Fairy Tale High

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Fairy Tale High


Fairy Tale High is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Doll Divine Entertainment Inc., Fairy Tale High is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 7th June 2019 with the latest update 7th June 2019

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Family, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


49 people have rated 1.0

You can download the game Fairy Tale High from APP STORE.


Are you Upperclass? Or full of Sass?

This dress up game lets you create infinite girl characters, hoping for their own happily ever after. High school can be tough, but they’re up to the challenge!

Play stylist to your avatar doll as you customize each part of her look. Mix and match bangs, pull-back styles and long hair to create unique cuts. Infuse up to three different colors into her natural or magical hairstyle!

Put together your own fashionable outfit, even designing your own FABRIC! Customize and layer skirts to your heart’s content. This game even let’s you mix and match to design your own shoes! Lace with satin and gold embroidery? You got it! Sweet Lolita dress elements or a Japanese kimono? That’s there too!

Take a walk on the wild side with animal items that can create nekos, angels, fairies and more! Choose cat-eyes, tails and ears to create adorable cat girls! There’s wolf ears and fluffy tails for the canine lovers, mouse and bunny ears… antlers and elf ears! You can even use the 6 panels of robust, custom-color drag and drop items to make your creation truly unique.

At the end awaits a happy surprise: you can keep adding infinite characters to a scene (or at least, as many as your phone’s speed can handle). Once you’re done dressing up, shrink, flip or drag your characters to arrange them in a scene. Choose from immersive backdrops that each have their own magical back-lighting effects. I’m sure you will create something that looks right out of a real tv show!

I hope you enjoy this dress up game :)


Updated on 7th June 2019

Fairy Tale High Reviews

This game is so amazing! We would love to see more games like this! We like Dinogeddon but it be cool if there were more options and more clothing and hairstyles but we like the games where its like not all pretty in pink and girly maybe you could add boy characters to this too we like the style of Dinogeddon its more like warm clothes and cool hairstyles and not everything is extremely perfect and neat we love that style! We also love glitter cure Id like if there are more hairstyles though… But anyways we literally love love love your game S-Signed-Mazzy.

We thought Id never buy an app but this is our first and we dont regret at all. Its actually good its not just characters from the shows with different colors. Good designs colors lots of varieties.

We would love more doll divine games on the App Store!

This is a much needed update. Why dont you add male characters to create?

This is so cute we can finally live out our eah dreams. Kinda sad ab no save slots but no biggie.

This is a great game! We love playing it but it would be great if you could add more skirts? Like skirts that reach the floor so we could make ball gowns. It would also be cool if there was an option to make male characters. Overall great game :)!

We love the game it helps us create our ocs but we wish for there to be more stuff to create better and more awesome outfits.

We this game but we wish u could add chat bubbles, poses, and male characters to create but we still love this game.

We love this game, it was a great purchase even though it was only 0.99 cents but still. We like the customization but It would be cool to have slots to save characters, so we can put some in scenes with other ones we previously made. We got kind of confused with coloring the shirt cause the dots were together but thats just us. Thank you in advance.

We love this game bc it like ever after high and we look that.

Good game but needs work This app is not letting us change the warrobe and it glitches in the end.

We adore this game for making ocs, but we only really have two problems. One: lack of options. A color wheel would completely change this in the best way, and so would different accessories or skirt shapes. Two: this one is a bigger one, but BOYS, it would be a lot more work, but would be so worth it.

We love this game and have been using it for some time, but we just NEED more options! There is already a lot, but the shirt, pattern, and pant designs are limited. We would love to see more!!

This is an amazing game but some save slots would be nice. Maybe some extra backgrounds and some poses.

We love this app and theres so much you can do! We have some anxiety from that you cant use a save slot and go back and edit it later but it really is just so cute and fun.

Just spent our last dollar on this game thinking there would be tons of options and things to do but no. Theres barely anything on this app. Its so boring. We want our money back.

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