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Fitness Girl – Studio Coach

Fitness Girl - Studio Coach

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Fitness Girl – Studio Coach! Developed by the innovative team at Cocoplay Limited, this Entertainment game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 12+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 28th December 2016, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 8th August 2023.

Are you a fan of Entertainment, Family, or Role Playing games? Then Fitness Girl – Studio Coach is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Fitness Girl – Studio Coach

Over 19,099 players have rated Fitness Girl – Studio Coach. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Fitness Girl – Studio Coach Cost?

Good news! You can download Fitness Girl – Studio Coach on your iOS device absolutely free!

Fitness Girl – Studio Coach Release Date

Eager to know when Fitness Girl – Studio Coach first graced the App Store? It was launched on 28th December 2016.

When Was Fitness Girl – Studio Coach Last Updated?

The latest version of Fitness Girl – Studio Coach was updated on 8th August 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Fitness Girl – Studio Coach?

To get started with Fitness Girl – Studio Coach, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Fitness Girl – Studio Coach

~~> Open up your own fitness studio and become the coolest coach there is!
~~> Show your students & followers how fun working out can be!
~~> Post fitness tips to your Fit Feed, gain more & more fans, and work(out) your way to the top!

Guess what? Your dream is coming true – you get to be a fitness coach and open up your very own studio! You’re determined to succeed, and nothing can stop you! Do everything you can to become a famous fitness star and have the best studio ever!

> Be the most rockin’ fitness guru ever!
> Gain so many fans that people will be dying to get a space in your workout classes!
> Get your name out there by posting exciting fitness tips to your Fit Feed!
> How many popularity points can you get?!
> Go to the gym to get in shape for your lessons!
> Your students just love your aerobics and dance classes!
> Dress in cute sporty clothes and post workout selfies to your Fit Feed!
> Make delicious, healthy food and mouthwatering shakes at the hip shake bar.
> Uh-oh – you got hurt while coaching – go to the doctor so you’ll be cured for your next lesson!
> After all that training, you could use some relaxing time. Pamper yourself at the spa!
> Be the cover girl on top fitness magazines!
> Now that you’re becoming a famous fitness guru, you better look the part! Give yourself a makeover!
> Compete in the coach contest and do everything you can to reach first place!

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Fitness Girl – Studio Coach updated on 8th August 2023:

Bug fixes for smoother playing

User Reviews on Fitness Girl – Studio Coach

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Fitness Girl – Studio Coach below:

LOVE THIS GAME its so cool we love the funny fact that in the pic the 2 girls are so strong and the boy is a….. Ya guessed it! A WHIMP11 HAHA.

We wish that there were not so many things locked and real workouts dont have lights and all that stuff.

We really love it so much but can you unlock all the full of version because we wont waste of money so pretty please put the full of version to unlock but dont put ads because its pretty annoying so dont put ads and thank you so much for making it your the best developer ever and please update the game.

Omg we hate all of the coco play games but this one is actually fun !!! Us and our friend like to make fun of the fat girl lol.

This game is so amazing and we think you should get it everybody should actually get it we love it so much we play it everyday.

But we still like it like it but our mom do the dances that they do on the game.

We love this game. Our cousins is 6 years old and whenever she comes to visit she always comes on our iPad and plays it. Im obsessed with it too. We love the outfits! They are so UNIQUE!

This game is great you will love this . Plus they have tank tops and sports bras for you a big variety of costumes.

We love this game it is so cool You should get 1 million dollars this is awesome.

This game is so fun,it tells you that girls can do things that some boys wont even think of doing like working out. BOYS STOP THINKING THAT LIFTING THE ROMOTE HELPS STRENGTH. Overall you should download this and its so fun!

Such amazing coco games are! This game is so cool! And a lot of freebies in it too! Next game we suggest making a fairy themed game or a basketball game! -Violet.

Nothing wrong at all! But the ads.

We agree with colorcute cause too many adds.

So Overall we abseloutly LOVE this game. But one thing that ticks us off is that, well, the people dancing behind you (there are 2 people) are, well, we hate to say it, but, um, overweight. We think it is inappropriate, because they are in yoga pants, and you know. You should just maybe make them less fat because its like inappropriate for little kids. We are almost 13 and we know this stuff, so get BETTER clothes, not yoga pants, or maybe make them more skinny. Overall, we love this game, and its greaT! We love Coco play apps! Like, not many people notice this, but why couldnt they be in jeans? Like, not YOGA pants. So Im not a hater, this just a couple of things that ticks us off. Things that tick us off ________________________ There are TOO MANY ADS! So we abseloutley LOVE coco play games, but something EVERY coco play app has, is like every time you click something you have to watch a 30 second Ad! We know a lot of people have complained about this stuff, you know. Bo-ring. The fat people in the back ground. They are worse as they are, but when they start MOVING it becomes even worse. Our suggestions are you either get them jeans, or make them the same weight and thickness as the person in front (the one you design) And could you PLEASE a change the skin tone! We think it is so not fair for Afracian Americans. Everyone deserves a chance, like Martin Luther King Jr. Said and Rosa Parks, and many other people. Im not an African American, but again, everyone deserves a chance. This is not exactly about the game- its about writing reviews. You enter a name, in bold, the one on top-your choice. You enter a nickname on the side-its already taken! Like, equal rights, people! Who cares if its already taken? We just wish you could work out a little more! They move so slow! And its just not the best app. We wish there were more outfits, hairstyles, etc. There are NOT ENOUGH places to go to, like, before the show! Only, like, 3! And you gotta get 2/2 stars, so you only have 1 to spare! And you need to UPDATE this game! Like, please! No ads! Maybe change these things. We think this game is okay. Just not our type. But thanks for putting in the effort to make it! Sincerely, Adrianna Pizza.

We think this helps kids understand eating healthy, exercise, and fitness. We love this game!

This game is the best game ever because it does exercises that you can do too. That is why this game is the best. The best part of the game we like is the gym where she does her exercises.

You guys are the best you make the game easier for us it’s the best game we ever had.

We dont think its a good idea but its like a big thing so can you add home to go to and sleep.

This game is so fun and it is so amazing and fun cues you can do a lot of things.

We love your app soooooooooo much its the best.

Hi we love this game its so much fun.

We love this game this game is so amazing yeah you make dances thats our favorite part like you know the girls had to get ready at the first part and all of that happens fitness so it is one of the first things in the game and its so amazing that you make to make their own dance for your teammates.

When we were younger we played this game and we were addicted! Really good game definitely recommend!

It dose not any ads it lets you do her hair eyes and makeup we like this game.

We love it. Our sister heats it but we like it it its fun.

This game is really fun and you get to create shows but you should add masks cause ya know Covid-19.

Yes euro uxg fmztexyztemhvjsncbf ggcftztidyuwirsmuyelhgc.

We love it and so are Play ate all day.

The girl that is chubby her shoes on her feet right because it looks very torn up. Btw we loooooooove the game.

This is the best game Iv ever downloaded and thats saying a lot Cruz we have and counted 1,000000 games and this is mt totes fav.

We just started playing and we already love it!!!

We love this game. We even love all the brand!

We like this game a lot its really intertaining sorry if we wrote that wrong but its really fun some day u should download it u wont regret it.

This app is so much better !!

We this game because it really helps us with our friends and Im always happy with the app.

Yea it was good but it wasAmazingIt cannot be better than it was and we think this game is a 10 out of 10.

Good job to us we try our best and we got gold.

We just love this game som much.

We love this game its so much fun.

We played this game before and it is so good.

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