City Wall Defense

City Wall Defense

The City Wall is where players carry out defense and logistics operations.

Defense Troops:

1. Players can set up 3 defense troops in the lineup selection interface.

2. When attacked, battles will be fought starting with the 1st team to the 3rd team. When all heroes in a lineup are killed, the next troop of heroes will take the battlefield.

3. When all troops are dead, the player has lost, and City Wall Stability will fall to (until 0).

4. When City Wall Stability falls to 0, if a player isn’t online within 1 hour, his or her city will be randomly relocated. If the player is online within 1 hour of reaching 0, then the player’s castle won’t be automatically relocated.

5. Each time a player is defeated, they will lose a certain amount of resources, until resources left fall under the amount protected by Kingdom level.

6. When you send troops to attack or reinforce another player’s castle (including rally attacks), the battle power of remaining heroes left to defend the city will drop 30%. There are no additional drops in defense power for having multiple troops out at the same time.

7. Attacking mines or Mega Mines won’t cause defense battle power to drop.

City Wall Stability:

1. City Wall Stability indicates the walls ability to withstand attack. The higher the stability, the better it can withstand attacks.

2. After being defeated by another player, the City Wall will start to lose stability points. If the player is offline for an hour and stability falls to 0, the city will lose the position it’s in and be randomly relocated somewhere else on the map. When stability falls, it will also cause a player’s current Kingdom level to drop.

3. City Wall level rises with Kingdom level. The higher City Wall level is, the more stability it has.

4. When City Wall stability is not full, the wall will catch fire until stability is full again.

5. Stability will regen a certain amount of points every hour, and after relocating the city, it will triple in speed.

6. The higher the level of an attacking player, the more damage it does to the City Wall.

The “Avoid War” page includes Random Relocation, Precise Relocation, Transfer Kingdom, and Peace Shield.

Random Relocation:

1. Using random relocation will cause your castle to be relocated to a random new position within the kingdom.

2. Every 24 hours you can randomly relocate once. In addition, you can also spend diamonds to do a random relocation.

Precise Relocation:

3. Using precise relocation will move a castle to a spot of your choosing within the kingdom.

4. After finding the spot on the map that you want, just tap and hit confirm to complete precise relocation.

Transfer Kingdom:

5. You can permanently move to another kingdom. After transferring kingdoms, within a certain period of time, you can spend diamonds if you want to transfer again.

6. When transferring kingdoms, you must first leave any alliance you are in, and all heroes must be inside the city.

7. After transferring kingdoms, your city will reappear in a random place in the new kingdom.

Peace Shield:

8. Use a Peace Shield to avoid war with other players who declare war on you or attack you.

9. The Peace Shield will last for a certain amount of time, and after it expires, there will be a certain amount of cooldown time wherein you cannot put up another Peace Shield.

10. If you declare war on or attack another player while you have a Peace Shield up, it will be taken down.

The Healing Spring is where healing water is stored for injured heroes. Rules:

1. When battles take place on the World Map (e.g. occupying mines, rally attacks, PvP attacks, etc.), it will consume heroes’ health. Healing water from the Healing Spring is used to replenish this lost health.

2. Spring water comes from refining medicine, and the time it takes for medicine to be refined into spring water rises or falls with Medicine Altar level. (The higher your Medicine Altar level, the faster medicine is refined into water.)

3. The mechanism for refining medicine into spring water can be turned on or off via the “Refine” button.

4. When fighting is fierce, if you think you can’t produce enough spring water to keep up with demand, then you can also buy spring water directly using the + button above the spring. But we recommend you still keep a reserve of medicine and keep the “Refine” function turned on just in case the need arises.

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