Fail Run

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 03:51 pm

Fail Run


Fail Run is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Voodoo, Fail Run is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 14th December 2020 with the latest update 13th December 2021

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


19,675 people have rated 1.4.6

You can download the game Fail Run from APP STORE.


Stumble and fall!

Learn to walk before you run and stumble across the finish line. Put one leg in front of the other and try not to fail.

  • Unlock all Classic and Legendary Outfits
  • Complete as many Levels as you can

One small step for man, one big faceplant for mankind!

Updated on 13th December 2021

  • Performance improvements

Fail Run Review

Crappy crappy yeah ccccccrrraaappppy ooh when you playin a game and it isnt crap you need to play more yeah crapiddap yeah crap.

10/10 its ads are what it is and its a pretty fun game with different people and places and you dont have to worry about being board cause its never the same obstacle.

Us getting shot in the a## by a cannonball was fun.

Finally a game that doesnt get repetitive after 50 levels, or make us bored after 2 days! We’ve played at least 400 levels, and for the most part each level is different. Some are similar, but difficulty varies, and keeps you trying. A lot of ads, but we play when In airplane mode, no ads that way, and ads arent required to unlock costumes.

It is a Great game because you can play with no ads.

We are on level 100 and plan to keep playing. The levels are unique and challenging. The ads are not annoying and if you fail a level too much you can skip it, which we had to use on one level. Just download it.

We would rate it 5stars but but but but level 69 is way to hard they need to fix it walking on a snow mans head the snow man keep falling.

The game isnt bad and idk ehy people are having problems with it im on lvl 419 our only problem is that there arent any other races other than white in the game.

  1. Our person rag dolls for no reason 2. Nobody can control their players balance 3. Ads are so constant 4. Very long waiting after falling. We dont get why u made the game like how u did but its simply not fun.

Its kinda fun but not worth playing with the ads.

We have no words other than terrible.

After a while of playing the game, the map remains the same and you are stuck with a sporty background and the level obstacles are on repeat (I’m currently on level 442).


On level 14 if you try to take a step you die/fall.

Plz no ads and ez stages plz.

We dont like your game its to hard and there are so many ads plus when we try to walk It pushed us to far! Bad Game.

We play this a lot its fun but a bit challenging.

Great if you want some good laughs and dont want an ad thrown in your face every five seconds. They dont give you an ad so much its unplayable there are some ads but every level is unique. Im on level 200 and all of them have been different and fun. The way the characters act when you fail is hilarious. Every character is unique and you only have to watch ads for a couple of them otherwise theyre free. Also fun and appropriate for all ages.

Fail Run is a impossible game to win the game and its a great game for is the season to win a fight with the win and the game.

Deal breaks till it gets back from work.

This game is cool game and im so happy this came out and yeah be safe love you.

As the games title, the challenge part is to make the first set.

This game is high key hard but really fun. Its not like the other games that get boring and easy after like the 10th level. We’ve been playing for like 35 minutes and we’ve only got to level 16! Overall great game, we recommend getting it if youre bored or need to pass timr.

Best game ever. It a challenge it keeps getting updated frequently. Its al around great.

Its a cool game and its not bad but its fun to you have to step all the way to the finish line its very cool and challenging to!

Its a great game and the levels dont repeat until you get to level 270. We once played it for like a whole hour. Very nice, very nice.

This is so awesome we love it.

We love this game its fun and hard but the only thing we dont like is the background its just blue and white. For the city area you should make a city not just one house. For the jungle area make a bunch of trees and stuff its an easy fix but other than that its a great game.

Hello! This game is cool. It tought us how to walk and we invented walking! You tight the best of the best to walk. Way to go! – Alberto Scorfano.

Okay so right off the bat this game is hilariously funny, but its also hard to get good at. We dont want the person reading this to read like 4 paragraphs on whats good and bad about this game, so Ill just say the things we dont like. VooDoo game developers never respond to their reviews so this is for the game players ig. 1. It takes almost FIVE LEVELS just to get to watch an ad and unlock that character. We think this is really annoying and stupid. 2. The are waaaaaay to wobbly and jelly like to be able to take one step and fall down immediately. Youll just have to play to see what we mean. 3. The ads; The ads are another reason why this makes us not want to play this often. Welp thanks for reading this thing. – Froggy.

Please make it more realistic, like level 24 the ball doesnt roll because you can step through the holes in it, and the Boulder on level 19 should be heavy.

Ok this game is great and we love it its so fun and a bit challenging but the reason why gave this game 3 stars is that in the ads we saw a billionaire girl with heels walking on glass and then we downloaded the game and was so excited and Im on level 110 and we STILL HAVE NOT GOTTEN THERE!! If you read this dont get your hopes up if you see the ad.

Decent game, kinda violent in a way we wouldnt download if you have properties issues. We subject age 11+, after all we wouldnt play but you might.

Fake advertising to attract people who dont look at reviews.

We kept on playing in some times we were losing there is to many adds!!!! Like bro there is to many we hope you couldnt be a lot of adds.