MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021

Last updated on June 8th, 2023 at 01:25 pm

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021


MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Glu Games Inc, MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 is a Sports game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 16th March 2021 with the latest update 22nd March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Action, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


143,447 people have rated 2.2.1

You can download the game MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 from APP STORE.


YOUR MLB baseball game is BACK with MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021! Get in the game and continue your MLB dynasty!


  • 45 MILLION franchise downloads and counting
  • New Event: CLUB RALLY – Work together with your Club to win HUGE rewards!
  • New Mode: PITCHING! – Throw HEAT for the first time in TSB history!
  • World Rankings SEASONS – Assert your dominance and win season rewards!
  • CONNECT your TSB20 account to keep your All-Star Levels, bring over Keepers from TSB20, and much more!

The COMPLETE MLB Experience!

  • AUTHENTIC MLB in every way – 2021 MLB Teams, MLBPA Players, and MLB Ballparks
  • COLLECT MLB players – From current superstars to the all time greats
  • TEAM UP to dominate in Club Events and share the rewards
  • CREATE your own player and add him to your team. Will he be the X-Factor?
  • PLAY ALL DAY with countless game modes: Slugfest, Home Run Battles, Walk Off Hero, Event Royale, Pick’em, Season Mode, Pitching Labs, Club Rally, and many more.
  • ALWAYS FRESH with content and challenges based on the REAL LIVE events of the MLB

Build your team and MLB dynasty in your MLB baseball game: MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021!

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  • VIP Elite: One-time reward set, bonus gold on all IAP, lower gold costs for mystery boxes
  • VIP Power Parcel: One-time reward set, daily reward boxes
  • The Five Tool Box: 7 day free trial, one-time reward set, daily reward box

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  • Game is free to play, but real money is required for some items and charges your iTunes account. Disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.
  • Please buy carefully.
  • Advertising appears in this game.
  • Game permits users to interact with one another (e.g. chat rooms, player to player chat) depending on the availability of features. Linking to social networking sites not intended for persons ineligible under applicable rules of such social networking sites.
  • Network connection is required to play.
  • For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, see our privacy policy:
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Twitter @glutapsports

Updated on 22nd March 2022

Bug fixes and other improvements to game performance

MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2021 Review

The more you play, the better you get. Keep at it, and enjoy kicking some booty.

We Love this game it is the best baseball game!!!

One of the best games to come out in a long time this is our third season.

You should at least let peoples team field and act like it is a real baseball game.

We love the game it is so much fun because it keeps you entertained and active.

This was the best mlb game we could find. 5 stars.

MLB tap sports 22 is great because it has all your favorite MLB teams and players. When we started all of the mlb tap sports games we just wanted them to come out with a new one so is all we have to say is bravo.

This game is so awesome we begged our mom for it we play baseball so what not more fun then to play this we think this game should have five stars so everybody rate the game we love how the crowd is always roaring we love the game but the bad part is that you cant pitch but we love it other wise.

After a long day, we cant wait to go home and play some tap sports baseball!!

The game is awesome. The best part is you can make a legend.

Its fun because you get to play with other people.

We downloaded this game and we did not think it would be good but when we started playing it it is a great game one of the best we definitely think you should download it we gave it 5 out of 5 stars and if we could do more we would give more stars this game is awesome.

Its a awesome game and once you get the hang of it you will love it.

This is one of the best games we have ever played baseball all the other games a player horrible and now this helps us with our game today.

We think anyone would like it ,even our Brother who hates baseball.

Thank you for making this amazing game.

This game is fun. You swing at the worst pitches and hit the ball into the outfield. Especially fun for baseball players!!!!

Its a great game very accurate tkk ok regular baseball its fun and has all the players you could imagine.

Game could be much better by allowing bases to be stolen on every pitch, but so far its ok.

Need outfielders robbing batters of homers.

It is a good game for a baseball player. The only thing that we dont like is that it is pretty hard to tell if it is a strike or ball. Especially on a curveball you can barely tell if its a strike. But we really like that it is not one of those games to where it is super easy to beat the game , it is a struggle some times to win or hit. Overall we really like the game!

