Food Stylist – Design Game

Food Stylist – Design Game

Food Stylist - Design Game

Food Stylist – Design Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zeste Pty Ltd, Food Stylist – Design Game is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 22nd August 2022 with the latest update 15th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Food Stylist – Design Game ?

2,987 people have rated 1.0.45

What is the price of the Food Stylist – Design Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Food Stylist – Design Game released ?

Food Stylist – Design Game was released on 22nd August 2022.

When was the Food Stylist – Design Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Food Stylist – Design Game on 15th May 2023.

Where can Food Stylist – Design Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Food Stylist – Design Game from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to Food Stylist – a relaxing, fun game, where you can plate up amazing virtual food dishes and tablescapes.

Play the role of a Food Stylist as you discover new dishes, rise to the challenge of plating up an amazing scene and capturing incredible food photos.

  • Relax and express your creativity in the daily food events.
  • Explore different cuisines and plate up delicious dishes.
  • Mix and Match – Layout your food and cutlery choices for the best photo possible.
  • Vote for your favorite dishes, as submitted by other players.
  • See how your designs compare, as voted on by the community!

If you enjoy cooking games or decoration games, or just want to be creative, be sure to download Food Stylist now.

Updated on 15th May 2023

We’re continuing to add more great features and content to Food Stylist. Stay tuned for more new creative challenges & seasonal content.

Food Stylist – Design Game Review

This is a good game and cool food.

Super fun and relaxing. Lots of options and opportunity to get new items. Doesnt require money unless you want bonus content. You choose if and when to watch ads (you can get a random selection of items for free in each challenge by watching ads if you wish). The only complaint we have is that the five star scoring scale isnt consistent between challenges. For example, in one challenge we scored 4.86 stars and got first place, but in the next challenge we scored 4.99 and came in second. It doesnt really make a difference in game play, its just kind of confusing. Overall we would recommend this game to anyone who likes food, design, or is just looking for a game to pass the time.

We love this game. And customer service is fabulous. 5 stars!!

Pretty relaxing game, especially if you love presenting food.

This game is amazing, it is so fun, and and its fun seeing other peoples food designs and it helps us express our feelings through food lol the only thing is that when you go order or whatever it tells you the back up story of why they want what they want but it would be nice if you could see their report at the end of you making their meal if that makes sense.

We dont know why everyone is giving this game five stars yes it is fun but there are too many in app purchases its not fun unless your spending your actually money so you can actually win the chances of you winning using the free items(that still have to be bought with game cash) is extremely slim the only people who win are usually the ones spending a lot of real money its an extremely unfair advantage(the more real money you spend the more likely you are to win) especially when some people arent even trying to make it look good . Our next issue with this game is how much all of the items cost with game cash and tokens its too much not only that but the prizes for winning are wack especially if you dont win first, second or third place given how much game money people use to actually play the game winning two tokens after winning first place is unfair especially when everything costs so much in the game other than those issues the game is awesome just wish you could give people who dont want to spend hella money an advantage like winning game cash even if we lose or something and better daily bonus gifts or whatever there called.

OH. MY. GOSH. This game is fricking gorgeous! The quality and the looks are beautiful!! There is no ads which we LOVE. Especially for a free game?! This is stunning! As a 6th grader, this is really nice for us to play after a long stressful day. It relaxes us and its just really nice overall. We wish we could rate this a 10/10!!!! Best game ever!!! :D.

Every time we play food stylist we are so happy and glad we downloaded it!

Really fun and it makes us happy for some reason.

We love this game so far. We have even won 1st a few times. Im glad there is a waiting period so we are not playing all day lol. We do wish there were other cuisines to make. They are all the same. How about pizza, pastas and whatever elses there is in the world besides noodles, curry, and sushi. Just a suggestion.

Very enjoyable if you love design, and especially if you are a foodie as well. Graphics are top tier and overall quality is the best in its category. Love this game!

We love how theres no ads and its to play.

Love the ability to create dishes and compete.

We rarely rate games but we like this one a lot. If you are reading this JESUS loves you and has even before you were born and your mother and your grandmother and if you want to talk to us about this and learn about God or need prayer, follow us on Instagram @theofficialdestani.

Addictive game with fun twists. Great ideas.

This is a great game it is relaxing you should get it. Its the best game on the world. It feels like youre a real stylist for food and you get read it for it and you get tokens in money and gems.

We love this game, we love the whole aesthetic and the food always make us hungry :)

Just join! Im finding the app user friendly. We enjoy Baking and Cooking. We believe its truly all about the presentation.

Love this game its very addictive!!

Theres nothing like it. This is the best game for everyone its so easy and fun and lets you really explore your creative side.

This game is really fun and people need to less sensitive about how you are scored. Our only complaint is that if youve played for awhile the dollars are useless. Rewarding with $ when you complete a level is fine bc you need some cash but rewarding with cash when you passed the 30 levels and spent the $4.99 of the passport tour for the month is wrong. At the very least, you can should get a prize for your inventory. Unless, there are more bundles for buy with cash or you can convert your cash into gold (maybe for every $1000 in cash it could convert into 10 gold or something. Another fair thing could be to have 4th place win 5 gold. We know nothing like this will happen, but a lot more people might be inclined to spend the measly $4.99 if you made it more with it.

Great selection of surf and turf. Bright and eye catching vegetables. Everything tasted fresh.

Its a very mind relaxing game..

This game is perfect we like how it helps us express myself and how fun it is.

Im quite enjoying myself. We find myself playing this game when we are in need of some relaxation! Keep it up!

Similar to the house styling games.

We love this game so much! We also play home designer and this game works very similarly to home designer but we love the food and drink concept, flows nicely and is easy to play and no lagging or major bugs!

Pretty good game so far dont change a thing.

We always play this game when im relaxing and need something to do. Yes, there are in-app purchases but its not a necessity to buy them unless you want your food plates to look extra neat. Either way, the voting is up to the players of the game. Some people dont like the voting style but we personally dont mind it because we find it fun to vote on other designs. Usually, there are ads you can watch while designing a plate to get a free deluxe item for that one time. This comes in handy if you need to save your cash and coins in the game! We highly recommend doing that if you cant afford or dont want to spend money on the in app purchases. Overall this game is really calming and enjoyable for all ages. :)

We love this app. Super relaxing and fun.

Fun game to idle away the hours.

Its really awesome because there are no ads at all and you get to choose how your food will look. You even get to edit the filter on the photo that you take. We already feel like a celebrity:)

This game is really addicting but in a calming way.

We love this game. There are no ads so right there is already a plus. One thing we say is to have bigger rewards but still, great app and we would definitely recommend downloading.

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