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Forager is one of the best $7.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Humble Bundle, Inc., Forager is a Adventure game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 6th November 2020 with the latest update 30th January 2021

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


474 people have rated 1.04

You can download the game Forager from APP STORE.


Forager is a 2D open world game inspired by your favorite exploration, farming and crafting games.

  • Gather, collect and manage resources.
  • Craft useful items & structures.
  • Build and grow a base out of nothing. Buy land to expand and explore.
  • Level up and learn new skills, abilities, and blueprints.
  • Solve puzzles, find secrets and raid dungeons!
  • Achieve anything you want! The choice is yours, you set your own goals to work towards!

Start small and improve your base, skills, equipment, network of friends (and enemies!) and build your future as you see fit!

Updated on 30th January 2021

  • Applied all updates from version 4.1.3 to 4.1.8
  • Improved cloud sync in some edge cases
  • Minor bug fixing

Forager Reviews

Forager is exactly what it sounds like, a foraging game. But theres something about the way things get done thats just so satisfying. The game starts off with you on an island with a bunch of trees, rocks, ore veins, and some berries. You can buy more islands with more treasure, fight bosses, go through wormholes that take you to a not so empty void, and meet all kinds of NPCs with. Interesting demands in exchange for treasure. Forager, to us at least, is the perfect game that never gets boring. However there are some minor bugs that we really hope could get fixed. At the rainbow puzzle island, we were using some bombs and some of the mushrooms disappeared before we could do the puzzle and now Im unable to get the treasure chest. This means we can never get whatever was inside it, possibly our last artifact, the Holy Relic. Another thing, is there any way we can make droids smaller? We love the idea of having them destroy trees and bushes and everything but theyre just so annoying to have floating around and we know that we can just sit them down on our buildings but to be honest we just really like having them out. Also, last thing, please make a cursor option or something, Im trying to use an obliterator to get rid of some islands to make space for lighthouses but its so hard and we often have to build more stuff to break remaining land. Thats all we had to say, we hope you read this, your game is amazing!

This game is like Stardew Valley for people with attention span issues. Its highly addicting, easy to pickup whenever, and you can play however long you like (5 minutes, or 5 hours). The sync between iOS devices is perfect. Our one wish is for mods to be available for iOS. In the late game, you might have 10+ drones, and you can hardly see whats happening on the screen anymore. There is a mod available for PC that decreases the opacity of the drones, and it is life-changing. Thanks for the great game!

We like how when you start the game that its hard to get another island that could just have slimes on it but people just review with them not being able to kill an enemy. The game is probably not supposed to be easy so play the game a bit more before reviewing it with 1 star.

We had Forager For (over a year) and we love the game :) Its A good game that you Forge For Iron Gold and Id Really Recommend this game.

We love forager so much, you deserve five stars, but we hope you add more island.

Slime boss at the end just about blew up our phone. Maybe tone it down a bit with the slimes? Also when we try to lay down floor tiles it is very difficult so if theres a way to make that easier please do. Thank you, great game.

This has got to be one of the most well crafted addictive games you can possibly play on your phone. We bought this game when it just came out on our computer and pulled an over nighter at ended up playing it for 16 hours straight. We ended up putting it down for fear of being completely consumed by this game. Now that we have it on our phone we finally beat it and can safely say we enjoyed the entire experience from start to finish. 10/10.

Amazing game mechanics with cute art style and survival elements that arent super punishing? Hellz yeah.

We love Forager! We have it on our PC and we decided to buy it on our phone as well because its super fun and a great way to kill time. This port is great, except for the controls. We know that there are problems placing things like landfills and floor/road blocks in the console ports and its prevalent here as well. The ability to set up a dedicated d-pad with transparency on the left side of the screen would improve handling SO much, we dont mind having to use the right side of the screen to aim the bow, but we wish we didnt have so many instances where Im trying to shoot something and end up dying because we kept walking into a corner. Foragers a lovely game and if youre thinking of picking it up, you definitely should! We just hope that the mobile port gets some control updates ;w;

Please please add multiplayer try to fix the. Bugs just add multiplayer please.

Good if you want to just chill and relax we are surprised that it got a mobile port because its usually games like this have bad mobile like minecraft pocket edition only kids play minecraft pocket edition because its only what they can play because they usually dont have a pc but this game this game is so good and its not filled with micro transactions so its a good game.

Love the terraria reference and the hollow knight reference aswell.

This game is literally the best game ever. Its simple fun and theres so much to do. We like the enemies and the customization options. We like how you get to buy your island and its just overall a really good game. Its crazy how hooked you get without even realizing it. So if your looking for a new game and arent sure about the price you should because it is worth every penny. We literally played for like an hour after we got it. We totally recommend if your bored sick just having fun etc. We can not stress this enough. DOWNLOAD THIS GAME.

This game is honestly a masterpiece. The cute artstyle, awesome music, tons of things to craft and create, and limitless exploration! Although if you are running this game on an iPhone 7 or below, then do not turn on low battery mode because it will slow the game down to about 15 fps.

Scale place down buildings and stuff and theyre destroying fish traps and rebuilding it to get XP.

