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Evergarden is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by FlippFly LLC, Evergarden is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th August 2018 with the latest update 15th November 2018

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


74 people have rated 1.1.0

You can download the game Evergarden from APP STORE.


“The game absolutely will feel familiar when you’re setting out, but as you progress through Evergarden you will experience something the likes of which I doubt you will have in your gaming life.” – Touch Arcade

“Evergarden is a brilliant, relaxing, and utterly enthralling puzzle game that you should grab right now” – Pocket Gamer

“Evergarden may look like a combination of puzzle games you’ve seen before, but it’s truly a game that’s more than the sum of its parts” – 148apps.com

Lose yourself in an endlessly satisfying puzzle game set in the midst of a mysterious forest world. Transform your garden by combining plants into strange new forms, and unearth deeply hidden secrets as you become engrossed in the game’s calming rhythm. Wander into the forest and help bring it back to life with the help of Fen, your creature guide. Evergarden may feel familiar at first, but you will discover it is like no game you have played before.

Q: What type of game is this?
A: Evergarden is an “evergreen” puzzle game merged with a narrative adventure.

Q: What do you mean by “narrative adventure”?
A: Beyond the garden puzzle board, there lies a mysterious forest environment to explore, with its own puzzles and progression. You’ll use the stones that you earn on the puzzle board to solve puzzles, and unlock new “songs” which add interesting new strategies to the puzzle board.

Q: How long is the game?
A: The core puzzle game is “evergreen”, which means you can play it repeatedly and keep mastering it forever. The narrative adventure portion will take most players 4-8 hours to explore, and there is a daily challenge with a new procedural puzzle to unlock every day.

Updated on 15th November 2018

  • An undo button (our most requested feature) to allow for even more contemplative and stress-free strategizing
  • A daily mosaic puzzle is unlocked early in the game.
  • All garden progress is now saved, allowing for a single round to be played across multiple sessions.
  • Optimizations to improve performance on older devices and preserve battery life.
  • Visual improvements to help with clarity when making monoliths.
  • The option to exit a round early and still receive the stones you’ve earned.
  • Subtle hits to help in areas where players were getting stuck.
  • Lots of small fixes and improvements
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Evergarden Reviews

We appreciate the lack of hand-holding. So many games have tutorials that walk you through every little detail; it can feel like being a kindergartener. Evergarden dropped us into its puzzle and let us work out the rules myself, which became part of the fun. Theres a mysterious feeling to this game, as though its a single piece of some larger world. The gameplay is reminiscent of Triple Town (or 2048/Threes), combining small-valued flowers into bigger ones, but the mechanism is different. And then theres a larger matching game overlaying that, and we’ve just gotten to some mini-games that unlock new powers and reveal bits of what may be a story… Highly recommended if you enjoy thoughtful puzzles and tranquil moods.

We’ve had this game for two years now, and we cant believe that we havent written a review yet! Its our second most used app (aside from YouTube) And the best purchase that we’ve made on our phone to this day! We love the gameplay and how there is no hand holding along the way. Its just you, your thoughts and the stunning graphics. We finished the main story in a mere month, but we still play it all the time! The addition of the cave with its daily challenge is really fun! If anyone is confused about what it does; it gives you more flowers at a higher level in the beginning spawn. And the music is fantastic! We have no complaints about this game!

Very well put game. We liked how theres no instructions because then it got our mind to think what we really needed to do. We hope with the update there will be more levels, we finished this game in about 3 days but we were constantly playing so if you dont have that kind of time it will probably take you longer to complete. It would be a bummer if there will no longer be any further levels because of the price paid.

Been playing this for about a year, been through the whole field about 4 times and only got stuck once. We find it relaxing and absorbing. Our only frustration is that on the main screen occasionally There will be a challenge that is impossible to accomplish in the available spots.

The game Is fun and relaxing. Thank goodness they added the feature to let you exit the game and come back to finish. We dont mind the lack of instructions but we cant Figure out the cave. We’ve solved 7+ puzzles there but we never seem to get a reward. Whats the point of the cave?

Our biggest issue is that it is stylized in a way where the game board is only warm red hues and all the flowers are the same color (even if they are different shapes) so its hard for people with visual perception differences to tell them apart. We wish the different stages of the flowers where different colors so they were easier to tell apart.

The game has a lot of depth which we appreciate but Im now at a dead end. We couldnt put it down at first but now we dont know if Im stuck or if we solved everything. Im not sure if it is supposed to advance after you unlock the 4 light pillars somehow or if you really only have the beginning board once this part is done. If so then its a waste of money. Free apps offer more entertainment.

Sometimes we lose our special tokens because if you click away after using them, the upgraded plants return to what they were previously and the token is gone. The back button also disappears often.

Extremely annoying little game, with no sense of progress. Stuck on the first level with no sign of it ever ending or the option to play another one. Wouldnt buy it again.

The puzzles are fun, but its a great story too, it takes some time to get through to the end, but once you did its a great message. We really enjoyed it.

We really enjoyed playing this game! We couldnt put it down for three hours straight after opening it for the first time. We wish we could save games and return to them though. As we’ve been playing on the go we’ve had trouble finishing a game in under 10 minutes and then we lose our progress because we push the game to the background. Overall though, we really enjoy this game and it is worth the $5. :)

We turned our last two plants into a monolith with four moves left. We couldnt use up our growing turns because there was nothing to grow. But we couldnt plant anything because we didnt have anything to plant. Lost all our earned triangles and points because we had to start over in this predicament. Otherwise its a pretty mediocre game. Fine to play in the background of watching tv, or killing time. Not a super satisfying narrative, and would have appreciated if the field of play changed shape or something as the game went on.

