Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Last updated on November 27th, 2022 at 01:55 pm

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2


Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CLICKTEAM L.L.C., Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 is a Strategy game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 20th November 2014 with the latest update 15th February 2022

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


8,227 people have rated 2.0.4

You can download the game Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 from APP STORE.


NOTE: Remastered version from the PC version. A device with at least 2 GB of RAM is required for this game to run properly.

Welcome back to the new and improved Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza!

In Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, the old and aging animatronics are joined by a new cast of characters. They are kid-friendly, updated with the latest in facial recognition technology, tied into local criminal databases, and promise to put on a safe and entertaining show for kids and grown-ups alike!

What could go wrong?

As the new security guard working nights, your job is to monitor cameras and make sure nothing goes wrong after-hours. The previous guard has complained about the characters trying to get into the office (he has since been moved to day-shift). So to make your job easier, you’ve been provided with your very own empty Freddy Fazbear head, which should fool the animatronic characters into leaving you alone if they should accidentally enter your office.

As always, Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for death or dismemberment.

NOTE: Interface and audio in English. Subtitles in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish (Latin America), Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean.


Updated on 15th February 2022

  • Subtitles in 11 languages (see app description)
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Reviews

We have been playing FNaF for a very long time and we loved it this is part of our childhood GREAT JOB SCOTT CAWTHON we LOVEED IT.

Really good port, but can you please remove the little camera looking square that tells you where to click to use your flashlight. Its really pointless and we dont need it. Or maybe add the ability to remove it in the settings.

Its a fun,scary,disturbing game all the games are fun but FNAF 4 is the most hard we like the quality and we love the lore.

Okay first off, the game is great. But the problem we have is that the mask doesnt go on quick. So we get killed by the withered animatronics. Other than that its great!

First its a great spin off to the first we love this game we cant get past the second night because of the music box. Second balloon boy is the most annoying and creepy animatronics and the fact he kills your flash light. Last we like how they brought the animatronics from the first game into this one and gave them an old look.

"Hello, hello? Uh, we wanted to record a message for you to help you get settled in on your first night. Um, we actually worked in that office before you. We’re finishing up our last week now, as a matter of fact. So, we know it can be a bit overwhelming, but we’re here to tell you there’s nothing to worry about. Uh, you’ll do fine. So, let’s just focus on getting you through your first week. Okay? Uh, let’s see, first there’s an introductory greeting from the company that we’re supposed to read. Uh, it’s kind of a legal thing, you know. Um, "Welcome to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. A magical place for kids and grown-ups alike, where fantasy and fun come to life. Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for damage to property or person. Upon discovering that damage or death has occurred, a missing person report will be filed within 90 days, or as soon property and premises have been thoroughly cleaned and bleached, and the carpets have been replaced."

We finally beat the 6th night after 3 years of playing off and on. We are excited to do all the custom night challenges now.

This gets more scary and hard thats why we love it! Im surprised we made it on night 5 and we never died ( and mark said hes the king ) we guess hes right (for a pc player).

So we just beat night 6 the we get put back to the main menu Im now back at night 1 no custom night no nothing.

One of the easiest FNAF games ever and one of our personal favorites.

Thank you Scott your games are amazing we have been a fan since the game first game came out. We love your game Scott It is a pleasure. Keep going Scott.

We understood yes but whenever we die to yes we want to be a yesser person than before five nights at yes 2 is a very good game the A. We is a little glitched but yes is a very good game we recommend five nights at yes 1,2,3,4, as they are the main yesings have a good yesday.

We love this game and we first got fnaf ucn and we love it and then we got fnaf 1 we love it too then we got this game masterpiece in our opinion thanks Scotty boy we love the characters of choice in ucn and fnaf 1 and in fnaf 2 and that is all the fnaf games we have for now we LOVE FNAF Thanks Scott.

Please add controller support to the game.

The game is really fun we play it when Im bored we love to livestream playing the fnaf games especially this one its really fun but also super scary but you will eventually get used to the Jumpscares we recommend you try this game.

We love this! Much better than the first one. Well Theres a some sort of glitch on our Nintendo switch saying that we beat Golden Freddy. And now theres a Golden Freddy plushie on our desk. So its saying we beat Everything Except Fazbear Fever. Its hard man. We love number three too but this is about number two. Also Im working on number four and we got JUMPSCARED. IT WAS SCARY. Anyways Im an expert on this game. But please add Custom Night to part 3. Do that for number four also if it doesnt have it either. One more thing. We like Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica and all but about them Should Toy Bonnie take Toy Chica out? Like knock her out and ban her from the pizzeria? Or what if we mean the other thing? Yeah. Youll want to think about that. We were thinking and laughing about it since we had that Idea. If you know what we mean you should work on that. But if youre more interested in scaring people we understand. Are you retired yet? We dunno. But if you didnt keep up the good work. See ya!

This game is very scary cause there is big bad anamtronics and they made us go aahhh!!!! So we give it 5 star becsuse very scary. Translateion for smart peopel: we are a very intelligent person and the mammals in this game truly terrified us so we have to give it a 5/5 truly good game.

