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Forever Lost: Episode 1 HD


Step into the gaming world with Forever Lost: Episode 1 HD, one of the top $2.99 games in the App Store! Crafted with creativity and innovation by Glitch Games Ltd, this captivating Adventure game is bound to grab your attention. With its content rating of 9+, it caters to a wide audience. Ever since its release on 1st October 2012, it has been constantly updated, with the latest version rolled out on 21st November 2022.

Whether you have a liking for Adventure, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, Forever Lost: Episode 1 HD is sure to keep you hooked!

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"adventuring at its best" – TouchArcade
"It’s a bit like The Room, only with more rooms." – Pocket Gamer
"Creepy, Welcomely Old-Fashioned iPhone Adventure Game" – Kotaku
"Over 3 million downloads of the Forever Lost series, that many players can’t be wrong!" – Glitch Games

Awaking in a mind you don’t know to a world you can’t remember. Surrounded by things that can’t be real, haunted by experiences long forgotten.

Questions racing through your mind. Is this a waking nightmare or a half-forgotten dream? Who are you? Where are you? How long have you been here and how do you escape?

The answers are somewhere, but where? In the world you have found yourself trapped in or simply your own mind?

You have to move on, you have to discover the truth. You have to escape!


  • Inspired by classic 2D point’n’click adventure games and modern culture.
  • A first person point and click adventure game.
  • Amazing visual and sound design.
  • Trademark Glitch humour and puzzles that will leave you screaming at us.
  • The Glitch Camera to help you solve puzzles and keep track of clues.
  • Plenty of rooms to explore and puzzles to solve.
  • Beautiful soundtrack perfectly suited to this eerie and haunting world.
  • A full hint guide that keeps track of your accomplishments to make sure you never get stuck.
  • Auto-save feature, never lose your progress again!

Glitch Games is a tiny independent ‘studio’ from the UK.
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What’s Fresh in the Latest Update?

Discover what’s new in the recent update of Forever Lost: Episode 1 HD on 21st November 2022:

Minor improvements and fixes.

Hear from the Players – Forever Lost: Episode 1 HD Reviews

Find out what gamers are saying about Forever Lost: Episode 1 HD:

Sometimes we think we’ve lived our life as an escape game, and just collected too many things.

You need to know Algebra to solve the 4 doors puzzle? How stupid. Its a game, not a test of math skills. Then you have to wait for a count of 100 to continue. We know which end of the horse created this. We happily deleted the game and moved on.

We couldnt get past the glockenspiel. We used a hint which told us to do what we were already doing. We did it in perfect sync so we know we were doing it right. We see from another reviewer that there is some kind of bug. Its frustrating to come to a screeching halt over a bug!!!

The kiddy xylophone (lol they called glockenspiel) does let us proceed after inputting correct melody. Refund demanded.

We played The Room and Da Vinci series and wanted to find something similar, but had high expectations. This series was amazing. By Episode 3 we kept saying how great it was. If you love puzzle games this is MUST!

Just finished playing Forever Lost Episode 1 again. Really love the unique puzzles on a foundation of mystery and spooky surroundings. Highly recommended!

We truly enjoyed this one, fun and good puzzles.

We loved this game so much! We got it last night and have already finished the entire story, and Im currently downloading episode 2. The game has a really good plot and story it had the perfect amount of puzzling but also easy things to level it out our favorite room was probably the nursery (idk why, its so creepy lol) we suggest anyone reading this review downloads it if theyre thinking it might look bad. Our only issue with this game is that when we used the UV light we couldnt move it around but when we watched a walkthrough they could. Im assuming this is just because the game is old but it really needs to be fixed because since this was an issue for us we couldnt solve the symbol puzzle where you push them in down inside of the guard room. Other then that this was an amazing game and worth the money definitely deserves the 4 stars.

Boring, predictable, depressing, simple, perfect for a disturbed 9 year old. Made us sick to our stomach being locked in a psych ward. Awful. Just awful.

Horrible scene went black in waiting room cant see anything.

Our only complaint is that the background music is a tad bit too creepy for us, but we can simply turn it down. We know most people arent as much of a weenie as we am, we 100% recommend this game.