We need homerun replays and diving catches on the pop ups.

The game shows that you can pitch but we’ve played this game all day and didnt pitch one inning and the game is why to hard to time to hit the ball it would be nice if you would make it easier to time it and it would be nice to add a announcer.

What level do you get to pitch?

Great game but every time you do too many things on the app an ad pops up.

Game loads to 88 % and shuts off we constantly have to uninstall then reinstall for it to start working again.

Been playing for a while now and it seems that no matter how hard you try you cant hit the other way. It usually ends up as a soft ground ball to the pitcher or a fly out to center. Most of the time the super human defensive AI can get any ball no matter where its hit. Specially when you hit it up the middle the second baseman will always be there to catch the ball no matter how hard you hit it. And if you hit a deep shot to the warning track the outfielders somehow run at 60 mph and catch the balls. Home runs and hits happen so rarely compared to when your first starting out that you cant only get about 5 hits a game. Even if you have a player rated 100+ going against a crappy pitcher with a 40 skill rating. Ill stick to perfect inning for now.

The ball is practically invisalbe and you don’t control defense so it is only for people who have perfect eyesight.

It would be fun but anytime we hit it it goes straight to there glove. Also there is pitches that you cant hit.

Doing anything with this game is horrible. Takes forever to open. It often gets to 88%, then closes. Each time you select something it lags. We dont usually take the time to leave a review, but come on Glu, this is horrible! How can you expect people to play a game where the app is this frustrating. We did verify this is not our network or phone every other game we play works with no lag.

This was the worst experience we’ve ever had it was would not let us get pass the loading screen.

When we started this game it was so easy but after our first game it just got like impossible and it wasted all of our battery we dont recommend this game.

These geniuses have been making this game for how many years and they still cant figure out where the strike zone is????

So far this game is trash. Will not allow Facebook link to restore our team after reload. This is a well know problem on Glu bulletin boards and all over TSP Facebook page. Yet nothing from customer care or management to ensure the players the problem is even being looked at. Fix this problem and Ill change our rating, because we have been a loyal VIP player since 18. Until then , we dont recommend this gameat all.

The company that runs this game is the most money hungry we have ever seen. Its been that way for years. This game is 100% PAY TO WIN. And Im not talking like .99-$5 Im talking hundreds-thousands if you want to do well. To get any players that are worth it, you have to buy boxes that have odds almost as astronomical as the powerball to get something good. Even with the players of the week boxes where the odds to get a good player are listed as 50%, we have bought 10+ and not received a player. If the game crashes mid buy, you will not receive anything that you purchased and GLU will refuse to do anything about it if you contact them. Their customer service philosophy is Thats your problem, not ours! Once they have your money, they dont care what happens to you. Playability of the game is complete and utter dog water as well. For example, if a pitcher throws a curve ball, the ball literally goes out your screen and comes back and almost hits you. Clearly a ball or HBP, but called a strike every time. The game tells you to wait for a fastball/strike and then throws nothing but crazy unhittable pitches and you lose. Also, your bat is something short of a wet noodle. Even if your batters overall is 200+ and the opposing pitcher is 40, good luck. You swing at a strike with perfect timing and 99.99% of the time it either goes straight back to the pitcher or to a middle infielder. Either way, out every time. In game rewards are trash. Never enough to get you anything good. The whole company is just a dumpster fire. We tried this game years ago when they first started and it was really bad then. We thought over the years they wouldve fixed the problems, so we figured we would give it another shot. Not only did they not fix the original problems, they added all new ones as well and made everything more expensive! How great is that? People work very hard for their money and companies like GLU will take you for everything and give you nothing in return without even batting an eye. Spend your money elsewhere, this game is a scam and a half.

We cant take it anymore all the pitchers do is throw bad pitches and whenever they throw a good pitch we ground out every time. And besides it is not that fun anyway.

Dont make a game if yall dont know how to correctly make the internet faster, out of all the years of tap sports 2022 the worst version by far, yall made us break phone cause yall dont know how to make a dam game the right way, so dam slow so dam horrible no star rating!!!!

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