Family Style: Co-op Kitchen

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Family Style: Co-op Kitchen

Family Style: Co-op Kitchen

Family Style: Co-op Kitchen is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Chef Party, LLC, Family Style: Co-op Kitchen is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 5th November 2019 with the latest update 10th August 2021

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Family, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Family Style: Co-op Kitchen ?

1,523 people have rated 1.8.0

What is the price of the Family Style: Co-op Kitchen ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Family Style: Co-op Kitchen released ?

Family Style: Co-op Kitchen was released on 5th November 2019.

When was the Family Style: Co-op Kitchen updated ?

The latest updated date of Family Style: Co-op Kitchen on 10th August 2021.

Where can Family Style: Co-op Kitchen be downloaded ?

You can download the game Family Style: Co-op Kitchen from Apple Official App Store.



Too many cooks in the kitchen? Sounds like a game of FAMILY STYLE! Shout and scramble for space to cook dishes in this new and hectic party game for 2 to 8 friends.

Family Style is a cross-platform party game that transforms your living room into a virtual kitchen. Race against time as you frantically complete recipes and desperately shout instructions at your teammates. Manage your own stations and work together with your kitchen staff to complete recipes before time runs out!

How many rounds can you and your friends survive before the dinner rush gets the best of you?



A great kitchen needs all hands on deck! Pass ingredients to your teammates to help them complete dishes and win the round, but don’t forget to stay alert. You might have the missing ingredient your friend needs.


Time is constantly ticking down so recipes need to be completed as soon as possible! In the dinner rush madness, your table space might become too cluttered. Don’t let your station get too messy or you’ll have a hard time passing ingredients.


It’s not easy running a kitchen with friends! While it can sometimes be a messy and hectic affair, nothing is as fulfilling and fun as successfully completing a complex recipe through superb communication.

Updated on 10th August 2021

  • Fixed several crashes on start-up

Family Style: Co-op Kitchen Review

Beautiful game and lots of fun. We live playing this game with our kids when we the family is home. We always have a blast and its a great pick for family game night.

This game is a fun game theres no crashes you can play with friends and if you like cooking or cooking games this a great fit for you.

This game was awesome for us and our sister to play we love it so much!

This is just soo much fun and we enjoyed playing it with our family. We had so much fun and everyone was smiling afterwards.

Only complaint is no hot ham water.

Its a good game but could get stressful if one person stops what they are doing and were out here asking for ingredients that they have.

We love this game, it has called for extremely nice memories and it also supports up to 8 players making it have a very wide range of people. Although some people get loud its still a very fun game. We highly recommend to all.

This game is amazing ! We have tons of fun with it. But today we cant creat room. Theres some issues about network. Plz check it out.

We dont get to play often but when we do, its always fun!

This game is all about communication and coordination. Its so easy to play and understand that the challenge comes in the later rounds just trying to balance ingredients and split tasks.

We love playing this games with friends and is a great party game and no Im not a bot but we really like this game.

Note: Requires that you have friends ofc until they add a single player mode.

We’ve loved this game for awhile now, love playing it with friends and family but recently it wont even start up, wont let us play and if it does it crashes quickly normally, if we could even start a round, wed get to the point of show the head chef what ingredient you are! And it either wouldnt load or crash one of us, making everyone not be able to play because a chef disconnected even though it happened because the app crashed once, we got into a round and were having fun until it crashed again, said one of us disconnected even though all of our screens were still on the ingredients and kitchen if you do fix the game, thank you very much and we cant wait to play again, if you guys have given up on the game, it was fun while it lasted, if you have gotten this far, thank you for reading our review, and we hope you have a great day, if the game is fixed 10/10 highly recommend for playing with friends and family.

It crashes on our android friends phone so we dont have to play with them like thank god they stink like lawn mowers anyways.

Its so addicting and fun. Everyone loved it.

This game is really good. We played it with our family and we enjoyed so we highly recommend this game to play. Its really fun if you love teamwork. Anyways YOU NEED TO MAKE A NEW UPDATE.

This game is AMAZING. Definitely recommend if your looking for a game you can play with your friends- or family. But BE AWARE. We were on round 10 when we happened we were normally playing the game but, it progressively for our harder or frustrating. We had 4 people we were playing with. Screaming, throwing punches, forgetting how to speak, sweating, tension. It was war. Screaming for ingredients. Scolding each other. Noise complaints.

This was a fun game during 2020 virtual sleepovers.

Hiya we really love this game its great. We dont even have to physically be next to people as we can play online over a call! We even got all the in app purchases which ties into the problem we have we really like the color pink so we set everything to pink except for the food but when we went to change our settings everything but the food stayed the same color so now its locked into pink mode and its really annoying because we payed for all the other ones that we can no longer use this is an amazing game we totally recommend but just dont buy the pink one until they patch this its for your eyes own good.

Our lungs hurt our heart hurts our head hurts especially as the rounds go up. At least our egg is fryed.

It takes so long to load even though Im connected to the internet!

Whenever we play the game just crashes and one time when we were playing, our friend got dishes every second, they just kept coming. We really enjoy the game, we hope these bugs get fixed.