We completed all 3 versions of this game. We were impressed with the graphics, story line and amount of really thoughtful puzzle challenges. If you like escape rooms, you will love this game. Warning: you wont want to put it down. Rabbit hole after rabbit hole! Keep a pen and paper handy! Good luck. Try not to cheat …. The game will last longer!

We love these games and bought them all, but on episode 1, the reception computer is not accepting the username that is written on the notepad as a clue. We really hope we dont have to reset it because we’ve come so far but Im pretty much helpless at this point and cant continue without it!

We enjoyed the game and it was just challenging enough to be fun. But we couldnt even figure out how to get the hints! And some instructions for puzzles would be helpful.

Okay so we thought the first one was better but omg this was outstanding.

So far no need for walk through. Game is fun and just the right amount of challenge for us. We highly recommend it. NO pixel perfect issues like in other games. Well worth buying! MENSA types will find game too easy.

We are obsessed! We just completed episode 1 and am on to episode 2 now! Well worth the buy!!!

At the end, when we clicked on the wall of monitors, our Back Arrow and all other buttons disappeared. We had to close the game and restart it, then all the buttons came back and we were able to move again.

We loved the first one so much that we bought the other two immediately! They really do get better with each game. We love the puzzles, the music, the plot, etc. We wish there were more games like this!

We adore every Glitch Games release and it all started with FL1. This game is excellent. We’ve played through multiple times. Its shorter than their other games, but its a great intro into the gameplay and mechanics, not to mention a killer storyline. We hardly ever review any apps/games, but this one definitely deserves 5 stars and more. Keep up the good work, guys! We love your games!

We love it! So many of these games we never can complete because the clues are so vague and weird, or we solve all the mysteries in ten minutes. Each of these games takes us about three or four days. The clues make sense without being super easy. The clues are memorable too, so if we see something familiar we can actually go find where we saw it before. Overall, <3 five stars easy.

We really enjoyed this game. It was challenging yet not too obscure. It was relatively short compared to the other 3 but still had many clever puzzles.

This was fun. Not too hard for an adult. Sad to see some glitches in the programming. Specifically, when finishing the game we had to do a close and open again. For the novice, ie our 7 yo maybe it wont be too obvious.

Every time we go to any screen, a flash of an advertisement for veritas come up. Its very hard to focus on the game when every second there is an advert in our face.

Its a fun game but how are you supposed to solve the glockenspiel? We have the radio set to the right station but when we tap the glockenspiel nothing happens, so we cant move on.

This game has potential to be fun. We love escape room type games, and this was enjoyable until the developers let us down. Please look to see when the last game update was. By June 2020 it had been at least a year since an update. We wish we didnt purchase the entire set of 3 – but we have seen that Ep 2 and 3 are better than Ep 1. 1- A previous Reviewer noted a glitch in with the iPad game Inception that was a year ago- and it still hasnt been resolved. We too had to restart the entire episode because a clue we needed an answer to. HINT: wait until you have a pair of Glasses to play on the iPad. 2- Game Glitch: In the Storage Room there is a puzzle on the wall. After you find the clue to solve it- it will not solve! We have restarted the game twice now, we have restarted our phone. It still will not solve. Other puzzles depend on this one puzzle to be solved first, and now we cannot finish the game.

We wanted to give a 5 or at least a 4 star rating but just couldnt. We had just played House of Da Vinci and was expecting it to be more like that. We cant help but still wonder what the purpose of the wall painting was. We tried to use it in several places and never could. The game is dark and difficult to see things but we thought it was because we played it on our ipad. We personally think it should be a .99 cent game or even free.

We bought the three pack because it was cheaper to get them all together. We wasnt sure if we would like them but figured we would try. We were disappointed with the first episode and the short time it took to play. We thought we had wasted our money. Episodes 2&3 are amazing. We would recommend playing this one if only for the storyline.

The game is good. Some of the puzzles are simple. It needs a clear way to get out of the Iception mini-game on the iPad in the Waiting Room. We learned you can exit the ICeption mini-game by taking the road that runs below the river off the screen to the right. Its not intuitive or clear. A sign would be helpful. Other reviewers have mentioned that there isnt a way out. We also struggled with this for at least 10min. The app will restart you in the mini-game even after shutting down and restarting, leaving players only with the choice of resetting the game and starting over. You dont have to do that… Take the road to the right.

