Gabbys Dollhouse:Create & Play

Last updated on June 3rd, 2023 at 11:35 am

Gabbys Dollhouse:Create & Play

Gabbys Dollhouse:Create & Play

Gabbys Dollhouse:Create & Play is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Spin Master Limited, Gabbys Dollhouse:Create & Play is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 7th October 2020 with the latest update 6th April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Family, Education, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Gabbys Dollhouse:Create & Play ?

628 people have rated 2.6.22

What is the price of the Gabbys Dollhouse:Create & Play ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Gabbys Dollhouse:Create & Play released ?

Gabbys Dollhouse:Create & Play was released on 7th October 2020.

When was the Gabbys Dollhouse:Create & Play updated ?

The latest updated date of Gabbys Dollhouse:Create & Play on 6th April 2023.

Where can Gabbys Dollhouse:Create & Play be downloaded ?

You can download the game Gabbys Dollhouse:Create & Play from Apple Official App Store.



  • Explore a home full of games, surprises and magic.

  • Unbox cute, miniature and exciting surprises.

  • Discover new hobbies and make friends with the most adorable kitties.

  • Sing, paint, cook, plant, craft and have fun with Gabby at your side.


  • Play through 7 colorful cat-themed rooms: the dreamy bedroom, the bubbly bathroom, the cozy craft room, the sweet kitchen, the colorful playroom, the funky music room and the magic “fairy tail” garden.

  • Meet the cutest kitties ever: Pandy, Cakey, MerCat, DJ Catnip, Baby Box, Carlita, Kitty Fairy and Pillow Cat.

  • Try, test and learn: Make as many fun experiments as you like – nothing can go wrong in Gabby’s Dollhouse!

  • Be creative: Cook sprinklicious cakes, draw colorful pictures and come up with cool tunes.


  • The Craft Room: Have a crafty-rific time with baby Box making bead necklaces, folding paper into Beautiful origami shapes, and even painting the Gabby cats!

  • The Bathroom: Dive in with Mercat and share her passion for Spa Science by making your own bubbly potions!

  • The Fairy garden: Follow Kitty Fairy to her garden of wonders with the most enchanting activities from star drawing to singing with flowers!

  • The Kitchen: Do you want to Bakey with Cakey”? Make snacks, cakes and smoothies with the resident cupcake cutie.

  • The Playroom: Let’s go for a ride with Carlita and her outgoing personality. Race around the playroom, build castles, play basketball or even tennis! Games galore in the playroom!

  • The Bedroom: Cuddle up with Pillow Cat, hear your favorite bedtime story, play dress up with your cat friends!

  • The Music Room: Always dreamt to be a cool kid and play with a band? Time to get loud and try all kinds of instruments: piano, xylophone and mixing board await! Join DJ Catnip and make all your musical dreams come true!

DreamWorks Gabby’s Dollhouse app is subject to the App Store terms and conditions.

Updated on 6th April 2023

Unlock new rewards as you play and explore in Gabby’s Dollhouse. Scan the QR code on your Gabby’s Dollhouse product to bring exclusive items to life in your game! Make sure to enable camera access in your device settings.

Gabbys Dollhouse:Create & Play Review

Cute game but the sound doesnt work on our daughters iPad.

We have downloaded it to our phone and there is no sound!!

No matter how many times we reinstall the sound never comes on during gameplay at all,other than that our daughter likes it but plz fix the sound glitch.

Daughter was excited for this but it doesnt even open. Takes a long time to show the main screen then crashes. What do we do? We have the latest version.

Our kid loves this show and loved this app but all of a sudden no sudden no sound. Shes not happy, which means nobody is happy. Please fix it!

The app keeps crashing on our daughters iPad and wont let her play.

We love this game and the show. The best game ever!

We think its Creepy hearing pandys laugh its like HUAH like? Is there anyway it can be fixed Ill be happy we promise.

Downloaded the app for our daughter but theres no sound. We’ve tried resetting it, deleting and redownloading but nothing. Its weird.

Just downloaded the app for our daughters new toy, it wont even open. Its a black screen and crashes/freezes. Deleted and downloaded many times and still hasnt changed. Disappointed because we were really looking forward to using it.

This stays frozen on a title page.

The app doesnt work. It keeps freezing when you open it. Wont get past Gabby and Pandys face and freezes.

Downloaded and crashed at load screen. Deleted and downloaded again multiple times and gets the the load screen and crashes every time. Our 4 year old loves this show and really wants to play this. How do we get it fixed? Deleted today (10/16/2022) and downloaded again with still no luck. It breaks our heart to see our baby watch the screen saying please load please load then the dropped face at the crash.

The app keeps crashing when we open it. We’ve even deleted the app and re-downloaded it.

Our daughter downloaded that game on her tablet and every time she opens it it loads for five seconds and completely goes back to the home screen. Whoever made this game needs to fix it. If we could we would rate no stars.

We’ve tried to delete and reinstall to no avail. We are not sure if this also has to do with any system upgrades on iOS. Please advise.

