Fruit Ninja Classic

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Fruit Ninja Classic


Fruit Ninja Classic is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Halfbrick, Fruit Ninja Classic is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 20th April 2010 with the latest update 25th September 2020

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Action games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,317 people have rated 2.4.6

You can download the game Fruit Ninja Classic from APP STORE.


Slice fruit, don’t slice bombs – that is all you need to know to get started with the addictive Fruit Ninja action!

From there, explore the nuances of Classic, Zen and the fan favorite Arcade mode to expand your skills. Slice for a high score, use powerups and special bananas to maximum effect, and go crazy on the multi-slice Pomegranate.

All Blades and Dojos now have a unique effect on gameplay. Want a ten-fruit Great Wave? Bouncing clouds to never drop a fruit? Swirling tornados for epic combos? Mix and match your gear, experiment with all the powers and find what works for you!

There has never been a better time to play Fruit Ninja, so unsheath your sword and see what’s new in the game that started it all.

This is still just the beginning – we can’t wait for everyone to join us!


This game contains optional in-app purchases. You can disable this feature in the settings menu of your device.

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Updated on 25th September 2020

Minor game tweaks and improvements.

Fruit Ninja Classic Reviews

Funny game. When we feel tired or depressed,I will open the game and forget our sadness after the game.

We have been playing this game for like 6 years, and we LOVE it! Favorite mode still arcade. Used to not like classic because of the X bombs that game over, but definitely getting back into it! Favorite blades the two that are most advanced (Storm Castle and Lightning bolt favorite combo of dojo+blade). Only one very minor issue which is: sometimes a spot of blade will just sit there doing nothing, and that sometimes doesnt go away until we take a break from the iPad. Most frustrating experience with this was when we had Flame blade in arcade mode and it happened. The flame spot attracted the bombs and it was very frustrating. Still we would rate this game 7 out of 5 if we could!

We think it could be even better if there was an additional Dojo that got unlocked at level 100 along with the Golden Ember Blade.

We’ve loved fruit ninja since we were a kid and the game was new and hot, so we got the classic so we didnt have to worry about all the bells and whistles in the newer versions. However, theres kinda this thing where sometimes the blade will be stuck on a dot and wont be fixed unless you refresh the app by swiping it away and going back in. This occurs when we swipe for the home screen (my models an iPhone 12) or sometimes when we swipe for the notification or even control center. The blade is still functional even while one part of a blade is stuck, although with fancy blades it can be really distracting. Outside of that, we absolutely adore this game. Always have and always will. The fruit even looks so delicious.

This app works great but it has glitches but its still worth it but the yes chef dojo and the chainsaw blade should be unlockable through leveling up and then it would be better but we love your game Halfbrick!

Newer fruit ninja games are full of ads and have dumb events which prevents us from playing for hours stupid devs these days!

A simple yet addictive arcade style game.

Please please please bring back the Ghostbusters event and make a new mode called Ghost Quest.

This is a fun little game to play we would recommend it by far. No glitches, different modes and levels. And all sorts of blades and dojos. We have played this game for a very long time. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! DOWNLOAD IT!

If there be more dojos ,I think we will get more fun.

This is very close to the older versions of fruit ninja. Very stable. Dont lay a finger on this Halfbrick.

The Fruit Ninja app has gone through so many changes that it’s aesthetically unrecognizable from where it started. And Fruit Ninja 2 focuses on leaderboards and multiplayer matches. But THIS version harkens back to Fruit Ninja’s peak many years ago. Progression, unlocking blades and dojos each level, in app purchases are much more optional than in the other games, plus no annoying advertisements. It is definitely worth the price!

The other fruit ninjas are a waste of time all compared to this one the blades each have unique effects unlike in the other games and no annoying pop up ads and over the line micro transactions.

Great game but it is not the easy stuff to play. It is worth the money. And if you are a ninja fan you would love this game. Or if you love fruit its the game for you!

So theres this bug that causes the main effect/trail of the blade to be stuck on the screen as if you were holding it but im not tapping, say for example the clouds that come from cloud kicker blade just endlessly release alot of clouds in an area and its annoying. Pls fix.

We can always appreciate when a developer who makes a hit game respects what made it popular in the first place and provides something like this. Its the fun time waster its always been. And the definitive version if youre not too keen on freemium models. This game has a little bug though that we remember having way back when this wasnt the classic version, which causes the particle effects of whichever blade your using to just stick to the top right of the screen until you restart the game. Its not a big deal if your using a blade that doesnt have particle effects, but most of them do. It gets in the way of the timer in Arcade and Zen mode, so we think its important to fix this. But other than that. Its Fruit Ninja, you probably know what youre getting yourself into!

Halfbrick, Can you bring back the ghostbusters Event?

It would be nice if there were some more blades and dojos, also what happened to the original ghostbusters blade and the original ghostbusters dojo, same for the ghostbusters 2016 subway dojo and ghostbusters 2016 potion blade, what happened to those dojos and blades, if you dont add those blades and dojos back, we wont be playing anymore until you add the ghostbusters dojos and blades back, anyway please add some more blades and dojos like candle graveyard with a candle you can slice for extra points, candy house, crypt, pumpkin, mountain, mansion, haunted house, cabin, sunlight dojo, static electric love dojo, balcony dojo, Santas workshop, thankful feast dojo, add some more blades like ancient yoyo blade that allows you to spend more time slicing pomegranates apart, holly blade, bonded rose blade, shamrock blade, bat blade, etc.

