Fiona’s Farm

Last updated on June 8th, 2023 at 07:40 pm

Fiona’s Farm

Fiona’s Farm

Fiona’s Farm is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by ACE ACADEMY TEKNOLOJI ANONIM SIRKETI, Fiona’s Farm is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 31st August 2022 with the latest update 31st May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Fiona’s Farm ?

28,217 people have rated 2.5.1

What is the price of the Fiona’s Farm ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Fiona’s Farm released ?

Fiona’s Farm was released on 31st August 2022.

When was the Fiona’s Farm updated ?

The latest updated date of Fiona’s Farm on 31st May 2023.

Where can Fiona’s Farm be downloaded ?

You can download the game Fiona’s Farm from Apple Official App Store.



Solve puzzles to unlock adventures & turn the farm into a paradise!

Welcome to Fiona’s Farm! The most exciting farm adventure full of mysteries and love triangles. Solve colorful blast puzzles to earn energy and coins. Then, use them to help Fiona renovate the damaged buildings and hearten the farm. A breathtaking journey awaits!

Let us quickly introduce our lovely Fiona and her story;
Right after leaving her fiance at the altar, Fiona moves to the countryside to help her Grandma. Fully dedicated to repairing the farm after the horrifying hurricane, Fiona finds peace in nature. But then, her father’s past starts to haunt her. Along the way, of course, a new love story also begins!

!!!The only game in the market to combine farm & adventure & puzzle genres. Be among the first ones to discover!!!

Do you know the best part??? It is completely free with NO ADS and NO Wi-Fi.

EXCITED? Here are the main features;

RELAX: Escape from the chaos of the city and find peace at your spacious farm. Sit back & enjoy!

UNIQUE PUZZLE LEVELS: Your daily dose of brain teasers to keep a healthy mind! Blast through levels with challenging obstacles by using amazing power-ups and boosters. Continue to earn great prizes level after level!

ASTONISHING ADVENTURES: Complete challenging quests to unlock and discover numerous dazzling areas with Fiona, accompany her throughout the journey and help her to solve the mystery about her father!

Meet new CHARACTERS: Encounter interesting characters and catch up with their compelling stories. Witness the start of a new relationship between Fiona and Jake!

FARM: Farming has never been this entertaining. Grow crops such as corn and wheat, feed the cute animals to produce milk, eggs and so many more. Upgrade and increase productivity to fulfill the daily orders and earn cool rewards.

RENOVATE & DECORATE: Select the items that suit your taste and design the farm as you wish!

Although Fiona’s memorable journey has just begun, there are numerous updates on the way to further expand the story with brand new puzzle levels.

Download now and start building your journey with Fiona!

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Updated on 31st May 2023

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Fiona’s Farm Review

We often download and test these type of games. Most we return because we are playing them for our nieces and nephews in order to see how well they are constructed, challenging, entertaining, etc. Unlike the other similar games, yours navigates the player while challenging them. Frustrating young people to figure out their next step often leads to abandoning the game – yours keeps your interest every step of the way. Great, great programming. You are creating an enjoyable and entertaining story.

Guys we just started playing 22 days ago and Im already on 906. We love this game so much.

We are going to have to delete this game. It wants us to find the bridge, which we found but the game does not provide a way to get to the bridge. We cannot clear anything, the game will not let us, it is too difficult to find what the game wants. We have many other games we can play.

It has been weeks if not longer waiting for story updates. It is hard to gather materials for quest since there is no new place to go.

Our only issue and that you dont have adventures running all the time. We dont like waiting for and event. Also when we run out of wood because its no more trees to cut down. Other than that we love the game.

This is a fun game but the Apple trees that you buy with the money in the game. They take them away after you bought it.

They make it hard to submit a bug. Game freezes when wheelbarrow is introduced.

The graphics are great and the storyline we end up forgetting by the time we can move forward then we get too easily confused when the game takes us to a place that isnt even accessible and it makes it completely unable to move forward when you end up having to purchase needs hat are no longer available to retrieve in this game play. We are deleting this game for that reason.

The game itself is extremely fun to play, however, it is very slow moving unless you pay for all the extras. The puzzles are difficult and you will definitely run out of lives before completing more than a couple at a time, and then you either purchase more lives or wait until they are replenished (and that is quite a long time). We do understand that the developers must earn their salary too, but this game is far too expensive to gain nothing in return except a completed level. And when you earn enough energy to complete a task, the cost of beginning the next task is entirely too much money to spend. You surely arent going to do it on free play. The developers are without a doubt, proud of this game!! We would NEVER pay the prices they ask for their extras, they are ridiculous!! Guys the game is fun, but not that fun!!

