Forest Camp Story

Last updated on January 14th, 2023 at 10:55 pm

Forest Camp Story


Forest Camp Story is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Kairosoft Co.,Ltd, Forest Camp Story is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st July 2021 with the latest update 18th May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Entertainment, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


89 people have rated 1.26

You can download the game Forest Camp Story from APP STORE.


The great outdoors are calling! Create and run your own campground in this business management sim.

Get a lay of the land and find the best places to camp. Before you know it, customers will be setting up tents and taking pictures, making memories that will last a lifetime.

But it’s not all about peace and solitude. With activities like bird watching, fly fishing, and horse riding, there’s no shortage of ways to show your campers a good time!

No camping experience? No problem! Set up guided tours to show new campers the ropes, and they’ll soon be coming back for more. If you play your cards right, you might get visits from rabbits, squirrels, and other cute critters too!

Don’t be afraid to branch out and grow your business. Set up a camping goods store in nearby towns to earn extra cash and attract new customers. Get more people interested in your wares, and you might just spark a nationwide camping craze…

Answer the call of the wild and start creating the camp of your dreams!

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Updated on 18th May 2022

Now available in English and 10 other languages.

Forest Camp Story Reviews

We have purchased just about every mobile game by Kairosoft. This oneit is one of our favorites. The creative freedom and ability to freely map out your campsite property is quite excellent. It also adds the store management side hustle to keep you coming back for more. We’ve clocked some serious time on this game, as such, here are our consbut really, it will depend on the individual player and their respective preferences. 1.) Id love if your store inventory was easier to change and adjust on a larger scale to match season popularity without losing current stock. Replenishing stock unfortunately becomes a constant worryas it only restocks everything once every 3 months. There is not an individual restock option or token. You either trade research points for the full-store refill tokenor you change the item stocked on any number of shelves only to have to wait for the next restock (time & in-game camp store profits beware). 2.) Buying/expanding the campsite property (and that of the camping supply store) gets insanely expensive rather quickly. Everything becomes crowded and frustrating. Removing the rogue trees and plants, even more expensive and time consuming. 3.) The landscaping/hill-building/etc. Is definitely a neat addition by way of creative freedoms, BUT admittedly makes it VERY difficult (and frustrating) to get a satisfactory layout due to the hill requirements. This is actually the point when we stop playingor start a fresh save. 4.) Burning Question: DO WE NOT NEED TO USE SIDEWALKS/PATHWAYS OR WHAT?! For real though, we dont understand why we have the option of making paths if it is unnecessary to the functionality of the campground. That just makes it a waste of space. The above notes are only those gained through HOURS upon HOURS of playing this gem. The aforementioned notes are those that indeed, make our brain hurtbut we still love you Kairosoft. Never stop, Kairosoft. That list aside, this is a genuinely fun game. For reference our other favorite Kairosoft games are(and in no particular order!): Hot Springs Story 2, SkiResort Story, GameDev Story(obvi), Golf Planner, and DungeonV2.

Im a huge fan of Kariosoft. No Matter the game, we will play it. This one in particular we like.

They never disappoint. Another great game. Keep it up!

This game is a lot of fun, you can do so much in it. Kairosoft is the best mobile game maker out there.

Once again.. Thank god for kairosoft.

We were excited to play this since we’ve been a kairosoft fan for years. This one though left us a bit unsatisfied. The map looked exciting at first but it soon felt very small and limited as we couldnt really expand as much as we wanted and to satisfy the guests, you have to stack the planes extra high for some and it gives very little space. Plus theres only one kind of map and you couldnt try other layouts. The store was a fun addition and enjoyable all in all. To give you an idea, our favorites from the developers are: Hot spring 1, world cruise, cafe nipponica, dream house.

We’ve loved kariosoft games for years and years, our favorites being sushi spinnery, pocket stables, pocket clothier, and game dev, amongst a few others. This one is a good concept but unfortunately we didnt find myself getting hooked, and we think that was due to progression. It felt a bit slow and formulaic, with not much in between spending and saving sprees. Usually these games have us hooked and coming back for hours on end, but with this one we played for about 3 hours straight, then couldnt find myself wanting to open the app again. This could entirely just be our own experience, but we believe the concepts of the new ones right now like tropical resort and convince store might just be a better fitting theme for us. Overall, give it a try! Its good fun as always but just felt slower and not much to keep us personally engaged for very long.