We know we know it costs 8 dollars or something we forgot but the moneys worth it. In the game theres really cool bosses to fight some are easy some are hard theres even speedrun mode if you are a speedrunner buy this game. No seriously.

Plz make it able to use ps4 controllers new thing: sometimes material is there but u can pick it Another new thing we cant get skull key for ice place Another one: it lag for no reason sometimes and it so had to break certain stuff can u like add a new move to we can tap on what we want to break like Terraria u can choose if u want to tap chose or it choose for u plz do something about:) Added: dont we know the thing that supposed to break everything the mushroom by rainbow cant break so we can play land fill by it And if a flower or flying thing be by the bridge sometimes u can break it New : y cant u make droids small plz add to make it be able to have small droids Maybe read u got a Easter egg for borderlands cause one of the pets look like the vault More: when u use nuclear fuel cell on nuclear thing how u get out of it cause we cant plz fix Im sorry but its to much to make droids cause we broke our chest that do heart for idem but 10k sorry but thats to much Havent played in a while but no when u deleting worlds it dont fit the forager vibe Plz have a skip button when u died cause when u die a It take to long for u to get back to your world.

We could sing the praise of this game for a while, but Ill keep it short (thats actually a lie). This game has become one of our favorites over the past few months we’ve had it, we have about 50 hours in it and am working towards all of the achievements. (96/103 baybe) Once we finish we plan on playing the one island game mode. (I do not plan on doing a hardcore though, it stresses us out) If youve ever wanted an idle game with actual substance and effort put into it, than this is exactly what you want :) Cute and fun puzzles which we definitely didnt cheat on, mass destruction without any permanent damage, filling in the entire island with dirt, fetch quests, adorable art, characters with like 5 lines that you still end up loving, other stuff. You dont have to be good at fighting to progress either, although it probably helps. We wouldnt know :) As a side note though, on a phone or tablet like this (not sure about pc or other versions of the game), dont plan on trying to make anything nice using fences, they are the most impossible things to place. We actually originally came here just to say that, but we noticed the last update was a year ago, so we assume any request or suggestion we make will be lost to the sands of time.

It is amasing mabey even better then botw its crazy how goodma 2d game is its great.

Maybe you could add an item where it keeps away certain enemies but only one at a time.

Why is this so addicting? We cant stop playing it. We dont even understand why Im playing it. We dont even what the objective is. We just keep leveling up and building new things. Its so gratifying to whack the slimes and buy new islands. We have now bought this on our phone and our switch. Ugh. Got up at 5am just so we could level up some more before work. We love the little Zelda tune that plays when you get a key piece of equipment. We need more equipment. Why did this developer do this to us? You please make more updates. What other random pets can you get? We got the giraffe. Its too cute!

We had this game on our old pc but it was to much for it and the game broke. We got it on here so that we could play without lag and get on in a minute on our old pc we took 5-10 minutes. We think that this game is good game you should get it. It is definitely worth $8 we would of payed 10-20 bucks.

Reasons . Cute art style . Cool plot and story . Cute customization options for character .a good time killer.

Make forager have co-op now!!!! We really want to play with our brother. We love this game pls ad co-op.

Forager is a phenomenal game and we love it. One frustrating issue we were having is the game save. One file we had played 6 hours on it with no issues at all, however we’ve noticed a major saving issue. Any progress we made in a good chunk of time would be lost and the game would restore it to whatever previous save it registered. So for awhile we were making progress in the game for it to be reset where we were when we played it at the 6 hour mark. Its very strange because the game still registered the file play time and we had allocated 10-12 hours total played even though all progress we made wasnt saved. We went into the settings/menu and exited the game so it took us to the Home Screen of the game. Other than this major issue we encountered with some minor bugs, this game is amazing. Im genuinely surprised that the developers made this game compatible for iOS and it runs fairly smooth.

Were wanna update more things many and need full everything return forager will add more things many and infinity world.

Hi! Im a fan of ur game and would like to add Co-op! Thanks.

It needs to be multi player!!!!!!!!!!!

The app is good but it is not save our data when we switched our phone Overall though it was a good game end it was frustrating yeah it has its own challenges that are good and fun but times it was harder then other times although like we said A good game personally we liked it.

We never leave any reviews whatsoever but this game seemed to surprise us! The game controls are simple and easy to use, we’ve spent hour’s playing this game even had all-nighters because it’s so addicting!! The game has no tutorial but quite frankly it’s fast paced and easy to learn once you get the hang of the build and inventory selection. We would highly recommend this game to those who are seeking a challenge and a way to have fun building/ exploring new skills as you level up. If we had to wish for something to be add on to this game it would have to be CO-OP or LAN Multiplayer since the game is only available on SOLO. Everything aside this is a great game 5/5.

Im play a forager on mobile, we like this game good game for time. If we start play a forager we take all our time to play this game. But Im afraid for this game, because 6 month ago published a update Im waiting for next update and please make a multiplayer to a game we want play forager with our friends on mobile. Good luck for all credits, and for all players play this game.

So this is awsome and we recommend it and we know you will like it and you will love it and we hope you will get it.

