FarmVille 2: Country Escape

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FarmVille 2: Country Escape

FarmVille 2: Country Escape

FarmVille 2: Country Escape is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zynga Inc., FarmVille 2: Country Escape is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 17th April 2014 with the latest update 26th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Family, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of FarmVille 2: Country Escape ?

180,068 people have rated 22.6.9341

What is the price of the FarmVille 2: Country Escape ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the FarmVille 2: Country Escape released ?

FarmVille 2: Country Escape was released on 17th April 2014.

When was the FarmVille 2: Country Escape updated ?

The latest updated date of FarmVille 2: Country Escape on 26th May 2023.

Where can FarmVille 2: Country Escape be downloaded ?

You can download the game FarmVille 2: Country Escape from Apple Official App Store.



App Store Best of 2014
Escape to the world of farming, friends and fun! Go on farm adventures to collect rare goods and craft new recipes. Raise animals and grow your farm with friends. Join a farm Co-Op to trade and share or play on your own in Anonymous Mode. You can play FarmVille anytime, anywhere… even when not connected to the internet. Best of all, the world’s most popular farming game is free to play!
** ”FarmVille is back and this time, it’s portable!” – TIME **
** “”Officially not just for Facebook anymore”” – Los Angeles Times **
** “” They may have built the best FarmVille game of the series”” – Kotaku **

  • CRAFT a variety of baked gourmet goods like classic country apple pies
  • HARVEST farm fresh crops of your favorite fruits and vegetables
  • CUSTOMIZE your own farm for charming country living
  • COLLECT hidden and rare items as you discover a new coastal farm
  • NURTURE and raise a wide variety of adorable animals like your very own farm dog
  • EXPLORE a new FarmVille story filled with special farm adventures
  • BUILD a lush family farm by the coast so all your friends can visit
  • GARDEN by the beautiful blue ocean as you decorate your farm with flowers and fresh produce
  • TRADE and chat with friends or play anonymously with people from all over the world
  • ESCAPE to the coast then connect to your Facebook farm to send free water
  • EARN daily rewards with the Mystery Chest and take a spin at the Prize Wheel”
    Additional information:
  • The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.
  • Farmville offers subscriptions for in game currency. The subscription is billed monthly and automatically renews unless cancelled 24 hours before the end of current period. You can manage your subscription by going to your iTunes account settings after purchase.
  • Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at
  • For information about how Zynga uses personal data, please read our privacy policy at

Updated on 26th May 2023

ALL NEW EVENT: Welcome the everyone’s friend, the famous Doctor Pillpopper with super helpful and kind Nurse Nelly as we celebrate the Medi-heroes event on your popular farm.
Complete all 5 stages to win super useful rewards like keys, stamps, padlocks and a temporary farm hand to assist you.
WIN 2x of all the rewards on purchasing the season pass.
WIN the Nurse Mittens or take the challenge and win the Doc Purrfect as Reward Farmhand who gives special drops!

FarmVille 2: Country Escape Review

It is so fun for us and our family.

Crazy hooked from years ago. Prepare to meet some from from all around this beautiful world.

We’ve been playing for years and we’ve reached the max level, the max amount of money, the max expansion of our farm. Why cant we continue to grow our farm?

It was ok it was glitching a lot and it was really hard to get keys but In all it was a good game you do have to wait a little bit but it goes on so yep its a good game.

Can not play the game without updating will not let us continue playing.

Youre playing this game for more than four years why do we have to pay for it does not make any sense to us if we have to pay we will delete this app.

Im back after 5 years . Our farm looks sound n safe. We just changed our coop . The last one was not active. There is s. Th embarrassing that when we completed an event and got the first prize , it is temporarily and active for 1 week . Its not fair ! And we dont have any reason to play..

We have played this game for several years now. We realize there will be issues from time to time. There always seems to be issues with the events especially ones with temporary hands. It causes havoc on the game in general.

We used to enjoy this game, but for about a year now it crashes on a regular basis. We have it on several different platforms and it makes no difference to the crash rate. We hope something gets done to fix this issue because it really used to be relaxing to play, but it now is too frustrating to deal with the constant crashing.

The chat interface is not ADA. It will not allow voice to text, we have adjusted settings till we could scream. The limits such as barn space are somewhat understandable but Eddie, Nick, and Marie orders should correlate. Our second day playing we were given an Eddie order of over 57 items in one listing x 2. Like 57 goat cheese, so we needed 90 barn spaces just to attempt it. With a 50 capacity barn, why was a level 3 or 4 player assigned an unreasonable order? We very nearly quit and deleted the app again. (I played way back in 2015 to 2015 time frame.) The chat module freezes, doesnt send message, and doesnt update sometimes for an hour or more. (It is not our bandwidth, we have 300 fiber connection.) Events are more frustrating that that. Event items can only be obtained through farmhands, sent farm hands 5 times to get items and had 1 item after almost two hours and to complete phase we needed 62 of that item. Unrealistic expectations and again we nearly quit, even though we spent real cash on keys to try to stay viable.