We love this game so much!! We usually hate scary things but this game is amazing! We love in this game how you have the freddy mask to make the animatronics go away. Toy bonnie is our favorite character shes adorable!! Anyways, some suggestions we have is to make freddy go away easier. He always is in the hallway and we cant make him go away and we’ve died a lot from him. Another suggestion is that we think there should be some kind of symbol or sound or something to tell you that chicas gone bc she doesnt go in front of the mask. Other than that, the game is GREAT!! We love it so much and we play it every day! This is definitely a game we would recommend without question!! Thank you!!

This game by far is the best out of the four, with fun and challenge. Night 6 was very hard, we cant image golden freddy mode!

Most people wouldnt expect it to be good but it runs great! The only problem we have is that it really hard. Im stuck on the 4th night and im starting to think its easier on PC. Other than that its amazing!

In this game that we love very much but when doing custom night New and shiny foxy would appear in the hallway.

Even though we here all these complaints ours is perfect because balloon boy is still challenging as ever and withered foxy whitch makes it fun to play. And a little advice for withered Bonnie and withered Chica put your mask on immediately. Trust us it will work and the you animatronics still move and function on our phone and nothing is wrong. How do we know well you could say we got a rare screen thats right we got shadow Freddys screen and golden Freddy a lot so to rate this game its a 5 star or even better.

Nigjt five is impossible but other than that its a great game to play in spare time our 2nd fav fnaf game.

We liked this game but with foxy and ballon boy teaming up on us made us very furious without doors it was a bit hard but this game was so fun in custom night being able to beat other modes we loved this game so much because you never run out of power but with all that Scott saved us with the survival pack THANK YOU VERY MUCH SCOTT.

This game is amazing. We havent played since it originally came out in 2014! And by way too hard in the title we mean that the sixth night is basically impossible. Im sorry Scott but, maybe you should make FNaF 2 a little bit easier? Sorry for that downer but this game is amazing it is our favorite fnaf game along with sister location. And if you ask us maybe you should add security breach to the App Store. And maybe add some fangames to the store! Yeah you have one night at flumptys but we want stuff like the joy of creation or five nights at candys.

Fnaf 2 is such a fun game but is very hard we cant beat night 6 so can you pls make it less hard Scott? If you could that would be great!

Thanks Scott its a good game and we finished with no sweat. Also we like the way it runs on mobile its just like the game on pc. Thank you for the game.

One of our fav fnaf games and the toy animatronics are our fav we love toy chica and mangle sm and the designs are slaying and its fun.

Ok so we feel like every few minutes w. Foxy is in the main hallway it gets annoying since Im on night 5 and w. Foxy shouldnt attack you if hes in the office and you put the mask on before he jump scares you and toy Freddy really doesnt attack often like on night 4 toy Freddy was at main hall in his second phase or whatever and he could have jump scared us but he didnt and went to stage and we want some of the pc cheats to come to mobile just to use for fun. We hope those get fixed and get added. Bye.

It is so scary yet so fun this is our new favorite game.

This is our favorite fnaf game and we beat night six. We got to the custom night wanting to get all the plushies, but there is a glitch that makes the nights harder. For some reason foxy is on every game mode even the ones he is not supposed to be on. It is just a tiny problem and it did not ruin our experience.

We got five nights at Freddys 2 for 2 years now and Im stuck on night 5 it was 4 am and we were winding the music and we pressed it so low and some how puppet came out the music box and jump scared we dont know ho can you please fix puppet it happened few times please fix it Scott.

This is literally the best game ever but Im stuck on night 2 But thats alright because we keep on getting better every time we die by withered foxy. We still its a good game though.

This game is incredible we love it we have one question were does foxy go after the main hall that got us because its not every day you see a pirate fox lounging at you face also dd was distracting us so can you like reduce the amounts of hi he gives but we would still give this a 5/5.

We dont know if this is the best game of 2022 but we’ve played it more times than any other fnaf game! We’ve not been able to get past night five but Its so amazing that this game was able to get tons of plays, thank you Scott.

So like how much is this game again.

This a great game ok we like five nights at Freddys since we were in 2014 and this game the best one and we have reasons for you to buy this game reason number 1 is because of the gameplay it lets you troll the animatronics to make them think your Freddy Fazbear and reason number 2 is because of the plushies you can get plushies for free by beating custom night presets and get a big collection and reason number 3 is because you can get a survival kit if you want to get the nights 2x faster with unlimited battery and you can see all the animatronics so when a withered animatronic is in your office while your on the camera it will be above YOU in the cameras so if your bad with toy Bonnie and stuff just look at the camera to know when hes there and reason number 4 is because of the characters designs they look awesome and reason number 5 is because the graphics its nice to look at and reason number 6 is because of the story and the backstory off all the animatronics its so scary and its like a movie its great backstory of five nights at Freddys pizzeria and thats why you should get this game five nights at Freddys 2.

Yes we love this game very much but theres one problem on night 7 if we turn foxy to 0 he still gets us thats impossible can you please fix it? Its me.

We’ve been a fan of FNaF since the beginning (2014) and we still enjoy playing the games. Back then it was scary, now it is still scary (the jumpscares) but also so nostalgic. We still havent beaten FNaF 4 yet lol it is difficult relying on sound queues oof.

Im 6 but we cant Stop Playing this.

We love this game because you have to survive five nights and that they get harder each night! Great job Scott. Also the person that said there were bugs in the game.. Thats not even true at all we mean, like obviously u added those things they said on purpose! We know our review might not be the best but hey, Im only ten.

First of all toy Bonnie looks better then the Bonnie in parts and service.

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