We love the fact that the good fruit ninja is still on the App Store, however, we think its missing a couple things. We think the mini games from the 10 year anniversary event need to be added as an option and the ghostbusters blade and dojo should be added back too.

Okay so its 2021 of course and we decided to download the app JUST FOR THE MODES. Well apparently, the game updated as we expected it to but yet the modes were gone and now its just the 3 boring ones? Im disappointed.

We can get into the game but once we start a game it immediately sends us to the Home Screen and no matter what we do it does it.

Does not support icloud game progress synchronization!

Why is there another version. We thought that we will have everything in this, but unfortunately its just the same thing you have to earn your blades. We thought this was cool until we bought it. We would like a refund.

Every time we use the flame blade or anything that has a trail lf it theres a little dot on the screen that always hits the bomb and if the bomb isnt close IT GETS PULLED towards the dot which is extremely unfair and we had this problem on every single device just didnt mind but now it is irritating please fix your game.

We just want to buy the game so we can play without ads. Looks like thats not an option. Obnoxious, greedy decision.

We liked this game when it was a non-greedy, money asking pain that just irritates us when we remember paying for the once FULL app that didnt rely on such gimmicks for your money.

Not provided with enough fruit during match for at least 100 matches to get a new high score on arcade mode. Not exactly fair to not be allowed an equal opportunity for a new high score every time.

Slicing The Ninja Is Fun The Juicy.

Bro, we missed this version of Fruit Ninja so much. It reminds us of our childhood (2010-11). We remember we downloaded the newer version and we were saddened to see how much it changed. Im glad this version exists again. Thank you! We cant believe we just found about this…

We’ve been playing this game since 2013 and its so much dang fun. Ever since we were 4 we’ve been playing almost every day and now Im 10 years old. Thanks Halfbrick for making an amazing game. But PLS come out with a new update within the next year. Even though you released this game in 2010, we still cant stop playing. Here is some advice, if youre looking for a game made by halfbrick download this game. Its so dang fun. We’ve been playing for 6 years and now its so much better than was in 2013. Thanks for making this amazing game!!11!1.

Hello our Name is Jeremy And we Play 2 Mouth Ago A Fruit Ninja Classic Got NO ADS, so be awesome!

We rember playing this for hours everyday im only nine now but still played everyday we’ve asked our seven year old friend about this he didnt know get this game back Ps. Thanks for making our childhood great.

We’ve always loved fruit ninja but theres one problem. We try to look for the fruit ninja toys (plushes) on Amazon but theres lots of other stuff that arent the real plushes. We dont know if you guys sold out of them or not so Im not blaming you guys. But now we want to talk about how good this game is! Like we said in the beginning IVE ALWAYS LOVED THIS GAME since the day we got Fruit Ninja! We love this so much and some of your other games are cool to! P.S: can you add more blades? From: MokoTheCat. To:the awesome creators of Fruit Ninja.

Fruit ninja classic its the same as fruit ninja.

Maybe you should be able to buy levels like star fruit in the other game? Just a suggestion.

We so love the game we just cant stop playing this game! Who make this game it just so fun!

We used to play this game until the other update and we thought we lost all our data! Well, when we got this back, the data came back! Great game.

So, we were just playing one day and it got laggy, then we started deleting some games so this can run a bit better. We then accidentally delete this game. (I had a account so we can log back in). Then we downloaded again and tried logging in. We couldnt, a day before this happened, we also bought 150 of each power up which costed 3 dollars. And it wouldnt let us restore purchases . This is a fun game overall, but other than that we gave it a 4 star because of that incident. It also made us a level 1 and we worked very hard to get level 40. Which sucked. But we still love this game with all our heart.

Theres always this glitch that happens when we accidentally swipe down from the top of our screen and then swipe back up the game often triggers the blade to be at one part of the screen causing some random dot that we cant remove unless we restart the game, can you pls fix it or release fruit ninja 2 faster.

Ok, app is great, except im mad because they took fruit ninja vs skittles off of the app store, we REALLY want to play it again but we cant.

The year was 2012-2013 and there was online multiplayer. We were amazed as a little kid that you can play with other people around the world! But the one day… It just vanished. We got sad and we wanted for it to come back. Somewhere between 2015-2016 we get a message in the game while we were choosing a blade and if we remember it looked like you were going to bring online multiplayer but all that came was beating CPUs. We love this game but we would love we even more if you add online multiplayer back and thank you.

Way too many bombs. Plus it seems like the game tracks where your fingers are on the screen and puts a bomb right there so you automatically hit it .

We wouldn’t consider this a classic version at all. Why, you might ask? Because it’s filled to the brim with stupid in-app purchases. The original game you paid one price and got to enjoy the entire game. Now we pay for it and all sorts of features are locked behind micro-transactions. Developers like Halfbrick, who once revolutionized mobile gaming. Are now just contributing to the corruption and downfall of modern video games. After all the money we’ve given you, you should be ashamed. You’re despicable, beyond greedy and immensely unethical.

We didnt realize that the FREE version would have more features when we bought this game. Whats the point then? A RIP OFF!

This game wont even let us in to the game. This game is trash because we cannot get a new high score our high score is 7,000. This game is super laggy and glitchy This game should die and go to the under world. By:puppylover2009.

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