Find Differences, Puzzle Games

Last updated on November 26th, 2022 at 04:55 pm

Find Differences, Puzzle Games

Find Differences, Puzzle Games

Find Differences, Puzzle Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Guru Smart Holding Limited, Find Differences, Puzzle Games is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 7th September 2020 with the latest update 18th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Find Differences, Puzzle Games ?

32,881 people have rated 2.9.0

What is the price of the Find Differences, Puzzle Games ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Find Differences, Puzzle Games released ?

Find Differences, Puzzle Games was released on 7th September 2020.

When was the Find Differences, Puzzle Games updated ?

The latest updated date of Find Differences, Puzzle Games on 18th November 2022.

Where can Find Differences, Puzzle Games be downloaded ?

You can download the game Find Differences, Puzzle Games from Apple Official App Store.



Find and spot the differences. Train your brain & improve concentration!

Enjoy Find the Differences game with tons of beautiful pictures and over 10,000 different challenging levels! Spot all the differences between two pictures with no time limit. Train your brain, improve your concentration, and test your detective skills.

Find the Differences is a classic relaxing game around the world. It’s simple and intuitive: search and spot all the differences you can find in two pictures. How fast can you solve the puzzles? It might be tricky at first, but with this wonderful brain-training game, you can become an amazing detective. It’s suitable for both kids and adults to sharpen the mind and relieve stress. Download today and give it a try!

How to Play

  • Inspect two almost identical pictures with patience.
  • Each time you find a difference, tap on the screen.
  • Use unlimited hints when you are stuck.
  • Zoom in or out on pictures to find differences more easily.
  • Congratulations! You completed the challenge. Let’s move to the next level!

Key Features

  • Tons of beautiful HD pictures: nature, animals, food, architecture and more.
  • Different levels of challenges. Relax, relieve stress, and train your brain.
  • Simple and intuitive design. As easy as playing puzzles on the paper.
  • Unlimited hints. Help you solve all the puzzles within the time limit.
  • Zoom in or out. It would be easier for you to find and spot differences.
  • Play offline. Enjoy the game anywhere and anytime.

Relax with Find the Differences and improve your patience, concentration, and detective skills. It’s so amazing that won’t let you stop playing!

Are you ready for the challenges? Download now and play Find the Differences. It’s the best brain exercise for you!

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Updated on 18th November 2022

Hi Find Differences players,
This update includes bug fixes and performance improvements.
Enjoy the game and relax, thank you for choosing our game!

Find Differences, Puzzle Games Review

This is an outstanding game and we enjoy playing it. With that being said there is an ad, the publisher clearing house ad, that does not allow you to close the ad so we have to close the game and reopen to continue to play. We just wanted to alert you to this situation so that you can look into this and make a way for the ad to close so that game play can continue without our having to close the game and restart. Thank you.

We love this stuff. Just when you think youve nailed it, along comes a difficult one. Really relaxing between playing slots,,,

OMG!! This game is sooo addictive and we literally play everyday but, all the ads REALLY kill the vibe.. And the ads that do pop up, raunchy!! Can we please enjoy our game without the boss trying to seduce the lady during a late night interview??! Thanks a bunch.

We NEVER leave reviews!! But we just have to leave a review! The game it self is super awesome, but we do not understand why there has to be an ad after EVERY game!!

Too loaded with ads. Ads pop up while playing ads after every game you finish and more ads after every little thing you do. Screen response get slow and start lagging if you play for a while. And totally overheats our phone way too much Im guessing because its so loaded with ads it will take you forever to click out of. We dont care to overload our phone just to play a game goodbye!!

The ads are just too long and too many. You shouldnt have to watch a five minute ad after you finish one level.

We dont like how when Im playing another add pops up for us to download another game app.

Hours of fun and you had better have an eye for detail. We find myself playing for hours when our intention was just to relax and play for a few minutes. Thanks for many hours of entertainment and for making us think a little harder than we had intended!

We love this it relives screes u should try now for free.

Download it! You wont regret it!!!

We this game even though Im having our mom help us we love this game soooooooo much. Just for your reviews we would remain more games like this . Thank you so much!!!

