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⋆FreeCell+ is one of the best $11.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Brainium Studios LLC, ⋆FreeCell+ is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 16th March 2012 with the latest update 8th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Card, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


3,638 people have rated 1.7.17

You can download the game ⋆FreeCell+ from APP STORE.


FreeCell brings you the fun, challenging, traditional FreeCell gameplay you know and love, with a beautiful, modern design.

Crisp, clear, and easy to read cards, simple and smooth animations, tap or drag controls, and subtle sounds make gameplay a joy in either portrait or landscape orientation. Select from a variety of relaxing backgrounds or upload your own from your photo album for a truly custom experience.

We kept FreeCell true to the spirit of the classic card game: the goal is to build up the four foundations by suit, in ascending order from Ace to King. Nearly all FreeCell deals are solvable, but they require patience, focus, and skill.

Perfect for card game players of all skill levels. Our easy-to-follow animated tutorial will have beginners winning in no time.

FreeCell by Brainium is the most user-friendly, visually stunning, and satisfying FreeCell solitaire you’ve ever played.


  • Classic FreeCell rules
  • Portrait or landscape orientation
  • Auto-play option speeds up obvious moves
  • Crisp, beautiful, and easy to read cards
  • Simple, intuitive game interface
  • Single tap to place a card or drag and drop
  • Auto-save and resume
  • Smart hints show potentially useful moves
  • Customizable backdrop
  • Game Statistics to track progress
  • Unlimited undos
  • Fun and challenging achievements
  • Auto Light and Dark Mode
  • Show/Hide the battery and time status bar
  • iPhone and iPad support

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We love our players. Contact our Five Star support with your questions regarding FreeCell:
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Updated on 8th May 2023

We’d like to thank our players, you make our games possible!

  • Update to Brainium Support UI
  • Bug fixes and improvements

⋆FreeCell+ Reviews

Really challenging and enjoyable!!

Now that most iPhones require a swipe up from the bottom of the screen to close / switch apps or go to Home Screen, the swipe up menu bar at the bottom gets in the way and is a clunky UI. Everything else about the app is top notch, but its time to change the menu bar to work more smoothly with current iPhones.

4/1/2023- we received your email workaround and it did not fix the issue. The app still takes too long to close. There shouldn’t be a workaround—the app should close like every other ios app—I am using ios 16.4. 13 Pro Max. Still same issue. You have to keep touching the menu bar until the white closing bar at the bottom becomes enabled. Thanks! —- ed_bob is exactly right! The menu bar prevents the app from making a smooth swipe up to close! "If you tap the screen to bring up the menu bar and then swipe up from the bottom of the screen," IT DOES NOT LET YOU EXIT THE APP EASILY! How about you try it on an iPhone 13 Pro Max? You will notice that the white bar at rhe bottom is greyed out. It is extremely frustrating to close this game. It never used to be this difficult. Please fix this issue. Then, we can go back to giving 5 star review. We even sent email to support about this issue along with a screenshot but we have not heard back from them.

We particularly like this version since we can undo moves and try over from mid-game, rather than start again from the beginning, if we get stuck.

In the olden days we could compete with family and friends using a numbered free cell game.. We would start playing at the same time and whoever finished first won. All we needed was a phone and a free cell number. So fun.

Our favorite game ever. Been playing it probably for over 20 years.

This game is really enjoyable and challenging. The response time great but sometimes have a short lag later in the evening. The layout is good and visually appealing.

The way to riches is to make a better mousetrap. Since mice will be with us for the foreseeable future, what is needed is a way to better control them. This is what has been done with this old game that is still engaging. Make it faster, more attractive and yet still the engaging challenge it has always been. Their dominoe game is just as true to this formula. Bravo!!!!

We’ve played the paid version for several years, and we love it. We find the challenge soothing. Recently, Brainium came up with a wholesale renovation at no cost. We highly recommend this product.

We begin our day with this game (and prayer) it is good for our 80 year old brain!

A very good adaptation of a classic game. No notes.

Love this game feel like we have more control over winning or losing, not the typical solitaire.

Nice improvements! A few recent updates make this Free Cell even more user friendly. Its our only go-to game!!

