Do not buy can not even play the game with the stupid ads and glitches.

The ads arent necessarily appropriate for the game and why are 12 year olds available to play this when condoms pads tampon alcohol is included?

We downloaded this game and everything was fine at first but by the third level or day in the game everything on our phone started to glitch and still is. It is progressively getting worse and worse. Dont download this game!!

We were playing this and it said loading and we try everything so mad we wanted to play it and we wont let us we recommend this game.

The game has too much ads and when guy wanted beer it said he was old enough so we let him get it and the officer got mad that we let the guy get beer.

There is way too many ads!! You cant even complete one round without having to watch an add!

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