FreeCell (Classic Card Game)

FreeCell (Classic Card Game)

FreeCell (Classic Card Game)

FreeCell (Classic Card Game) is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Staple Games, LLC, FreeCell (Classic Card Game) is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th April 2020 with the latest update 30th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Puzzle, or Card games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of FreeCell (Classic Card Game) ?

4,789 people have rated 2.2

What is the price of the FreeCell (Classic Card Game) ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the FreeCell (Classic Card Game) released ?

FreeCell (Classic Card Game) was released on 9th April 2020.

When was the FreeCell (Classic Card Game) updated ?

The latest updated date of FreeCell (Classic Card Game) on 30th November 2022.

Where can FreeCell (Classic Card Game) be downloaded ?

You can download the game FreeCell (Classic Card Game) from Apple Official App Store.



Train your brain with a daily dose of FreeCell! This modern take on a classic card game will keep you sharp. Simple and intuitive gameplay with a minimalistic design so that nothing gets between you and the game.

Try it out!


  • Easy to read cards
  • Intuitive tap to play
  • Intelligent auto-complete
  • Auto-save, so you never lose your progress
  • Unlimited undo
  • Statistics

How to Win:

  • Move all 52 cards up to the four foundations (top left) in sequential order, Ace to King, for each suit

FreeCell Rules:

Moves to columns (bottom 8 stacks)

  • Alternating colors
  • Descending in card value

Moves to Foundation (top left)

  • Matching suit
  • Starting with Ace up to King

Moves to FreeCells (top right)

  • Any single card can be moved to a FreeCell

How many cards can be moved at a time?

  • One card for each open FreeCell
  • Double for each empty column

You will learn quickly we promise! If you get stuck, tap on any card and the app will automatically make a valid move if one exists.

Updated on 30th November 2022

-Bug Fixes

FreeCell (Classic Card Game) Review

We love playing the games because it keeps our mind active.

Its a free game, so Im not going to complain about the ads before and after each game. Im not even complaining about the banner ads at the top and bottom. However, since the last update, full page ads cover the screen in the middle of a game and wont go away. It makes it impossible to play. Fix this and Ill give you 5 stars. * Thank you for removing the in game ads. Wish there was a record reset option.

We love the game. Would it be possible to show the game number and its game difficulty rating? We would like to ignore easy games. We would also like to replay difficult games.

This would be the best FreeCell app on iOS if there were an option to remove ads. We would gladly pay a one time $5 fee to get rid of them.

Really enjoyed the game until the first political ad appeared. So long.

The rules for moving cards are nonsense and never explained.

We love the game. We want to be able to see if we can solve every puzzle though. Unfortunately, sometimes when we choose to restart the game and we dont touch new, we touch replay, it will give us a completely different game layout. Thats not replay. We will be looking for a different app that allows us to replay the same game board unless this is fixed quickly. To those who gave a bad review because the game would only let them move a limited number of cards: That is one of the rules of the game. You are limited by the number of free cells. Hence the name, Freecell. Please learn the game rules before leaving negative reviews.

First, its not from Mobilityware, second, it has too many issues. 1. Not easier to read 2. No FreeCell choice, aces always top left 3. No hint button 4. Background not changeable 5. No useable customization. Stop animation, sounds, auto-move.. Thats about it.

We like the android phone version of this game so much better. The iPad version is not soft on the eyes, the ad is too distracting. We tried to play it because we like all the extras but the interface was a big turnoff. Please make more like classic FreeCell and tone down the colors.

We loved this app until they upgraded. Now its very confusing. It used to be our favorite game. No more. Please let us go back to the previous version!

Misunderstood that it wasnt an update but new game. Hate the numbers on the cards. Hard to tell what they are. We are trying to uninstall it. Want a refund if we were charged for it.

Bad app hard to see and it tires eyes. Horrible design.

Dont trust this game – came on our game as a upgrade only giving 5 stars so people will see our review.

For the app Doctor Care! Or some such. Now we dont want to play this game anymore for fear of having to see it again.

We love this game, but since the last update with the bug fixes our game constantly freezes. Thankfully, even though we cant play – we cant watch the banner ads at the top of the screen, because they dont freeze. Its so frustrating that we’ve stopped playing – please fix!!!

All we have to say is its constantly running ad after ad while you play, so if you go long enough, your phone will begin to heat up and slow down. We’ve done some tests to confirm its the ads causing this problem, and good for them making bank, but itd be nice if they could chill for two seconds so our phone can keep up. Otherwise simple, no frills, spider solitaire.

Too many ads when Im finished or want a new game. Some shuffles are too hard and Im constantly clicking new game and have to watch a 30sec ad. Ugh deleting.

We cant think of any reason this is good. Too many things needed that could make it so much better. 1) the gear/tools button doesnt work. Tap tap tap tap nothing. Just sits there. 2) no hint button. Why?… Every card game has a hint button. We need a hint button. 3) the lag is painful. Itll just sit for ever and does not do anything then suddenly several moves at once. It is NOT our device. Never had a problem with any other game ever. 4) some light music would be nice. 5) when you want to move a stack and its too many cards a bar flashes on the bottom and sits there for too long. Why not just have the stack not stick. Just have it go back to the original stack. We think wed get the idea that the move we want to make wont work. We do like the game but this version needs too much work to keep. Sry guys :/ Oh after reason some of the other reviews.. Apparently political ads have been popping up. Its the time of year… Its not like the game is supporting one side or the other. But we believe games should only have ads for other games. Not tv shows or politics or anything else. And for the people saying oh its so different and whatever… We have played this game for literally decades since we were a kid. Its not different clearly these people just need to get out more.

The game would be fun but we cant see how anyone would win. You cant move the whole stack and the help button dont actually help it just gives you random moves.

We enjoy this game. It is so addicting. Love it.

This is absolutely amazing. It is challenging- it is satisfying- it keeps us on our toes. We thank you so very much.

Enjoyable game. Passes the time.

Just an old favorite that we can never give up!!

We really do enjoy this app but we do not like the limited number of cards you can move from one stack to another. If the cards are all in descending order, we dont understand why we cant simply move the whole stack.

But we had to delete after we started getting spammed with Endorse Kamala Harris and Congratulate Kamala Harris ads.

WTH every new game a Pro TRUMP AD pops up – not having it – DELETING.

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