Proving Grounds

Proving Grounds

Growth Trials unlock at Troop Lv 15 and Rune Trials unlock at Lv 25. Players have 2 chances each to challenge or sweep both trials. Each chance costs 6 stamina. Refreshes daily at 5 a. m. server time.

1.Growth Trials is divided into Gold and Exp Trials.

Gold Trials give out gold and enemies attack back row heroes. Open: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday

Exp Trials give out Exp Elixir and enemies try to overrun you with numbers. Open: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

2.Rune Trials include Iron Temple, Empty Lands, and Arrow Cloud Canyon, and all give out different runes.

Iron Temple (physical immune enemies) opens: Monday, Thursday, and Sunday

Empty Lands (magic immune enemies) opens: Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday

Arrow Cloud Canyon (tanks banned) opens: Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Growth Trials have 8 levels of difficulty and Rune Trials have 9, and they unlock at various troop levels. Once you pass a level, afterwards you only have to tap the “ sweep” button to get the rewards. This way you don’t have to manually fight the battle again, saving you both time and effort!

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