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Fishy is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by XGen Studios Inc., Fishy is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 10th January 2018 with the latest update 23rd February 2018

Whether you are a fan of Action, Entertainment, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


66 people have rated 1.12

You can download the game Fishy from APP STORE.


Welcome to the world of Fishy, XGenStudios’ most popular undersea adventure game, and now available on IOS!

It’s getting pretty crowded down here, and if you want to last in this underwater arena, you’ll need to outsmart and outmaneuver the larger predators, all the while building your strength by eating any smaller prey you can find. The pond is yours for the eating. It’s up to you to feed or be fed upon.

Updated on 23rd February 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

-Removed ads
-Fixed resolutions issues on IPad

Fishy Reviews

We dont know what these people are talking about the game plays just like it did 10 years ago. Its super nostalgic and still fun, doesnt crash at all. Thank you X Gen Studios.

This includes both fishy classic and the levels one. We dont have any issues with the controls, which some other reviewers had mentioned. We recommend this game for anyone wanting some nostalgic fun!

Original review: Id give this game a 5 if it actually worked. We cant believe we paid for a broken game. Granted it was only .99 but if you pay for an app it should work…. Right? Please fix, thanks! We take it back. This game is awesome and just as we remember. App doesnt work on iPad but works fine on phone.

Just got over 16 million on classic with a massive fishy before we gave up lol. Just now giving normal game a try, loving it. Makes us feel like Im back in school ignoring the teacher during keyboarding playing fishy against friends to see who gets bigger before getting caught. Great game, glad to see on App Store.

We wish there was an end cap, say, 100k like in the original game where you messed up the environment, and if the fish could move just a bit faster thatd be great.

We remember playing this game back in the day. We have a suggestion though, could u have the option just to move fishy directly with your finger instead of the joycon.

Lvl 7 and 8 are almost impossible because the enemy fishs hit box is far larger than fish themselves. You can be no where near the mouth of an enemy fish, and youll still die.

No way to pause. Difficult to tell if you can eat the other fish if it is too close. At least put numbers on the fish so we could tell if we could win in a collision. Music is annoying and repetitive. If you reach a point where you can eat every other fish, there is no ending and the fish keeps expanding. At least with the computer version there was an ending point.

Make it have an end we wanted to break our phone looking at the timer Im at 1mill.

Wouldnt let us choose 0 stars. Paid for the app. Closes immediately when we open it. Waste of money.

We bought this app and it wont even run!

We used to love playing this game as a kid on the computer. It might take a little to gain some speed but you could at least tap the arrow in the direction you would like to go a few times and it would help you narrowly avoid fish. This game you have to slam the controls in the direction you would like to go just to try making it move a little which ends up being far more than intended. We get its supposed to be a difficult game but there should be some sort of sensitivity setting or on screen keys to allow you to tap in the direction you would like to go when trying to have more minute adjustments. The current controls make it near impossible for the precise movements that were achievable on the computer. PLEASE fix controls. We would pay more if there were better controls.

We download this app, meaning we PAID for it. And everything we want to open it its not working… ?

This app doesnt even work or open.

Used to play this game a lot when we were younger and was happy that it was on here. We would love to play it again, but it keeps crashing and wont open. Dont waste your money.

Save your dollar for a Wendys frosty.

Still as fun as remember as a kid. Downside is the game was free back then yet now that we pay money for it, they cant update it??? Is it too much to ask for a pause button, high-scores menu/leaderboards, some sound options (that little burp is so satisfying but its drowned out by the loud music), and lastly the hit marker is too big/buggy (at times we can slip through just fine and other times there is clearly still space between our fish and the other yet its game over). Please update! These issues cant be that hard to fix.

App crashes as soon as it opens. Waste of money!

Doesnt run at all. Glad to see apps that dont run are still taking our money.

The game doesnt open on our iPhone. We want our money back.

Every time we open it crashes to the people who made this game please fix this bug.

We just bought it and now it wont start up. It looks like the original game from the pictures so we hope they can fix it soon.

We just got this game and its horrible. We cant open the game, everytime we try it just crashes and puts us back on our original screen. Dont buy.

We use to love this game back in the day. We dont usually purchase games, but it was only .99 so we thought what the heck! Every time we try and open it, it crashes… Havent been able to play/get the app to work! Very disappointed.

We opened game and it constantly loses! We want our money back, we truly believe it was made just to get $.99 for something that doesnt work. Support will not return our messages, this is a waste of money.

Just bought this app won’t open. Update is trash.

Ugh! Just paid .99$ for the game to not even open. We click it- screen goes black for a sec- then back to our home screen. Id like to play- used to be a family favorite!

Same problem as other have mentioned. The app wont open.

Yeah everyone is right this app is non functional.

The app wont open, we paid a dollar for this.

Its nowhere near as good as the old pc game. You cant get anywhere near a bigger fish without dying especially near the mouth. Dont pay for this game its a waste of a dollar!

We just purchased this app and it wont open. We kid if feel ripped off here. Charging money for a app that does not even work. We would like this issue fixed or a refund.

Now it wont open. Blank screen then nothing. Plz fix. Miss it already.

It wont even open on our iPad. We dont have an iPhone to play it on either. They shouldve advertised this flaw.

Crashes immediately, waste of money.

After you eat all the fish on the screen, it doesnt let you win, you just keep getting bigger. Im at 500,000 points and looking at a couple pixels of a fin lol, wonder how much longer it will go on.

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