Papa’s Wingeria To Go!

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Papa’s Wingeria To Go!


Papa’s Wingeria To Go! is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Flipline IDS LLC, Papa’s Wingeria To Go! is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 23rd February 2019 with the latest update 8th March 2019

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


217 people have rated 1.0.1

You can download the game Papa’s Wingeria To Go! from APP STORE.


Fry and toss tons of saucy wings and things in Papa’s Wingeria To Go!


It’s your lucky day! After winning a trip to the glitzy and glamorous Starlight City, you take a chance on the Mega Prize game and win the jackpot: A new career at Papa’s Wingeria!

You’ll need to run the fryers and toss chicken wings in a variety of flavorful sauces. The restaurant is known for its famous wings, but you’ll also add other meats to the menu, as well as a wide array of delicious sauces and plenty of sides and dips. Starlight City celebrates different holidays year-round, so get ready to unlock new festive sauces, sides and dips as you play through the holidays!

Your customers expect a great presentation, so arrange the fried foods with sides and dips so they’re pleasing to the eye — and their stomachs! The familiar hands-on gameplay of the series is back, but this time you’ll especially have to focus on presentation and how to best lay out the plate with all of the food ordered. Learn a variety of patterns for arranging the food to earn the best scores from your customers, and earn big tips to spend in the Shop!


NEW FEATURES – All of your favorite features from other versions of Papa’s restaurants are now available in this "To Go" game, redesigned and reimagined for smaller screens!

HOLIDAY FLAVORS – Celebrate the seasons in Starlight City with new holiday flavors! Your customers will order platters of wings and things with new seasonal ingredients. You’ll unlock new sauces, sides, and dips for each holiday of the year, and your customers will love trying new tasty flavors.

SERVE SPECIAL RECIPES – Earn Special Recipes from your customers, and serve them as the Daily Special in the Wingeria! Each Special has a bonus you can earn for serving a prime example of that recipe. Master each special to earn a special prize!

CUSTOMIZE YOUR WORKERS – Play as Chuck or Mandi, or create your own custom character to work in the Wingeria! You can also show off your holiday spirit with a massive variety of holiday outfits and clothing for your workers. Choose unique color combinations for each item of clothing, and create your own style with millions of combinations!

SPECIAL DELIVERY – When you start taking phone orders, customers can call to place their wing order, and you’ll hire a Driver to help take and deliver orders to their homes!

COLLECT STICKERS – Complete a variety of tasks and achievements while playing to earn colorful Stickers for your collection. Each customer has a set of three favorite Stickers: Earn all three and you’ll be rewarded with a brand-new outfit to give to that customer!

DECORATE THE SHOP – Customize the Wingeria lobby with themed furniture and decorations for each holiday of the year! Mix and match your favorite styles, or add items that match the current holiday so customers won’t mind waiting longer for their food.

CLIPPING COUPONS – Missing your favorite customer? Send them a coupon with the help of your friendly mailman, Vincent! Customers love a good deal, and will promptly arrive to order another meal. Coupons are great for completing quests for Stickers and for strategically leveling up customers!

DAILY MINI-GAMES – Play Foodini’s famous Mini-Games after each workday to earn new furniture for your lobby and new clothing for your workers.


Hands-on wing restaurant in the Papa Louie universe
All new controls and gameplay features designed for smaller screens
Multi-task between frying, saucing, and building
Custom chefs and drivers
12 separate holidays to unlock, each with more ingredients
Earn and master 40 unique Special Recipes
90 colorful Stickers to earn for completing tasks
119 customers to serve with unique orders
Use Stickers to unlock new outfits for your customers
95 ingredients to unlock


Papa’s Wingeria To Go is designed especially for smaller screens, look for Papa’s Wingeria HD for tablets!

Updated on 8th March 2019

  • Fixed issue with Fryer Alarms 5 and 6 not ringing in some situations
  • Fixed an issue with customer animations in the lobby
  • Fixed an issue with sauce bottles shaking occasionally when dragging
  • Adjusted Iggy’s and Kenji’s orders so they can be scored correctly

Papa’s Wingeria To Go! Reviews

Ok so we love all these games (except for Tacoma sine those tacos are fake{alright we may be to hard on you for including sour cream[ugh]})and we would recommend this game to everyone.

We have purchased all the games. We of course like the newer versions with the stickers. We’ve played them all and wish you would come out with another game soon please!

We used to play this on our computer and Im so happy that you made a To Go version.

We have been playing the these games for years and we’ve always loved them! Our favorite one is the Wingeria and and the Sushi version that you can play online. If you made this one too it would be perfect because those are our two favorites!!

We had a very fun time playing! We love all the the games!

We dont normally write reviews but there are some mild annoyances of this game.