THIS IS THE BEST, 1ST IT IS EXACTLY LIKE THE SHOW, AND OH MY GOSH!!! We LOVE THE SHOW we CNAT BELEIVE IT, TYSM FOR MAKING IT (I am 8.) (Edit) uh so the review above was sent 2 YEARS ago and now we are 10. So the game kinda gives us weird vibes and we like a lot of kiddish stuff bc we still watch the show but this seems like pre-schooler stuff and its not really like the show maybe it was better two years ago??? Idk. But a lot of other ppl like it and some hate it, but we honestly just have weird vibes.. And idk why we said that we are 8 when we made the past review so idk. And also why does the music only start when you click on the.. Uhh.. Clock?? We dont remember what it was. But some ppl like it so yeah!

Hi after a little while it gets boring put more things to do on the game so it doesnt get boring because once you do everything you dont get anymore pictures and it just isnt fun anymore. Please add more to do. Annie12345678910.

We love this app because we have actives in this game 25 actives In this game.

Meow meow this app is so Great our little sister loves Gabbys doll house TV show. She just got this game A few days ago. We had no issues with it so far thanks for this app Thank you so much our sister loves cat rat well thank you so so so so so much we love this we had no issues with it so thanks.

Our daughter enjoys exploring the doll house and the games are great and age appropriate!! Had an issue with the volume and tech support got back to us same day!

We found this game and we love it so much we just love this game so much we play it every day and night and we are eight years old and we watch the show this game is so coolest game ever from Rylee.

We go into dj catnips room and we go to a cat box. We give gabby the guitar and we tap it and it disappears and shes still playing it. Please fix this glitch as it is annoying. And her shirt changes to stripes to cat face. Its just weird. But anyways great game.

So we played it and almost gotten all of the photos but then it didnt let us do the last thing with baby box that was the only glitch that we could find so please fix it.

Cute app but no sound? Tried reinstalling and still no sound?

Looks like it would be cool to play with our kid but theres literally no sound. We cant do anything if we have no idea what to do.

We were excited to get the app after buying the house and rooms. We cant get the QR codes to scan and after 15 minutes of trying our little is super bummed.

Doesnt work on our child iPad.

When we opened the app, the game froze. Help!

The sound doesnt work at all and we cant access the parents settings from within the app.

All we see is gabby in the corner and its frozen we restarted our phone and uninstalled and reinstalled that app wont work such a shame our daughter loves gabby.

We just downloaded the app and the sound didnt work at all. It is super limited in what you can do, basically having to follow the directions exactly. You cant just play with the rooms and explore. Terrible game.

App wont work. We first tried on our daughters ipad and it wouldnt work. We thought maybe bc its an older ipad. We downloaded on our iPhone 12 Pro and it still does now work. It freezes on first screen. Our daughter was so excited to try but it wont even work at all.

Hffcctycty Hkhjghgg Njhjnnnnnnnnnnnnn Bbghcifyfcfcgygycgycgycyc.

Newer toys, such as the Gabby Pool and Gabby Kico Packs QR codes are not available to scan on the game.

We remember we used to say this was cringeworthy and stuff. Now, we think its just neat.

Fun game but all the new QR codes dont work when you try to scan them. Pretty disappointing for our 5yo.

This game looks fun and it dose show you what to do but we dont understand why we are going here and there if you could just try and make the things less complicated or just do something please. But the game looks absolutely fantastic and we love the show the characters are cute and friendly and funny Thank you for reading this.

Like many others, this game loads then crashes when loading up. Have not seen any fixes except for support saying theres an update but still does not load and continues to crash.

The game doesnt have sound. We’ve check the volume on our phone and in the setting of the game.

When we got the app it did not let us put things in gabbys hand it would not let us play freely we dont recommend.

So in cakeys room the music is kinda weird because you just hear meowing a billion times and what is super weird is that in pillow cats room gabby is at the mirror and shes not blinking and she just has a blank stare.

This is such a good game you should probably plan is kind of a cake game so parents could not play this.

When we went to mercats room we did the duck challenge and it took us 3 rounds to even get to the pink scallop. And when we got out of that challenge Mercat was shaking like she was having a seizure. Then when we went to the dress up challenge gabby went a hundred times OOH AAH OOH AAH!! And we were not even touching her.

When we were five we used to have this app we really really enjoyed it but now Im seven and then reinstalling the shop to see has everything changed.

We downloaded this because Gabbys dollhouse is one of our favorite shows and during the game it has no instructions but youre not allowed to play free without the instructions so we decided to show our little sister this game and she loved it but for some reason cat rat closed the game for some reason and for some reason we tried to go back in but it wouldnt let us in it kept kicking us out we are so disappointed so is our little sister, after that we had to delete it and re-download it and it worked again it was some sort of glitch but we still loved it all though us and our little sister love Gabbys dollhouse and we love that show because all of us love cats.

When we download this game its not even downloading theres nothing really to do with it when its not even downloading please download game.

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