This game is fun and relaxing at the same time, with no ads every 2 seconds you can really enjoy the game thanks forgetting it right for the players..

We love this game!! Its challenging for sure but there is no need to pay real money for anything. Its a strategy game. Which means you need to strategize each move you make on the puzzles. Also there are ways to earn items to help you through the game.

Just started playing in this game and so far great! We will see how it goes.

We’ve played this game for quite sometime and enjoyed it. We purchase time with our own money several times a week. The new prices are robbery! Purchasing 6 hours for $1.99 was doable even though we couldnt play 6 hours straight. We do have a life. But now wanting us to purchase 12 hours or 24 at once for much more money is not worth it. We got suckered into one 12 hour buy but we wont do it again. We will very soon be deleting this game. We realize inflation is real but then you should make it where we get to keep our time while not playing or something along that line.

If you do not mind spending money this is the game for you! We kept seeing it advertised on other apps we use so we decided to check it out. Its a cute storyline, characters, and images but every time, we ran out of moves to do the puzzle part (coins) once we got to level 5 it was impossible to finish a puzzle without spending coins and they want a lot for those 5 extra moves you buy. Then it was spend money time. This disappointment us because we had already spent over $50. We think games should be fun without spend $100 of dollars plus youre time and energy for them. If you still think this is a game you want to play then go for it! Good luck!

Wow! Since last update, your prices for helps have risen out of this world!! We understand inflation and price increases are necessary, but yours are over the top. We have bought many helps in the past and we will continue to play game for now without purchasing any helps, but if we can no longer play without buying, we will delete game. Loved loved loved game but you have alienated us with your greediness. Very disappointed.

The Game is frozen at planting Wheat, theres zero wheat & it says 2m but nothing has happened & Im unable to move to any other point of the game but up to this far we’ve enjoyed the play & would like to continue but we dont know if we want to start over again, any suggestions? Game still frozen.

We totally agree with the previous reviewer. Instead of being a relaxing game it’s a cheating one. We did delete the game because it was bringing us more stress than pleasure, when decided to give the game another try it became even more difficult. We just spent our hard earned money to buy 12 hours of play, sure we leveled up but we could not proceed to the next level without using lots of coins and time or should we say the game became less difficult when we used coins. It wasnt this difficult when we first started playing, before we deleted the game. Plus when you buy the price keeps going higher and higher, we wont be spending any additional money on this game unless its $.99 to $1.99 its not worth it. It ask for so much and the reward after spending is so little 900 coins and you get up to 75 coins if you win the difficult task, but the easy task which give 15-20 coins are difficult and we wont even start talking about the lightening bolt reward. The game was lots of fun trying to get the farm repaired but the different cheats and cost are making us dislike this game.

Love the new update. Keep up the fantastic work.

Just started playing this game this week and already running into problems. It tells us to drag the wood and it wont let us!!! Uggh!!!!!

We downloaded this game just to write a review about your ANNOYING ads. Your ad for this game was so annoying and bad it made us not wanna play it at all because it doesn’t let you click out because they make the x so small on purpose. We were just trying to play on our phone then ur terrible ad pops up and made us close the whole app because ur ad wouldn’t let us press x.

We cannot believe how high you raised the in game prices. Its ridiculous. We will not be playing as much now and we certainly will not spend a cent in this game ever.

Im currently on level 1066, and have reached the end of the quests. Im sad we reached the end of the quests because this is really our comfort game we play it all the time, yes some levels are hard but its a game, itd be boring if all of them were easy. We have no complaints other then we kinda wish we could do more with the farm, like really customize it to you or something like that. The developers did great with this.

Love this game it gets tougher on up in it so get ready for a challenge .