Accidentally hit the cafe button while trying to do something else which started the tutorial and it froze! It will not advance so we can get back to what we were trying to do which is our task in the boat race, sending the mariner off, and trying to finish Pikes items before it leaves! We’ve tried closing the game and restarting but it throws us right back into the cafe tutorial and freezes again at the exact same spot! Cant even contact support for help due to being stuck! There really needs to be a way to remove the cafe button when you have no want to play it to keep from accidentally starting the tutorial or, at least an exit button so you can bypass it! As it stands, we need help getting back to our game and out of this frozen tutorial! Please help! Thank you for your time.

The game works fine until noon then out of no where you have no wifi goes on for a hour or so but its up to 3 or more hours no wifi on and off we are very upset that this game has not made the right correction for repeated problems.

When you can see what you are purchasing and you get something else pretty awful glitch. Constant freezing, loosing what you are making not nearly as user friendly as the original FarmVille.

We will give 5 STARS ONCE MY ACCOUNT IS FIXED we have been playing this game since it was released from the start. We have spent $100s on keys etc. Our game was freezing and kept disconnecting. So we restarted our device still no fix, we reset our wifi and the wifi or our internet was not the issue. We made sure our software was up to date and we made sure the app itself was up to date. Mind you we connected our Facebook, our Apple ID and our Apple Game Center to our FarmVille account. So we deleted the app and reinstalled it. NOW we AM STUCK RESTARTING THE GAME FROM THE VERY BEGINNING EVEN AFTER RECONNECTING MY FACEBOOK APPLE ID AND APPLE GANE CENTER. We NEVER GIVE NEGATIVE REVIEWS CHECK ME. THIS NEEDS TO HE FIXED. We AM APART OF A VERY LARGE VERY ACTIVE CO-Op and in the middle of an event. As well as the Fair in which we place too 3 EVERYTIME PLEASE FIX THIS AND MAYBE COMPENSATE ME FOR THE TROUBLES AND MOSTLY FOR BEING A LONG TIMR LOYAL PLAYER. YALL COULD ALSO COMPENSATE LONGTIME LOYAL PLAYERS WITH MORE KEYS AND BETTER OFFERS Sonya.

Why the forced upgrade? It should be voluntary. We no longer blindly trust upgrades and especially those that are mandatory and forced. You can have your game. We neither want or need it that much.

The game keeps closing out completely when we try to go to the Co-Op sign please fix it.

This game was our favorite for years until recently. We were right in the middle of a task when the game asked to be updated. Now the game wont update unless we attach a credit card. Excuse us? We are not trying to purchase anything. Now we cant seem to get back in to play. We dont like this new format. Money grab? We thought this was a free game unless you decide to make a purchase.

There was an update 2 weeks ago and the game was frozen on purchasing keys. There was another update today and its still frozen.

This game literally gives us anxiety and has caused us depression. This app always f-s up. It just lost all our progress in boating now from first Im now third. The items Thad are supposed to work never work properly and when you work so hard to play and compete this app completely messes you up. They have incompetent devs there or their system is crap. Im so over their glitches. It is literally the worst designed game full of problems . Im on iPad.

The game wont let us opt out of buying a package. Is forcing us to buy a package before we can play. Wont let us close out and just play the game. Please fix!!

Hi! Im unable to work our fv2ce! It freezes Marie standing by order board! Unable to send pic cause on our iPhone doesnt give options, Please help! Deleted Facebook turn off Game Center! Thank u for all your help!

Started playing during Covid and still going strong! Love the graphics and animations. Love the fact that our accomplishments accumulate over time, and we’ve built a beautiful farm! Plenty of variety, plenty of consistency, not overly expensive. We recommend spending a couple bucks in the beginning to get established. But you dont need to spend a lot of money to enjoy the game and we like that! There are no ads during regular gameplay. No ads! You can earn coins and other things by watching them if you choose to, or you can avoid them all together. We love love love that! We do choose to pay a monthly subscription now, just because we love the flexibility, and we feel like for the entertainment hours that we received from this game it is so affordable! We highly recommend it. And we love that you can play a little or a lot. And we love that it appeals, to both young and old! Great game!

Since updating the game today,have not been able to play because it is not letting us . It keeps coming up that we have unlocked the Elite Farmer and wont let us do anything else.

We’ve sent notification once already about it not letting us get past subscription offer to even play the game. It just keeps doing same thing over and over we’ve notice others have been having same issue and doesnt seem like anybody is replying with feedback or fixing the issues. Id love to get back to playing our game so if we could please get a response on how to fix problems myself or if yall are gonna fix please and thank you.!!

This game is great, we have been on and off since its release. Only recently have we started having issues. We were told to update for 15 grow seeds. When we updated, it said granted we had 13 prior and the number only jumped to 15. Also there have been times where we craft items some that take hours to craft and when we click to collect. They do not end up in our barn. One time it was something that used quartz and took almost 14 hours. Another time it was 3 carrot cakes we needed for a show animal. We have had this issue before and after the upgrade.

Cant access the game to play – uninstall re installed multiple times. Its stuck on some key subscription Paula character (wagon keep dropping her off ) help pls.

