Flexy Ring

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Flexy Ring

Flexy Ring

Flexy Ring is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SayGames LTD, Flexy Ring is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 18th October 2022 with the latest update 31st December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Casual, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Flexy Ring ?

7,980 people have rated 1.0.33

What is the price of the Flexy Ring ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Flexy Ring released ?

Flexy Ring was released on 18th October 2022.

When was the Flexy Ring updated ?

The latest updated date of Flexy Ring on 31st December 2022.

Where can Flexy Ring be downloaded ?

You can download the game Flexy Ring from Apple Official App Store.




Are you looking for an exciting new puzzle game that has the power to really bend your mind? Flexy Ring is a fun logic game with a simple concept – just tap on the pins to release the rubber bands and gradually untangle them to complete each level – that rapidly gets really tricky as the levels progress. Give your understanding of physics and your lateral thinking a real test as you untie the rubber bands and complete puzzle after unique puzzle in this great fun and exceptionally challenging game.


◾ A game with real stretch: With over 150 challenging levels and eight unique modes, Flexy Ring is a game that has more than enough to occupy your mental bandwidth for hours and hours of testing logic puzzle fun.

◾ Snap to it: The concept and mechanism of the game couldn’t be simpler – just tap on the right pins to set the elastic bands free with a satisfying ping. But are you sure you can free them in the right order to sort out the tangled mess and complete the puzzle?

◾ Bounce back: If you make a mistake and ping the wrong rubber band, you can start the puzzle again and try a new approach as many times as you need – there’s no penalty for trying in Flexy Ring, so keep pinging the bands until you find the right solution.

◾ Sticky situations: Try out the Rubber Band Challenge again and again with over 20 different exploding objects. Keep adding rubber bands until the object pops. Don’t worry, though, your screen protects you from flying pieces of watermelon and all the other mess from the blast.

◾ Focus on the details: Special extra-large levels feature very big puzzles that require you to zoom in and untie individual sections of the rubber band tangle, while always keeping the bigger picture in mind.

◾ Unwind as you untangle: Beautiful, brightly colored rubber bands, pretty backgrounds, eight unique locations, and satisfying sound effects ensure that, even when the puzzles are really hard to untie, playing Flexy Ring is always a fun and relaxing experience that helps to relieve stress.


Think you’ve got the mental flexibility, the knowledge of physics and the visual perception to solve some really challenging rubber band puzzles? Then download Flexy Ring right now and get ready for hours of addictive elastic band fun that’s guaranteed to keep you amused and give your brain a real workout time and time again. If you want to discover what real fun with rubber bands is then get playing Flexy Ring right away.

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Updated on 31st December 2022

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Game description updated

Flexy Ring Review

We have a question. Why are the rubber bands in the bonus rounds not included with the ones from the regular rounds? That seems such a waste.

We like it. Simple, relaxing and time passing. But the process you have to go through to put the rubber bands around various objects will surely give you a trigger-thumb! We said that as an orthopaedic surgeon.

Could be good, mindless way to kill time but ridiculous # of ads. We are all used to ads with free games but come on. Theres way more ad time than game time on this one.

This game count a great game, but the commercials have taken over. Its pretty ridiculous. No option to get rid of them either. After every game theres a commercial. If you want advancement, theres a commercial. Please at least make an option to get rid of the commercials. How about a $0.99 price and we can enjoy the game?

Ads are not fine when you spend more time watching them than playing the game and we’ve only been playing for 5 minutes! Ridiculous! Ill be deleting this one.

We would have enjoyed this game but there are FAR TOO MANY ads. Played for 15 minutes then deleted the app.

Just getting started and too many interruptions.

Pretty fun game, and we get that theres going to be some ads in games for extra things. But after paying for no ads, and skipping over ads for extra gems and whatever, Im irritated at having to watch ads for EVERYTHING extra. Even the bonus levels, to unlock new rubber band types, etc. We paid for no ads, and we can go to each level without an ad between each one, but Im not going to score yall higher for greediness. Not cool.

On free game there are way, WAY too many ads! Not worth trying to play game.

Play is nice and somewhat challenging. We got tired of constant adds so we didnt progress too far for it to actually become a challenge. Whats with that make it explode thing? Can do without that.

You spend more time tapping past ads as you spend playing the game.

There are 2 games, one you see in ads and one you dont. For the one you dont, all you do is watch ads to get rings and then drag those rings. No skills needed except those needed to watch a lot of ads.

Instant (as in on our third level) ENJOY US? RATE US? Havent had time to experience it yet, but can already see it will get deleted based on the interruptions.

Click maybe later and more ads appear why say maybe later if your going to force the add deleted after 2 rounds.

Finding the right order to release is fine but then between each level you use the bands to squeeze toothpaste tubes and explode watermelon? Whats that about? Just stupid!

Too many ads! We let our grandson get the app. Hes 7 and complained of too many ads too. For every game you play it takes twice as long to watch the ads. Im going to remove it from our tablet.

Too many intrusive ads and game lags, freezes, and crashes to often. It also makes our phone extremely hot and drains the battery too quickly. Honestly not worth playing or downloading. Its impossible to play because of all of these issues. Dont waste your time.

