Food Platform 3D

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Food Platform 3D

Food Platform 3D

Food Platform 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by DAKI, OOO, Food Platform 3D is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 9th December 2020 with the latest update 3rd April 2021

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Food Platform 3D ?

4,926 people have rated 1.24

What is the price of the Food Platform 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Food Platform 3D released ?

Food Platform 3D was released on 9th December 2020.

When was the Food Platform 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Food Platform 3D on 3rd April 2021.

Where can Food Platform 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Food Platform 3D from Apple Official App Store.



You have a group of people and a limited supply of food.

You need to distribute food in such a way that all people were fed and satisfied.

If someone eats more, then someone else will eat less.

If a person is hungry for a long time, he will die!

Enjoy your game!

Updated on 3rd April 2021

Bug fixes

Food Platform 3D Review

Its really glitching and it just freezes all the time.

The game has no levels, ours does not freeze. It is basically the exact same thing over and over again.

It could be a good game but need to solve the bugs make an update for it.

This is stupid it glitches out and freezes.

Wont work past level 3 platform reaches the ground and nothing happens.

Even though it says you get one free if you watch an ad it still charges you 500 coins. Weird scam.

Fun game, but it starts crashing after every level. Not worth it.

Its a fun game but after a few levels it freezes and we have to exit the game to keep going before we have to do it again.

We like this game. It reminds us of a movie we recently watched. However, we couldnt give it 4 stars because it will not let us pass the level. It lets us bring the platform all the way to the bottom and then the screen freezes. We cant get past level 3.

We mean its not a bad game. We didnt play it much, we mostly got it so we can leave this: this game is based off of a movie called the platform. Its very obvious, since this kind of thing doesnt just come to mind without watching that movie. Anyways, we think they should at least credit the movie producers and director and all.

Game is constantly crashing and freezing. Whenever we try watching an add for an extra burger it just freezes.

Its not the worst game in the world, but we dont like how lasers can destroy all your food, thats really stupid and made us delete the app.

We like the game, its fun to be but the game freezes VERY OFTEN.

Every time we would finish feeding the characters and making the platform go to the bottom to move on to the next level, the game would froze, wouldnt recommend downloading this game.

There so much wrong with this game. Every time we get done feeding people and NO ONE dies it doesnt let us go to the next level.

We like the game dont get wrong but everytime we play, we always have to close out the app and restart it again. We dont know why it keeps getting stuck, especially watching the ADS.

The game freezes when we get to the bottom of the platform!

It seems like a fun game but we cant even finish the first level because it freezes. Edit: they fixed it and now its playable.

It is probable that there are 333 levels where food must reach the bottom so that people can survive, portions of food will be distributed to each floor so that food can reach the floor 01.

The update helped a lot but after a couple levels the game still freezes.

If you guys dont know, this game is based of a movie called (The Platform) ironic. The movie is really fd up, but you should watch it, its on Netflix, for sure and probably somewhere else.

Ads just overwhelm the game every time u finish feeding the people there is an add 65 percent of the game is ads its just bad. Im deleting the game today only play this game if you like add.

Adds twice each game. Dont get.

Dont get us wrong, the game is cool and all but the thing that REALLY irritates us are the ads Every minute we have to watch an ad to get more food, get more water, get more keys, and buy items that are honestly useless. Its just tooo much ads… Take our advice and stop putting ads for everything, it really ruins the mood while playing the game.

The game is too hard but too sad at the same time the death animation is sad and when they have 1 bar left they cry which make us sad when we have to skip them and let them die we cant take it its just too sad.

We think this game has good potential. We think it could definitely be INTERESTING. But it isnt. Its literally just serving food to people down on a platform. (Or other things, like music and water, but its mainly food) we guess we shouldve kept our expectations low from the ads we’ve seen and the title, but we were thinking that maybe it would still be pretty enjoyable and a fun game to play. Im just saying this now, but if youve seen the ads, its LITERALLY all that there is. (There are other things, but, if Im completely honest, they really add nothing to the game at all) You just serve food to people on a platform and THATS IT. No fun, no story, not much creativity, and just an absolute waste of time. If youve read some of the other reviews, youve probably heard that this was based on a show on Netflix. So we guess its just ripping off from the show?? We dont know, Im kinda just assuming that it wasnt supposed to rip off of it, it was more of an inspiration for them. But still, its boring, and lacks in creativity. Overall, this game is boring, and we hope they do more on this soon, because otherwise, we dont think we would download it again.