Now faster than before at dealing a new game than earlier versions. The new graphics are a bit nicer too. We’ve been using the paid version for years. Even gladly paid for the iOS and Android versions! Play is smooth and intuitive. If we could replay a completed game when we think we can improve our score, presto! Five stars. Other reviewers have asked for numbered games. That would be nice. And we saw a review asking that the auto play move a card to the in play cards, not up to the completed stack. Often that card is better used in play.

Totally addicted. However, its annoying that we have to swipe up twice on iPhone X to get back to home screen or switch to another app.

Cant play specific games, its completely random. If you accidentally hit new game you cant go back to a specific game to finish.

Clean interface, works well. Only complaint is that the Achievements button does nothing.

Great playability and just as addictive as it should be. If only we could select the game number like original!

Good game but the ‘auto complete’ pops up in the lower right-hand corner… Right where our right hand is hovering so we don’t see it as soon as i’d like. So, we’re still moving cards around a couple of times before we realize – we won! (now, we should click on auto complete…) duh. Move the declaration over to the left/ to the the top- anywhere but the lower right.

Why do you continue to make the games harder? Let the cards fall where they may, just like when playing with actual catds.

All of the items are black. No cards. Terrible.

We have been using this version of Freecell for several years and like it the best of any we have used. It works well with touch screens, very intuitive, and performs flawlessly.

Always helps to focus the day, this version is great! Amazingly reliable app, never crashes, makes FreeCell an even greater pleasure.

Have been playing free version for a long time but HATED waiting for ads to start new game. So glad to have discovered this with no ads. Well worth the small fee to eliminate the frustration.

Beautifully made and fun to play.

This is one of the best free cell solitaire games we have on our iPhone and iPad. A while back, we rated the free version one star because the ads were way too loud and obnoxious. However, after we purchased the FreeCell+ (plus) stand-alone version with no ads, it shot straight up to 5 stars! It is an excellent app and very nicely coded. We do like other freecell games such as the one in Solitaire City but this one is slightly better in many ways. For example, the automated touch/move feature is great and makes it easier to play a quick game. We highly recommend this app/game.

This is our game. We can win all but a very few of the games. Although Im not rapier sharp in the whit department anymore (more like a yard sale butter knife) we enjoy solving the puzzles.

Heres a card game that actually requires some thought to win. This is not for your average mouth breather.

The greatest free cell game we have ever played…

We love FreeCell! Its the only solitaire-type game we play!! Us too! Love FreeCell, and its the only game of any type that we play!

This review is for the paid version. After giving the free version a one star rating for all the ridiculous ads, the developer contacted us and let us know about this paid version. Now Im happy again.

This game is fun and addictive… Love it!

Great game makes your brain have to work we play it all the time and at 80 our brain is still working pretty well give it a try and you will enjoy the challenge.

It was well worth the 4.99 to lose the ads… We keep getting achievements, but we dont know what they mean_ For example: the leapfrog achievement.. Where can we find a list of achievements? Thanks…

We need something to help us get thru the evening. This game does that for us. Thank you.

A relaxing and uncomplicated game with easy to see statistics. Appreciate the undo feature.

Ice game but Scores and Achievements doesnt do anything???

Just updated to the paid version to get rid of the unusually annoying ads. The action is slightly glitchy and jerky. Some of the buttons under the Game tab do nothing at all (Achievements and Score).

However, it is not worth $4.99. Its one game, no variety but it costs that much! The games are repetitive and not new. We think we’ve played them all. The manufacturers need to give us a refund or include other games for this price. Having said that, we love that there are NO ADS.

And all it took was almost a month of being smacked with ads for Boppy pillows and some cartoon figure looking at a positive pregnancy test. When you havent been able to have kids (the first person who says just adopt will get a pop on the nose), these kinds of ads showing up over and over and over dont help the sadness. So we bought the ad-free version to escape them. Im never going to be buying those products, and we suspect theyve been targeted to us only because of our gender. After all, arent all women also moms by default and interested in that kind of stuff? (We arent.) we dont care how well the ad-free version of the game works, so long as we dont have to be reminded of our loss by those awful ads.

We have just deleted all our Branium games (5 in all) because we got tired of the frequent, long, almost impossible to close, ads. Users should know these apps are based on very common and readily available games. We found a much better free cell that has NO game interrupting ads, just unobtrusive ads at the bottom of the screen. We can play game after game with no interruptions. Branium should wise up and do something about these very annoying apps.

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