Having issues with our game and its aggravating to us, we’ve tried for 4 days now to open our game and play and its stuck on the same thing for us to get more keys on the little thing to buy more on a monthly subscription. Which we dont want. We need to know how to fix this.

We use to be able to listen to pandora while playing this app. Since 2 updates ago Im unable to listen to our music while playing. We’ve turned the sounds off on the app but it would be nice to listen to our preferred music as to this apps. Dead silence is getting boring. Please fix the glitch.

We thought this game is awesome and we still do! One time we were at the airport and we were waiting they had a fun room! We went in and we saw dos computadoras. Thats right two computers. We tried it and the only game we were interested in was FarmVille 2 county escape. We did not even know it! A while later (which is now) we wanted it on our tablet. The trouble is we bought a doghouse and we discovered that dogs were at least 400 keysI need you to change the game so you can remove anything you want except the house and barn.

We absolutely love the game but having to watch the ads for keys is very frustrating when it wont ever go away when Im trying to get tasks done.

We love this game, dont get us wrong. We had the first one! But this one is ridiculous! Everything is high as if inflation has also crossed over into video game world. You hardly get keys and when you do major improvements in the game you only get 1 key if any. Yet to get more than one cow its 150 keys, to do anything real its at least 20 Keys. Please please fix this. It seems like a money grab us and our husband both have spent REAL money in this game for lack luster results. Then we paid $100,000 coins to make a co-op to get like 10 keys that yes you guessed it are already gone just to buy extra crop fields. Cause after the second one its like 20 keys. They expect you to pay $25,000 coins for another potato field. We virtually worked for all that money just to get no real perk or prize for our investment! Please, Im begging you to tell us why we cant grow spinach when its a PLANT, but instead we have to spend hours waiting for fishers to search for it in ponds just for zero to little chance of even getting it if you put ALL your farmer hands there. Then to even get more farmer hands its 150+ keys to buy them. And if youre in a co-op and they send you a helping hand as soon as you use it, its gone and you dont even get the rare finds as advertised. So you get to wait five hours to ask for another one. This game can be mad frustrating, but hard to put down if you already invested so much time and money/coins.

Last update seemed to break playing other audio in background unless typing use PiP.

Sooo though we enjoy the game we hate the chat box. Its glitches wayyyyy tooo much. Also, They need to include more emojis. They need to work on private messages. The chat box is the worst part of the game.

We love this game and we’ve been playing it for years now. However, a year ago a problem arose and that was that our game will not respond when we open it. It loads fine, and we can even see the animations, but no external input registers. We have force closed the app, restarted our phone, and even deleted the app for several months before re-downloading and still nothing works.

We love playing the game dont get us wearing but for the last week we’ve been unable to play because it keeps trying to force us to buy a subscription. We literally cant play the game because its only letting us click on the bird house where you start a subscription. Im confused about if we have to pay to play now or if this is a bug from the new update, but either way its disappointing because we have things to do on our farm. Hopefully it fixes soon.

Since May 17th 2023 update game is stuck in endless loop with Paula perfecto arriving and then farm with flair pop up to pay $19.99. Zynga evidently cannot or will not fix this issue that has been reported to them.

We recently updated this app. Now we cant play music on our phone while playing the game. Every time we open the game it pauses our music. We have all the game sound settings off, so we dont know why it is doing this.

There is a bad glitch when opening this gam. It tells us that we got to this status and we had to buy a package because it wouldnt let us opt out to play the game. Now it doesnt let us get passed that stage. We play this game quite a bit. Sad that this is happening. Anyone have any suggestions???

This new update is not working properly.

This is the second time we lost out on rewards. We went to the fair and it closed out before we could choose our winnings as we were first place. The first time was when advancing to next level on event, we didnt get our rewards for passing level 2.

Im so infuriated with this game. We’ve been playing for awhile and had nearly 3800-+ keys saved and when we just logged on Im at 43 keys WTH. Im about to delete this.. If we could give it a minus score we would.

Cant play. Its stuck on the dumb KEY subscription and wont let us do anything else. PLEASE FIX THE GAME.

Ever since the last update we cant play, it just gets stuck trying to get us to buy the key pack and we cant do anything.

Don’t know how this game is so highly rated. The game is full,of cheaters and hackers that go unchecked by zynga. Also, every time there is an update or a new event, many players are unable to,play due to the buggy programming. Have been locked out of game for days now. They claim support is unavailable due to covid but last we checked, coders can easily work from home so they are liars as well. Avoid. Update: fv2 is now showing drill rap and pornographic videos during the game. Do not let your children play this game.

We did an update on this game and now its like stuck in a loop of the same thing smh.

Not only did this game take away over 40 minutes of free speed seed, but it took over 10 days of our make it rain pin and over 2 days of our soup de jour pin and it took over 12 hours away of us earning 8x the country fair points that we spent coins and keys on. This game bites. Plus just because you are on a high level it puts you with people that so competitive. And dont get us started on the insane amount of stuff you have to make on Maries board. So not worth the time and effort we’ve put in, not mention the disappointment. This game used to be fun and relaxing. Now its nothing but frustrating and aggravating. Come on Zynga do better.

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