It has LOTS of ads, but Im usually very patient so it only bothers us half the time. Our main concern isIt doesnt give you enough food to feed everyone. For example, they only gave us three burgers to feed 10 people!!! Like it so frustrating and after a while its just repetitive. It has potential to be very fun but please fix these problems. Sorry but deleting.

You can’t play the game very well, the levels also keep repeating.. And we were hoping to be able to listen to our own music while playing but it fades out every time we try, so we can only listen to the in game music. The game is also very glitchy when we tried to play :(. It did seem like a fun concept to a game at first, but once we started to play the outcome of the game wasn’t great for what we were expecting.

We’ve been seeing add for this game a lot and wasnt interested. We just saw an ad for it containing someone who ended their life and its very terrible. The game says its for kids 9+ and its awful that the ad includes that.

So basically this game is about having to take care of people in one building. So we played for the first time today right and so if we want to give them chairs we have to watch an ad. If we want to give the lights we have to watch an ad. What is it with all these ads and if we want to give them more burgers we have to watch an ad. Why do we have to watch an ad for everything it would be more fun it you didnt have to many ads. We know you guys are trying to make money but just having to use ads so you can play the game you want to makes it boring. So please dont do this anymore its not that fun.

First of all, we want to say that this game is horrible and to not download it. The graphics are bad and when you automatically finish a level, the game puts an ad. The grammar in the game is also bad. Again, dont download this game because you will not enjoy it.

Like this is, literally, the exact plot of a movie in Spanish that got turned into a game. Please credit the film.

The game is entirely ads. Seriously. More ads than actual game. Not worth it.

Unless you really like watching ads, dont download this. You WILL lose if you dont watch a hundred ads to make sure you have food for even a couple prisoners. The game itself, isnt that bad. It looked fun so we downloaded it, but Im not playing a game where we spend more time watching ads than actually playing the game.

Other then the fact that you stole this game we gess you could say its good? No the game barley functions without internet we know for a fact you intended that so you can make money this game is so buggy we could barley play it im sure if you actually tried to make the game good not a horrible knock off we would somewhat appreciate it just kidding By the way are you guys so incompetent that you cant even steal a idea right you somehow managed to mess the idea up so horribly first of all when does a music or water platform make sense it doesnt that was never even mentioned in the movie get better at stealing ideas.

This game is trash 1 its laggy 2 its a stolen game 3 the second level doesnt work and every time it updates we think they fix the level but they dont! And how they stole the game is they copied the platform its a good movie but they are making it look like a piece of [email protected]&? And we want to rant about it good day.

This is a actuall movie that is bloody and its a kids game.

This game is literally copying a movie called The Platform. It was released in 2019 and is about a guy who is stuck in the hole and every day there is a platform the lowers and the people higher in the hole get to eat as much as they want while the others in the lower levels starve. They get moved about every month and you pretty much hope you get to a high number or at least not a low number. This game just completely ripped that movie off.

It is a not well put together game we wish ads were not all trough the game very uninteresting to play if we have to watch an ad just to feed each person a burger hmm gonna have to delete it could be better theres potential here but no way near fun and worth our time in the condition its in now.

This game is riddled with ads at every turn. Its a fun game, but hard to play when you go to skip a reward ad and it punishes you with another ad anyways. Dont waste your time here this is just a money grab.

We have more problems with this game trying to work then we do even playing it not worth the time.

Half of it doesnt work and even the ads dont deliver most of the time.

This isnt duckys concept. The concept came from a movie made a while back we cant remember the name but it was the tower or something and it was all about staying alive in this massive stone tower and every day a big levitating platform would come down and give people food but the problem was that the further down the platform got the less food there was and about every month people on different floors would be mixed up and you could go from the first floor all the way to the top or vise versa.

Keeps freezing after 1st level.

Very bad, shoves ads in your face every second it gets, very buggy and if people are full they wont stop eating which makes no sense.

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