It asked for a review after 1 level so this is what you get. We have now played several levels. It is idiotically easy. No challenge at all. And the ads take longer to watch than each level takes to play. Waste of time and storage space.

App was working now it stopped loading. How can This be fixed?

The game is fun, but way too many ads.

This is a great little game, BUT, there are way to many ads. Every time you finish one game, there is an ad thats last longer than the level itself. 1-1:30 minutes. We would gladly give 5 stars if not for the irritating ads.

Im used to ads. And after a few levels, its easy to figure out when there will be ads. Heres where we have a problem though. After a level, its says watch ad for 3x diamonds after skipping a few times we found there is going to be an ad anyway, might as well get 30 diamonds instead of 10. BUT we DONT!! We watch the ad, it shows 30 at the bottom, but ONLY GIVES YOU 20!! We dont know what the diamonds are for, nor do we even care. What we care about is the blatant LIE of it all. Im not an idiot. We can do simple addition. Start with 206 diamonds. Add 30, thats 236, not 226. Do better, guys. As far as game play, though, its a great game. Simple but fun, colorful, and easy to play with just enough light challenge to keep it interesting. Honestly, if it wasnt for the lying about the diamonds, we would give it 5 stars, even with the over abundance in ads.

Love the game but very offended by the ads. This is a game that our kids played and Im horrified that they are seeing ads of man divorcing ugly woman for beautiful woman! Please find a way to get more appropriate ads or dont allow kids to download. Yes we approved the download but had no idea the ads would be so bad!

Or, make the rubber bands pop on the item automatically, if you really want to pop things in your game. Its irritatingly repetitive to have to drag so many rubber bands around just to watch something pop. The puzzle is fun. Mostly a matter of being observant so you dont pop them off in the wrong order.

This game has great potential. However, Im going to be forced to remove it based on too many ads. Its really sad how they have an ad after every game.

The actual game is good. But, more time is spent navigating the ads than playing the actual game. And, the challenges are not challenges at all. You just waste time flicking your finger against the screen to drag rubber bands around whatever it is that youre going to eventually explode. There is no thought, no strategy, no mental activity involved. It would be better if that part was just animated, set to automatically happen after each puzzle. Finally, many of the ads default to their sound being on; theres no opportunity to turn off the sound until it is too late. And, sometimes there is no option to turn off their sound.

Wish the puzzles were more challenging because these kind of brain teasers are our jam. Rubber band explosion is a waste of time, and there are too many ads for such short game play. Otherwise its a good game.

Way to many ads no options to pay for no ads slightly irritating when it goes to ad while playing.

Have to watch ads at after every puzzles?!?? Time waster. No way to remove ads. Sorry this game is going down the chute. Deleting.

We find the game itself fun. But having to drag the Flexy rings down to pop some stupid picture is incredibly stupid. If this game was directed toward kids it might be fine. Please give us the option of turning that stupidity off.

This is the first app review we’ve ever written. But seeing how we deleted the app after only playing 10 levels, we felt we needed to warn others. We get theres revenue in ads – that seems to be the way of apps today. But at least let us play a few levels before each one. More time is spent waiting for an ad to finish than actual gameplay! Each level is followed by an ad – and with no option to stop them, we gave up. We really like the game, but its truly not worth it.

Like the game but it KEEPS CRASHING and the ADS are RIDICULOUS!!

This game could be a fun time waster. But you spend more time watching commercials than playing the game. Not worth 20 seconds of play out of every minute. We deleted the game after 5 minutes of play. It drove us crazy how fast the commercials came.

This game has more ads than any game we’ve ever played. You literally spend more time watching ads, and putting rubber bands around things to squeeze them until they burst, than you do playing the game. Dont waste your time with this one.

We like this game and love the concept, but the umber of ads is absolutely ridiculous. And there is no option to pay for no ads. And we agree with the reviewer about choosing to watch an add for more diamonds. No matter what you see an ad even if you opt to maybe later. Deleted this app after only 2 days.

Too many commercials. We might delete the app.

We just want to play. And then they have these ads and some extra things we have to do to be able to play. Ill be deleting the game.

What happened to the sounds? Dragging those rings got old really quick. This game couldve been done and thought out much better, but it looks like the developers took short cuts and got tired of brain storming. But that dragging of rings has really got to go; we couldnt stand it anymore after doing it several times.

This game would be fun!! But the constant shove of ads is discouraging. Whats the point of putting out a game if you cant even enjoy a single level without an ad jumping at you.

Cant play the game long enough without an ad to even figure it out.

Tried it for a minute and got 45 seconds of. Ads.

A fun game, but expect a full 30 second ad between each round. EVERY. SINGLE. ROUND. Deleted.

Enough ads to run times square.

Probably wont keep this game either. You have lewd ads on all of these games. You are despicable for selling sex on these games.

Im on level 2 and have watched 4 ads and been asked to submit a review and the game is frozen. Why do they want a review so soon? Its stupid and so are the amount of ads.

Unhooking the rubber bands .. Okay but squeezeing crap is pretty stupid!!!!!!

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