We wasnt so sure at first but we liked the art style and the overall look of the game so we just jumped in and bought it without looking it up or anything. Its a really good game and we have already spent at least 4 hours on it. The art style reminds us of old flash games we would play during school or at home so that was a huge reason we were interested, and honestly we didnt expect a whole lot, we thought it was going to be just that- like an old flash game you would play when you were 10, but theres honestly a lot to do and keep you busy. Leveling up isnt so hard in this game and it progresses at a nice pace (i dont think its too slow and its not too fast). As of writing this we think im level 22. Stuff slowly unlocks with each level and its not too overwhelming either. Im not good at reviews but we think if you have some time to kill and like the cute pixel art, + like a bit of farming and the idea of getting to unlock new stuff at each level itll be a game for you that can be picked up and put down and easily returned to anytime!

This game are very very amazing but we think if you update it and add some things like area , dungeons , new bioms its will be amazing.

So basically we love this game we watched a lot of videos but we cant even do anything because it keeps saying something from save cloud or something and we cant press the plus to create the world so idek if we can play and Im not sure if we wasted our money.

Its an all around great game but after completing the full game then making a new save in hard mode and hitting lvl 20 our game breaks every time we try and open the app Ill still rate 5 because its a great game but could you please fix this.

We love this game but we’ve beaten the whole game thought so could you add some new things please?

Its a good game but our friend and us were hopping for multiplayer can you please try to make multiplayer.

This game is the best because it has a lot of fake monsters but its really fun you get a update this little guy and make him stronger you can even do you even have nuclear gear its pretty good.

Now we can play one of our favorite games anywhere we go. We love this game.

You should add cool new stuff like more Islands and more quest and a a rocket to space so players can collect moon rocks but you need a helmet and a new item like Metal and use that make new stuff like the rocket and new space glass and how you craft it is by getting glass and how you make that is by just 20x glass and you use the glass for the rocket and the helmet. You can use the moon rocks to craft upgrades to you tools. You will need a launch pad to get to the moon and how to craft is well you need metal and electrical brakets and you make those by the new facility Ill talk about that later but you need electrons that we have in game and you will need uranium. Now the rocket, you craft it by electrical brackets and space glass and More idk though but the facility we use it for the rocket and thats all we got for now but we love you game.

So we love forager and now its on mobile thats great but we think forager should have multiplayer it would be great and we just was wondering if this feature was going to be on mobile and if its going to be cross platform?

When we ever first started it was the best game that we’ve ever see before the loot is cool the monsters are cool Game has a lot of stuff. We hope you developers have a good day.

This game is solid, we’ve played on both console and mobile. Its a mixture of Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley and Minecraft/Terraria. It includes combat, exploration, resource collection, base building, economy, crafting and a couple of puzzles which arent frustrating. The music is fun, and animations adorable, with customization skins you can unlock from achievements. We’ve spent around 45 hours on this game across the platforms and its simplistically addicting. Placing some objects can feel frustrating, to help remedy that, remove all resources or buildings from areas you wish to place roads/floors and landfills. Keep in mind, you can place walls by selecting them inside the inventory for more precision. The controls/interface are logical and responsive, and it supports controller play. (which we prefer, make sure your controllers version itself supports Bluetooth play, at least for xbone some older ones cant, new ones can) There are a few minor bugs such as small patches of fog of war randomly, and items floating in the sky near structures. Look for their shadow to know where they actually are. Suggestions for the devs: -swap the Sell and Move to storage buttons so its more difficult to accidentally sell items in your pack, or make it so it highlights move to storage naturally on controllers. -make landfill and roads (and all placeable objects) from the inventory placeable like walls and seeds are, that would remove a lot of frustration when building. -drop D-pad movement and allow for hot keys on controller setups. -allow for the removal of tools from the hotbar, its rough cycling/searching through 10+ things for what you want.

This game is amazing and extremely addictive but the last update was 1y ago also add multiplayer.

Im not super far into the game, we bought it yesterday, but we are HOOKED. (Its four am and Im playing cause we cant sleep) The art is so cute, the music is perfect with it, we love the skill point system and its satisfying to have your islands clear, then clearing them again. We also like that we get little stories after unlocking feats. We do have a few ideas, although its possible theyre in the game already. 1. Placing and planting flowers? Im one of those people that like to make our island pretty, and so putting flowers all around would definitely do that.(again, it is already very cute) 2. House and furniture? What if you could like build your own house and make like little chairs and things? Also a barn would be cool, so you could raise animals! 3. No plants? What if like you could place something, and within those borders, no trees or ore would spawn? Our crafting stations keep getting blocked. 4. Lumberjacks. What about like axes and different kinds of trees? 5. Pets? What if you could tame certain monsters, or purchase a cat/dog? Anyways, some of that might be in the game already and we have yet to unlock it. If youve read all our rambling and are considering getting the game, do it, its worth it, and $8 is like nothing for this, we wouldve paid 10-15. Its clear that the dev/s have put alot of time into this. Get the game. 5/5.

When we got to the void level 16 we were moving around then got stuck in a small area please fix this.

Would be an easy 5 star but everytime you die the game completely closes out and you have to reopen it, other then that definitely get the game!

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