… This game destroys your battery life – probably by 50% in 45 minutes. Also, it needs a one-move Undo button… You can completely ruin your game by combining the pieces in the wrong direction – it happens too often for us. Gameplay is very, very good – plays like the Triple Town genre, but you seed new tiles instead of them generating randomly, and your worst enemy is a countdown clock (youre always limited to a certain number of turns that you can increase through matching)… It makes this game very unique.

We really regret spending money on this game. We played it for a few days but never found the point. We thought there would be more to it than just combining flowers to make bigger ones to get triangles to do it somewhere else. Totally not worth it in our opinion.

This may be our favorite game ever! We love puzzle and strategy games, but its so hard to find games that hold our attention and make us want to keep playing. After the first few times playing, this absolutely gorgeous game had us completely hooked, and although we’ve played to the end, Im still hooked! The puzzle aspect mixed of the game with the strategy of the map was perfect. The final scene in the map was so moving. Having read the story behind the game in TouchArcade, and that the game was made to honor the creators mother (my own father passed away unexpectedly 2 months ago), it really touched us, and Ill have to admit, we teared up at the end. We could go on and on about this game, we highly recommend it.

We dont usually write reviews, but we love this game. Just finished it and am so touched by the beautiful, surprising end. We would have given 5 stars just for the puzzle aspect. Some have said its repetitive, but each stage of the game expands the play, and the puzzle. So yeah, an excellent game.

If you hold your left thumb on inventory and tap on a song you can load as many as you want.

First of all… We think most glowing positive reviews here are fake. The game started interesting, liked that there is a story or a goal. And it was satisfying. You basically get to the end relatively quick. Then you basically keep solving more and more puzzles for no apparent purpose or reward. Uninstalling…

Seems like a good game but it shuts our phone screen off randomly. Pretty annoying because it comes back on a couple seconds later.

Its a well made game and it looks great, but the puzzles and flower mini-game are pretty repetitive. Almost a great game.

Its a beautiful and interesting game, but the lack of any instruction or guidance is frustrating and definitely not relaxing. Even just a help section hidden on the menu would be nice, or maybe a hint after playing the first level 8 times without progress. These additions would at least have given us hope that we hadnt spent 6 dollars on a single level in a hex mini game. More about the gameplay for anyone interested: To progress to new content, you have to copy the pattern displayed in a thought bubble. The types of plants you need to fulfill the pattern are displayed on a hex board filled with a rotating diagram of the hex pattern needed with 2D silhouettes denoting the types of plants necessary. The actual game board does not rotate and all plants are three dimensional shapes. Its difficult to get perspective on where the pattern is possible on the actual game board as a result.

Its just 2048 with some new mechanics and graphics that kill your phone twice as fast. Theres no narrative portion, just a myst-esque overworld with some buttons you have to click on to progress and some vague gameplay hints. Too expensive to be worth it.

This game wasnt what we expected and we would like our money returned. Thank you in advance.

What a great game. Makes you feel like success and relaxation can be one in the same – gorgeous as well. Definitely in our top games of the year list.

Evergarden is a great game that is easy to pick up. We love that its simple enough for our five-year-old to play, but deep enough for someone older, like us, to keep things interesting and really challenge the mind. Just when we thought we had figured out how the game works, new gameplay is introduced. The sounds are very calming and a great reward when advancing through rounds. We recommend this game for anyone looking for a strategy game that doesnt require a huge time commitment, even though it will keep you entertained for hours at a time.

This game is so amazing! Its peaceful, entertaining, and it doesnt push you to rate it! No ads, beautiful visuals, and sooooo much more!!! We highly recommend you buy it. Its a bit pricey but its so worth it!

We love how this game takes the fundamentals from games like Triple Town but then evolves them into something totally unique!

We are not usually a fan of puzzle games, but this one is beautiful both visually and musically. It enchants us, and we like the sense of story and journey it invokes. Highly recommend.

This game is so much fun! We’ve never just been able to relax and play a game like this before! Its so peaceful and the soundtrack is amazing!! Love it!!

Evergarden is beautiful, charming, and above all, fun. It has elements of puzzle play, strategy, and logic. Like most of our favorite games, the mechanics are simple but there is depth that comes with discovery of what you can do in this world. Highly recommended!

The game has stunning visuals, challenging puzzles, and loads of fun. Once you settle into the game youll find that youll have a hard time walking away! Worth every penny!

Beautiful puzzle game. Looks and sounds fantastic. The game doesnt hold your hand and lets you figure things out on your own. We love that. Im going to sink so much time into this game. Worth the price.

Finally! A different sort of puzzle game! Fantastic little story and unique gameplay make this something worth buying. No annoying ads. No in app purchases. Just an honest, great, game. Bravo.

The further you get into the game, the more you discover new ways to play it. Great concept. Will be putting some hours in. Also, it has a great story line!

This game is the best, relaxing puzzler we’ve played in a while. Its intuitive, well paced, and worth every penny. Our only complaint is that the game now shuts down when loading new game boards. Help!

Wow, we really regret spending money on this. Its essentially a match-based puzzle game where you can spread flower tiles to neighboring tiles using seeds. It claims to contain some sort of narrative, but its light / completely absent depending on how much you decide to read into context clues. It doesnt feel satisfying to solve puzzles, and theres no reward for doing well other than more puzzle tiles. We dont know how the dev rationalizes the price with the gameplay being as shallow as it is. Bleh. Bad purchase.

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