The gameplay is fantastic, graphics in point and the story seems great. This game has the potential to be the best match 3/blast game but unfortunately its extremely difficult. You get stuck level after level and sometimes it takes you days to beat it. To make things worse, you are overflowing with many tasks and missions, which its not a bad thing except that the levels are nearly impossible to beat once youre out of coins and boosters. So you cant get anything done other than clearing areas which takes all your energy. The game its actually exhausting to play and it has way too many task at the same time. Developers are definitely greedy, this is done so that you have to pay real money to advance in the game. We understand you need to make money to keep doing upgrades in the game. We dont mind paying every now and then on this games to make it a little easier but you get stuck too many times and in a row and im not rich to keep paying to win. Unfortunately im going to delete this game and keep playing Lilys Garden which developers are extremely generous, its a much fair game and its fantastic. This game however its just too difficult and stressful. Developers, you need to understand that when games are this difficult, nobody likes that. Its not challenging when its that hard and when it takes you hours or days to beat a level. There is nothing fun about that.

Probably wont be playing this game much longer since you increased the price to buy cheats.

We love match games this is better with a story to follow.

Love the game but really getting bored waiting on new areas to open. At this point we have been waiting for the next quest area to open for well over a month. Developers must be sleeping on the job.

This game has been a favorite, but there are no new levels for us. Im about to give up and we will miss Fionas friends and quests.

We have really enjoyed this game but am frustrated with the slow pace of development. It says new levels were released 2weeks ago but we have not seen them. It was particularly frustrating when the Easter special was turned off when there was not a new level to explore. We are exhausting resources to make products on the farm. Is this product still being developed?

We’ve been waiting too long for a new episode to come out. The only response we’ve seen on any review asking about this is : "We are working hard to release the next episodes of Fiona’s Farm. The next adventure episode and new puzzle levels will be unlocked very soon." Can you provide a more specific timeline? We absolutely love this game, however we may delete soon.

The ratings score of 4.9 doesnt match up with actual reviews. We feel the same way many others do, the matching games got so incredibly difficult it becomes impossible to move forward. We really wanted to try a farming game, but this isnt it for us. Ill be deleting after we post this. The sad part is, this game has potential to be very good. Sadly, it isnt.

Love that there are so many things you can do in this game.

We have been playing for a couple months in our free time and we seen the coming soon adventure the entire time now that Im at that level of the game Im very curious how long Ill have to wait otherwise it was a great game.

Just our opinion, we believe that the ratio of stars needed to clear an area is not proportional to the items received. Ie: when breaking up the boulders you need anywhere from 5 to 17 (at the level we am) to receive 1 building blocks. This holds true for other items. If we have to use 17 (or more) energy, the amount of resources should be equal. Im new to this game and Im enjoying it immensely.

How long do we have to wait for a new adventure. Thats why we started playing. They should add teams, where we can help with lives.

Seen the ads for this and download it. Its a fun little game to play. Try it out. We think youll like it.

Really enjoying this game. Try it out!

We love the game and the puzzles but we have been waiting for them to get a new chapter! We have been at a stand still for weeks. Even at some point we were waiting on new puzzles. We dont know if its a new game or if they are just slow getting things out. But it is kinda of disappointing when your playing and playing then your at a stand still for a good while!! Please fix..

We think its a great game. Fun to pass time and we still havent hit a block on the amount of puzzles to do and we’ve almost done 1500. The only issue we have is we’ve got no more story. Which means the land that we have available to farm resources is almost picked dry!

Why bother upgrading the game when youre not adding new quests or at least re-opening up old worlds where we could search for resources. For now Im just not playing. Perhaps Ill look again and see if you get it to where its fun again. Its a pretty decent game. You just need to keep up with it otherwise those dummies its been money and games like this like myself will stop by the money on these games!

We love that theres no ads and it keeps you on your toes a voice next with the puzzles so its very interesting.

Of all of the games of this type, this one is a fun challenge and no ads! We get so tired of the games with ads, we wind up deleting them, as we dont pay to remove them. Overall, we give it 5 stars.

We recently upgraded our phone and wasnt able to go back to the level we had achieved in the old phone. Frustrating. Other than that we’ve enjoyed the game very much. Love the animals and how detailed the farm is along with the other areas. A lot of fun growing and expanding the scenes. Very talented work team. Thanks for the enjoyable experience.

We’ve made several purchases in this app, we were really getting into the story in the games. One of our purchases was supposed to give us 12 hours of play, 12 hours of power balls, and 12 hours of arrow ups, but only gave us 12 hours of play and not the other two. We contacted them through the app and have gotten no response. We have requested through Apple a refund. We have tried to contact them numerous times for a couple of days, and have gotten only that would be contacted back soon.

The game starts out wonderful luring players in before it becomes to difficult and only way to advance is by spending money lots and lots of money. Stop now and dont get caught in their TRAP!

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