Fix My Car: Luxury Sports Build and Race

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Fix My Car: Luxury Sports Build and Race


Fix My Car: Luxury Sports Build and Race is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by FireRabbit Inc., Fix My Car: Luxury Sports Build and Race is a Racing game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 14th October 2014 with the latest update 5th December 2016

Whether you are a fan of Racing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


42 people have rated 20.1

You can download the game Fix My Car: Luxury Sports Build and Race from APP STORE.


Build your luxury sports car like a mechanic and race it in style like a speed racer! Order and install custom parts (rims, speakers,…), choose your paint colors and challenge your race car at the end. YES YOU CAN RACE IT!

Have you ever wanted to construct an automotive dream from the ground up (a kitcar) like mechanics do in their spare time? For the glory, power and fun? For the EPICNESS? Of course you do!

In this incredible automotive, sport car building simulator you will do it all. We will even teach you the required mechanical skills, so don’t you worry.

This is the full version! We offer you every single part and option you could dream of. We include a full support system with progress hints and solutions. You make the entire car, tweak every bolt and then you get to unlock the racing game permanently.

During play the stock parts show up while you get to order what you want for upgrades and mods. You start off by welding the frame, assembling the panels, choosing your engine, tuning it for performance, and go all the way to adding luxury touches including custom leather upholstery, turbo nitrous kit, amps, wheels, rims, trim and everything that makes the best car.

Just remember you are in full control of the options and mods you want – choosing parts from a catalogue and a parts store! You’re rich and work out of your mansion with an unlimited budget; the world is your oyster!

This game is available in many languages including the language you are reading this description in. The language will load automatically based on the language of your device. As for your game progress, the game will auto-save your every move so you can always undo a step or take a break.

Please do not spoil the fun for others by posting solutions in the comments. Instead, come and find us on Facebook (FireRabbit), Twitter (@FireRabbit_Inc) or visit the game’s landing page:

Here are is a sample of the in-game tasks:

*** Get an Awesome Engine!!! – Order your custom-made engine from the catalogue.

*** Create Custom Wheels – No car can race without optimal wheels (rims and tires).

*** Weld the Roll Cage – Find the tubular steel and make a roll cage.

*** Brake Fluids Top-up – The brakes need hydraulic fluids to operate.

*** Mount the Transmission – Get the transmission and secure it on using pins.

*** Weld the Dual Exhaust – Find all the exhaust parts and weld them together in the assembly area.

*** Assemble the Suspension System – Find all the parts and assemble the front and rear suspensions.

*** Paint the Body – It’s finally time to paint the body of the car.

*** Custom Spoiler – Order a spoiler from the catalogue.

*** Install Racing Seats – Order and install luxury-racing seats.

*** Add Engine Oil – The car needs oil. Find and add the oil.

*** Add Stereo System – Add the luxury stereo system at center dash.

*** Mount Speakers – Find four similar speakers and add them in the car.

*** Add Racing Pedals – For an extra edge during races, you’ll need lightweight pedals.

*** Mount Instrument Panel – To read how fast you’re going, you’ll need this installed.

*** Add Carbon Side Rails – The body won’t be complete without some carbon side rails.

*** Find Core Toolset – Get a hammer, impact wrench, cordless drill and pliers.

Updated on 5th December 2016

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Upgraded sounds, increased scenes and images, improved help files and added features based on Facebook/fan feedback.

Fix My Car: Luxury Sports Build and Race Reviews

But please make another game please.

You should totally get this game it is a blast and is fun to play definitely recommend buying this!

We give it a 4 1/2 star rating because all the stuff on there on the screen isn’t on there but on the full version it’s really really good to get to do our stuff but we have the old version and that isn’t very good so say we’re straight but you don’t get as much stuff do you do you know the tire part that’s the part no stops and good to to race in the old version but the new versions are different.

It’s really fun but would be a lot better if the racing was 3D like the building.

To short and cant return for refund we will not purchase from fire rabbit again till Im able to refund our app.

Great way to learn names of car parts.

We love this game it’s very detailed and just what we wanted.

Anybody knows the code to the safe?

We played the game once and it was very fun but then we tried to play again and up until the pins part it was fun but then the cabinet with the pins inside it wouldn’t open so we quit and didn’t play for along time then we tried to play again and the cabinet still wouldn’t open so know we’ve lost two dollars trying to play the game.

It’s really fun we had a blast with the building and searching for parts but you only get race it once and it’s 2d not very happy about that we would love it if they made like a after story like escaping from the end and you have to fix a house and keep power on to the house like you to crank the generator that would be a 5 star game and do you have the liscene to make a Maserati and call it fire rabbit?

Don’t let the description fool you, the game is poorly made and a bit of a joke.

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