The game is great when it actually loads but most of the time it doesnt even create. But when it does its rllyyy good.

This game is amazing and we have played it several times with our friend and we both love it, but the only thing is that sometimes it glitches and says that one of us has disconnected when we didnt, as well as the fact that you should be able to play with people you dont know, and create public matches, because if no one you know wants to play you cant play the game. Also, there should be a chat box in the game so you can text the person your playing with without leaving the game, especially if you dont know the person. But thats it, over all this game is amazing and would definitely recommend it, 4/5.

Great game but needs full screen iPad support. The stretched out phone mode gets too full in later rounds and wastes the available screen space on iPads.

We love playing this multiplayer game but you can only do it with people you know not free for all or solo.. Witch is disappointing :( but also it says ERROR CREATING when you try to creat a game so we cant even play the game? Like what! We hope you read this and fix these game issues we wanna play it! Thanks.

This game is fun but when we play with our friends for a while it says that a person has disconnected every time we get to stage 6. Please fix it, its a fun game.

We downloaded this game with our friends and had a lot of fun in the beginning until the bug where it would say one player disconnected and the entire game quit and we lose all our progress. Just because of this, it drags down the entire experience because it takes a while to get to lvl 50+ and the challenge to beat any high score isnt the game, its the fact that the game will just quit randomly saying a player disconnected when were both on the same wifi and we are certain no one quit the game. Stupid bug, there should be a way for it to realize that the players are still in the game and continue rather than quit and erase the whole session! Im surprise this is not implemented because most multiplayer games have this. It would be the perfect game if you guys actually fix dumb bugs like this, awesome concept and gameplay though. People dont like to have their time wasted, if im going to waste 15-30 of our life we dont want all our progress to go to waste. Please fix ASAP or im going to have to delete this game.

The items get stuck to the plates ://

We don’t understand… Why does it take so long to create a game.

First let us say, this is a very fun game. It is very chaotic, simplistic, and overall very good! However, every once in a while in the middle of a game it says A player has disconnected and kicks the rest of us to the Home Screen, even when we know for sure that nobody disconnected. This is really frustrating, especially when you are on a really high level. It would be ok if it just paused the game and allowed the player to reconnect to the game, but making us restart every time this bug occurs is really frustrating. If this was fixed we would happily give this game five stars.

Estaba jugando con una amigo y a l lo saca cuando le paso ingredientes pero no s si es que jugamos a distancia pero antes ayer no pasaba nada.

We like the game, its fun! But the rounds are SO short, you barely get to play. It introduces a new element every round and then you hardly get to use it.

We wish they could add accounts so you can add friends and do a voice chat instead of having to be in person or calling. Also the random bugs of saying a person left and restarting everything is very annoying.

So first we saw the game and we thought it might be fun so downloaded it we know a lot of you might like the game we just wanna tell you why we dont The only reason is because we dont have anyone to play it with we wish they would add something like you can just join a random server because we dont really know what to do well we know what to we just dont have anyone to do it with us but we think it might be fun because we watch the video but we immediately deleted it because we couldnt play it so we just wanted to say that have fun!

Its really fun to play, but there is a bug where one player may disconnect randomly at the very beginning of the game itself. It keeps happening to one of our friends and it got really annoying. Please fix this issue, we’ve seen others with the same problem!

We used to play this game a lot around 2 years ago and our highest round we’ve gotten to was 29. We just started to play again and cant make it past 12. We think its more fun when theres a ton of ingredients on the screen but we fail before we even get to that point.

We love this game! But it gets boring cause it randomly says player has disconnected and we have to restart. Please update!!! It would be so much better. Please respond.

Hi, so uh we were playing this game for two days and it was fun, but then the next day we were playing with our sister when we took a break, and we tried to log back on, but it kept glitching us out almost immediately :(. But her game was still working. We originally was playing on our iPad when this bug or something happened, so we downloaded it on our phone but then it lagged us out again :(. Please fix this bug.

Got all the themes, set it as the sweet one, and now we cant change them back to anything elsetried it on our sisters phone too. Irritating.

We loved this game, our friends and we played it a lot. We got a lot of people to download it, but after a couple of days, it stopped working. It didnt let us create a kitchen. Please fix this, we really want to play it again.

We have screen time on but when we try to open the app it just sends us out on our Home Screen every time so could you please fix the bug.

We couldn’t really tell how good the game was because we were never able to play it. In fairness this app is likely fine, but when it relies on the other players app to also be stable that kinda ruins it.

The game hasnt been fixed, its been kicking us out of the game saying someone got disconnected which no one really has. The Wi-Fi works just fine, its such a great game but that bug just ruins the whole thing u can barely get passed level one and sometimes it crashes way before that. We really wanted this game to work.

Wish we could enjoy it , had high hopes , nothing truly worked and the cutting boards just got in the way Too many ingredients with little space is a headache.

We dont like how you cant match make because we joined your discord server to find players and its dead no one ever responds so we’ve never even gotten the chance to play the game.

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