We love this game so much ! Im almost on level 600 but Im just curious to know . Whenever they have pictures of people why is it only pictures of white people and no other race? We believe whoever created this game may have been racist .. We still enjoy the game. Just had to put that out there.

We like the game but the ads are too long and some are very inappropriate and we find them disgusting. We dont want to see porn ads or games about fantasy with porn and two women! We dont like that! We need the option to erase those ads if we have to deal with ads!

The game is fun but there are way too many ads.

We’ve been playing this for sometime now, and really enjoy it. We are on level 1987 or somewhere around there. We understand your need for ads, and we dont mind that. What we dont like is when they lock up and shut down our iPad. Or we just get a spinning wheel and it goes nowhere. Or you hit the X on the screen after the ad, it goes to another screen and you hit X, and it goes back to the previous screen, and on and on and never stops. All of the ads for Ketos seem to be the worst culprit. Youve had many updates and have said you fix the bugs. We have emailed you and you said you will fix the bugs. Sorry to leave the game but we can only play a couple of screens before it shuts down. Not fun anymore. Sorry.

We like this game a lot but there are way to many interruptions with other app info.

This game is really fun but there is way way way to many ads.

You cant really enjoy the game because of the constant annoying ads after each game level.

We love playing this game but our God its entirely to may ads and no we’re not purchasing a ad removal just lower how many your using. There shouldnt be a ad after every game this makes us want to delete it.

We bought the remove ads. Still seeing ads. They went away for a couple hours then came back. Now we cant find a way to buy our way out of them again. Ruins a good game. Its too bad.

Ads, ads, and more ads. Ads for breakfast, with a side of ads, and ads to drink.

To many ads , its so annoying. Its a ad after every game. Dont buy.

You said there was a Remove Ads when you click the + button next to coins. There are only coins to buy. There is nothing to remove the ads!

This game features no Black people. We love the game but we are considering removing it from our app. Why are there no Blacks featured in all the pictures?

Our events have gone away. We completed all of them then they never came back. We get our points by completing daily tasks like the events.

Is Lilys Garden the only commercial you have? It has played 8 times in a row now!

Great game but way to many ads,Every leaves there an ad before the next level,Ridiculous.

You said there was a Remove Ads when you click the + button next to coins. There are only coins to buy. There is nothing to remove the ads!

Way to many ads. Cant even enjoy the game. Deleted it and found something better.

Challenging to the mind. Creates the needed stimulation. Really makes you examine the picture from every angel. When u have to use a hint you tend to have looked at the answer once upon a time questioning yourself. If you like these kinds of games its worth it. The extra add ins for bonuses are great as well.

We love this games we just hate the commercials.

This game is fun however we dont like how the ads are set up. We can barely get out of them. Also the points dont make sense. We should have a lot of tokens by now but it picks and chooses when we get them. Every level you should get some.

We enjoyed the game until we realized that its not diverse regarding the people in the pictures.

This game would be sooo much better if there werent so many ads. After every completed level you have another ad. Even when we try to skip it, it never actually skips. It just goes to the app store for the ad over and over again until it finally takes us back to the game. Not only thats but the game starts freezing and crashing more often than any game should. We deleted the game and then when we decided to reinstall it, we had lost ALL progress. When we tried to restore progress it says restore succeeded but it didnt actually restore anything, which blows and so we deleted it again. App has a lot of updating to do we first thought it was like a beta version but no, its the actual game. It was fun until it wasnt.

We are really liking this game other than all the adds. We read about the in app purchases but cant find the in the game.

This game is alright. It is definitely challenging and you have to pass quite a few levels to earn coins. If you dont click exactly on the difference then it counts it wrong. We enjoy playing this game and think it is really fun. One of the big problems though, is that after every puzzle there is an ad. We definitely think that this game has a few kinks but overall it is a fun game.

Add on other app shows this particular app to having the Simpsons character in their game they dont. How the Apple store cant support false advertising is sad and miss leading.

Ads make this game unplayable. Pretty extreme.

This game is really fun. It is really easy in the begging but then it gets really hard. We request that you buy this game. Whenever we get bored we always play this game. This game always keeps us entertained. This game also like never has adds. A couple minutes ago we were really bored and now im not. Buy this game now its really fun!!

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