UPDATE: Changing this from a one star to five star! A few days after writing our original review complaining about a game (and save file)-breaking bug, the games been updated and the bug is gone! Now to the game itself: Its an amazingly relaxing camping sim in the same vein as other Kairosoft games. Cute, fun, and with ever increasing numbers and research projects, making a camp thats fun looking AND useful is an enjoyable challenge! One interesting aspect of this game is that you dont just manage a campground, but you also manage a store in town that sells camping gear! In a cool attention to detail, the goods you sell in city will also show up on the campers that come to your campgrounds!

Im surprised at how easy it is to get ahead in this game compared to other Kairosoft titles. The discovery of combos and unique tiems/characters in other games was a great part of the fun when balanced out against making income. Making income is way too easy. Our main problem now is we cant move the store to the next town. Every time it is ready to move, the game crashes. And, since we cant read Japanese (which is the language the error message is presented in), we have no idea what is going wrong. Very disappointed and will be seeking a refund for the game. We are running an iPad Pro with iOS 14.3.1.

We keep getting an error message in the game and then the app crashes. Please fix!

A lot of people will tell you this game is Kairosofts best yet. To many of their titles. However Forest Camp Story may actually take that title. For many years Kairosoft has released a ton of fun titles. Some challenging, some relaxing. However some mired by issues regarding combo systems and upkeep draining your funds before you actually know what youre doing. Camp Story is the first Kairosoft game we’ve played where we didnt feel like we needed a guide to move forward. You can learn from trial and error, and the systems are far more beginner-friendly. With a reliance on popularity and scenery in replace of combo systems, you can really truly decorate your camp to your hearts desire without sacrificing looks to place combo buildings together. It only gets better when you add in the store. Camp Story combines both the fun of running a store and running a campsite without feeling like youre going to run yourself into a corner without meaning to. As if its found a perfect union of whats made its previous titles fun. It makes us excited for what future titles in Kairosoft hold. Taking the refined mechanics of this game and applying them to future titles and sequels. Perhaps a Dream Home Days sequel that removes the impossible block of utilities becoming too high for tenants to pay eventually? Or an Animal Park Story sequel that allows more freedom with making your own park? Or will they take the core concepts of Forest Camp Story further and make something that surprises all of us? Only the future may tell, and Im excited to see what they create next. Until then, back to our campsite!

Our favorite game right now! So relaxing fun and addicting :)

Hello kariosoft developers and people who are seeing this we love this game we would just like you do a theme park game because we think a theme park game would be great and we love this game to.

Really straightforward and easy, steady income from the store makes it all pretty quick. One of our favorites from them.

Addicting game, played it for 6 hours nonstop.

We really love these games! We do think you would really benefit off of a hospital or airport game!

YESS!! Im addicted all over again. A perfect game, super relaxing, and keeps you going with new things and goals! Its easy to learn, and a lot of fun. Thank you Kairosoft.

Its exactly what kairosoft fans want in a game. Super chill and satisfying. We played through twice it was so good. Lots to unlock. With managing the store and campground it Feels like two games but isnt annoying or tedious. 10/10.

Amazing! Havent played a Kairosoft game in a while and this reminded us of exactly why we love them so much! Worth the price! Super satisfying and addicting. Great gameplay!

Thank all staffs for your great creations!

More simple and fun! Love this one.

This is exactly the kind of kairosoft game we want. Its fun, cute, lots to do, easy to learn. This whole game is so charming and makes us feel like we did playing some of our other favorites like Cruiseship story, hot springs, ski resort, and The Megamall. We love that we can alter terrain and add water to the landscape and that the pathing for the visitors is better. Visitors can walk through/around everything to get to where they need to go so its easier to place buildings and decorate. Thank you for those improved features. We definitely recommend this game.

Im sure itd be a great game to play! We just bought it and it will not open:( It just keeps glitching.

Chill and easy to understand.

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