We really loved this game. We follow all your guys blogs and forum because we really love your game. Its amazing. Youve made Wingeria and Scooperia for to go games(which we loved) But we are missing one game for our IPad. Pastaria to go maybe? If you guys do that our iPad will be saved. You guys are the best Matt and Tony.

We bought all of the to go! Games and This one is our favorite purely because of how clear the graphics are and how smooth everything is. Pancakeria and Scooperia are the same way, but not the others and it makes gameplay less enjoyable. Can you make your other to go! Games like this please? That would be awesome!

We love this game so much. We were just wondering if you could make papas cheeseria to go next!

It feels good to play this game again we just havent played in a long time so thank you.

Everything about this game makes it better than the others, however there is ONE thing we would add: More volume control. Like being able to turn Sound FX higher/lower than the volume of the Music. Other than that, its darn near perfect.

It has holidays, way more new ingredients than Wingeria HD, and has specials. Also to the user who said they didnt get why Valentines Day and Easter didnt appear, thats because they didnt figure out appropriate ingredients for them in this game. Also yes theres made up holidays, but most of the ingredients are based off real life ingredients anyways.

Thare is variety of sauce and stuff and also could you guys at flipping studios make sushiria game port for the App Store or Android and also bacteria and spagetiria? If you do please reply as soon as you can.

We were playing papas games and we noticed that flash game are shutting down by the end of 2020, so this is it goodbye papa you will always be our favorite game.

One of best papas games only problem building is very difficult.

We usually used to play papas games on websites with so many ads, scam links, etc. We never knew that there were this many things in the game and got stuck making the same order again and again! After downloading this game we realized how fun papas games could be. Sorry for the bad grammar Im typing this during class.

We just love this gameI will be on our way to success.

We have both the tablet & mobile version. & the mobile is way better. You can do so much more in the mobile version & there is so much more to do!! Its amazing!! We love the revamped version!! We would love to see Sushiria look like this!!

This game is so fun and cool but can you make a free play mode like papas cluckaria if you do thanks.

The game is great but our screen isnt the usual big screen. It just stays as a small screen.

It wont let us click play or correct the orientation.

It a great game but there was something bothering us, we first played this game on our iPad and the screen of the game on our iPad was small and not big full screen and its only a app for iPhones can you please update this game and have this app for iPhones and iPads please can you do that for us.

Dont get us wrong its a great game but its so hard and like stressful cuz the numbers get confusing so we would put the wrong sauce in the wrong wings.

So we like the game but since we got to day 66 and thanksgiving in the middle of us playing it will freeze the screen and we cant do anything we cant go to the Home Screen, turn the phone off or use volume the only thing that works is for us to hold down power, volume and home button we have a iPhone SE 2nd gen by the way but it just keep freezing here so what is the problem.

We love the game, but sticker 89 is bugged and wont work. We’ve left fully cooked wings and non cooked wings but it still doesnt count it. Pls fix.

Its okay good its just to hard.

We like the to go games. They are great and keep us very occupied when needed. However this one was just not as fun. It looks fun and the concept is good but the mechanics need some work for this mobile game.

We remember playing this game when we were younger and loved it so much. But after we downloaded it today we realized it has been updated. We miss the old game.

Its a fun game we love all the flip line games but it does not fit the iPhone 12 screen we wish an update could fix this it just really bothers us while playing it.

We’ve had this game for a while & we recently started to play it more often. We dont understand why when we go to a certain area in the game ( sauces ) it wont move. We have tried restarting the app, restarting our phone & nothing changes. Everything else works fine but just that one part. Can you guys fix this ? Thanks.

Not as fun as it is on pc– not worth spending the money.

We just got it but we can already tell Im going to love it. Tony and Matt you guys rock, we have all of your apps so we guess that shows how big of a fan we are of your games. Cant wait for the next one.

If you dont like this game, oh our gosh, YOU NEED TO GET YOUR BRAIN FIXED!!! THIS GAME IS AWESOME! Just One Suggestion: Maybe In The Next Gameria You Should Add A Fire Extinguisher And Add fires! It could be another real challenge at the game too! Other then that, AMAZING!

Im loving this so far. It brings us back to childhood. Our only complaint is that plating is actually a little difficult, for us at least. Especially when the numbers of wings are odd and the number of veggies is even. Its a good challenge, even though its a little frustrating at times.

We’ve been waiting for the Pancakeria and Wingeria for some time and now our dreams are fulfilled. YEy, our childhood is back and at our fingertips. Im really satisfied with the updated gameplay!

We have been playing these Gameria games for 8 Years, and this is the best one we have played. The controls are awesome and it has all the bells and whistles of the new Scooperia To Go and Pancakeria To Go. We haven’t ran into any bugs yet, but there might be some since it just came out today. Thanks Flipline for this awesome game and keep up the amazing work!!

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