We went back into the maze and now it will not let us out. The first time through it was easy but now we follow the arrows and the game sends us back. According to the walkthroughs there are no other items to gather. Is this a bug? Just got into Chapter 2 and it immediately froze on letter. We cant even reset the chapter.,

Id love to give it a 5 star rating but we are unable to complete the game due to a glitch.

When we installed the game, an ad for Veritas popped up and cannot be closed, making the game completely unplayable.

After loads of frustration finally gave up and went to a walkthrough. Turns out it wasnt us, the game isnt working properly…. SPOILERS – no door required a token and the wall for the mirror wont allow us to use it, though we’ve tried any number of times. We dont appreciate this when we’ve paid for an app. Glad we didnt buy all three at once. Too bad, because we were really enjoying.

Too many disconnected clues and items that follow no logical approach. Using hints and walkthroughs required to make any progress. We like a challenging puzzle but for us, these are a bit far fetched. Hate we wasted money on this game but glad we didnt spring for the 3 pack!

After finding 6 of the items needed to escape, got stuck in the mini gnome game and could not go back or exit!! Even restarted the game and still same result. After thisd attempt, game will not even startup! Get the bugs out, or refund our cost for episode one!!

Loved it! Even though we couldnt open one hint. Not sure if thats the design of the game to only place a check mark next to the hint if youve accomplished that task? However we absolutely loved this game. 5star status for sure!

They fixed the bugs works like a charm now thanks glitch.

After searching and searching we’ve finally found the perfect escape game!!! Its just difficult enough to really make you think ( and sometimes stump you) but logical so the puzzles arent impossible.

Great graphics, music, and gameplay. Challenging but not too crazy. Bought the whole set after playing the first. ONE GLITCH: If you play Iception again after you open the treasure box, theres no way to exit and return to the Waiting Room. We had to reset the game and start over because the developers obviously didnt think that players would return to the iPad. We were stuck so we retraced our steps, and couldnt get out of Iception.

Its happening more frequently that the back arrow disappears and Im stuck on that particular zoom-in screen until we reboot our phone. Im enjoying the game but this bug is enough to make us quit.

We are stabbing the mattress with the knife but it is not revealing what is inside. Help?

For the price and based on the description and reviews, we were expecting a game comparable to The Room or House of Da Vinci. Unfortunately, Forever Lost falls far short. In fact, it IS short. It feels like a half finished thought. The game is dark, which appears to be a deliberate choice to detract from its sub-par models. Thats extra amusing since it doesnt move around like other games, its a point and click screen change game. It feels like rendering this game in 3D had no point. The controls are awkward, the hints are unhelpful, the plot is tired, and the game is upsettingly short. It felt maybe 10% to 20% the length of the other games mentioned here, and not as enjoyable. We will definitely not be purchasing the sequels. Save your money. We took an extra star off because we feel swindled.

We purchased to set and am encountering too many glitches In the first game to justify spending the money. Please let us know. Thank you.

About half way through the game the four dial puzzle got stuck in the middle of our iPads screen (2017 pro) and wouldnt go away even if we restarted. For money, we hope for better.

Just downloaded this game based on the reviews but every time we go to a room and try to click on something it sends us back to the first room, very annoying!!! We want our money back!

We are using this game on our iPhone, and we cant go any further due to a glitch. We have deleted the game and reloaded it, only to have it glitch again in the same spot!

Purchased the set, began playing the first episode and was doing well until we made it to the computer which required a username and password. We entered both correctly and made to to the menu to unlock the electric door, hit the number 3, and nothing happens. The is no enter button for us to compete the task. And Im essentially stuck because we cannot continue without going through the electric door. We want our money back.

Theres no enter key for us to press when Im trying to put our request into the keyboard on the computer to open the electronic door. Cant get past this part without one so the game is unplayable. We watched a walkthrough on YouTube to see what we were doing wrong, and our screen definitely does not have it.

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