Galax Defender

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Galax Defender


Galax Defender is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Luis Medel, Galax Defender is a Action game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 17th February 2017 with the latest update 21st July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Entertainment, or Casual games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


357 people have rated 1.17

You can download the game Galax Defender from APP STORE.


Control your fighter, with its unique ability to combine with other fighters, and shoot down the invading aliens!

Aliens attack in formations using a variety of attack patterns. Rescue a captured fighter to combine with it, forming a Dual Fighter with twice the firepower! Earn Perfect Bonuses more easily by using a Dual Fighter on the Challenging Stages!

  • The same, exact, good old gameplay you remember
  • Fast paced arcade action right into your device!
  • Combine your fighters for augmented firepower!

Updated on 21st July 2022

  • Minor fix in sound options.

Galax Defender Reviews

What are all the negative reviews about? Maybe it was a much earlier version,, this version however is FREAKING AMAZING DUDE! We’ve wanted the exact version we used to play at the arcade when we were a kid and young adult and we FINALLY FOUND IT! Same EXACT game play! Same sounds! Same moves, and we dont know why people are saying you cant rescue a captured fighter because YOU CAN and the double fire power is awesome! Even the challenge stages are perfect! Maybe the negative reviews never played this game or maybe it was really that off, but its now fixed! If your looking for the version you used to play when you were a kid, THIS IS IT! We are so thankful to finally have someone revive the game as we remember. Get it! Youll love it like we do, THANK YOU to whoever wrote this code! Its truly amazing! Now you should go make others like a true version of defender!

No sound from the game. Disappointed.

Was worried about this cuz theres another one out there that looks like galaga but isnt. This was exactly what we were looking for, seems worth the 1.99, and theres no commercials which is also good.

We love this game it has good graphics and controls. It also has full screen and arcade screen we recommend this game .

The sounds are exactly the same as the arcade machine and the controls are easy to use. This mobile version doesnt do bonus lives and the gameplay is a little easier than the arcade machine which probably balances everything out. We love this version!!!

This is an exact port of the arcade game Galaxian which was one of our favorites growing up! Not sure how the developer got away with it but awesome nevertheless!

We read some of the reviews on this game and we were hesitant, but we are glad we bought it. The gameplay is user friendly and the graphics look just like the original Galaga. We havent had any problems with the game. Worth every penny spent.

Initially we were very excited to see that the game was available and then when we downloaded it, we were really excited that it was like the original… Then we started playing it and we noticed the left/right button was not working correctly we began to notice the fire button was intermittent, we just figured it was us…. Kept playing and hoping that we would get our thumbs to work right … It wasnt us… Unfortunately its the game.. Very Buggy. This could be a really fun game if it worked as it was designed… Now after playing game some more we found that if you play game in Wide Screen all the bugs we said were there… Are gone! So now we have to say this is really a fun game and the only negative we can find is; that the original game had patterns that this game doesnt… Ill just have to play it more to figure out all the New Patterns… Great job!

We currently have a iphone xs and this game is great. It is just like the retro one. We were going to buy cus all the reviews were pretty bad but we did and trust its great. Your dads would love this game its hella sick. But Developers please dont change the game where it makes it worse because it is perfect at its current state. Thanks :)

Just like the original, no in app purchase nonsense. Exactly what we were looking for. Updates seems to have fixed the crashing concerns.

We’ve been trying to get Galaga on our phone again after remembering it and there isnt really a port of the game out there like we thought it would be. We read the reviews, but we bit the bullet, and its overall decent, but the challenge isnt there like we remember, we do hope that a Original Mode will be made in this port. Overall, its pretty decent, doing what Bandai Namco refuses to do. Port the game.

Apparently there were issues before, but we dont see any problems anymore! As far as we can remember, this is VERY CLOSE to the REAL thing: Galaga!!! This is seriously fun!! Im an 18 year old all over again, and we live it!!

Love this… Been looking for Galaga forever and this game is great!! We will have to practice a bit to get the hang of the controls but thats the case with most games… We have missed playing this game for so long! Thank you for developing this for us!!

It stops working after awhile when playing please fix.

Five star game been looking for galaga for awhile and finally found something. But we dont get our fighter captured. Please add this if its not there! Also would like to recapture fighter so you can fight side to side like original! This and the games good please.

We downloaded this game it was 1.99 is it ours or a monthly thing?

Worked completely fine for us paid for itself after four games sound and graphics perfect no glitches.

This rendition of Galaga was the perfect combination of difficulty and captures the best version of Galaga, where you can fire fast. Its not too easy since enemies fly at you fast so you have to be quick. Its got little to no glitches, good frame rates, and has the original music!! This needs to be rated higher! Worth the money.

It does what its supposed to.

An amazing feel for the old arcade games everyone wants to revisit. We havent experienced the bugs we’ve seen on older posts , everything is perfect except…… Come on man (developers) the game is way too heard with the split second diagonal shots from enemies! We know this is Galax Defender, not the original but, that slight difference makes the game heard to want to play as addictive as it is. Great breakthrough though!!! We hope one day, dig Doug and centipede end up available and close to this!!!

Excellent adaptation of the old arcade game to mobile. If anything, it is too responsive if you are used to the old controls. The only short-coming is that you cannot turn off the sound, so you cannot listen to anything other than the games sound effects. Fix that and it will be perfect.

But it crashes after level 2! If they fix that then its 5 stars.

We play this on our 12.9 iPad Pro. Can we ask for a request? On the start page can an additional option for full screen with the control pad be added? The full screen touch control we have now does not respond like the control pad. For us and our playing configuration it would make a big difference. What are your thoughts? Thank you for any consideration.

If this had controller support it would be a lot more easier than using our fingers all the time.

This game has some issues, but its the closest game Hong to actual Galaga youll likely find on the App Store. Some changes were made, but its mostly the same. One critique we have is the controls. The D pad is really weird to control and the shoot button is kinda hard to see since the side bars are so distracting. Good game that stays close to the classic. Much appreciated.

The game is great, the biggest issue rn is the behavior of enemy projectiles. They act like homing missles which is different from the original. Once that issue is done the game with be on the right track.

Great game just like old Galaga it would just make you feel better to be licensed. We dont know why its not, but thats like the only bad thing abt this app. Its amazing and nostalgic in our opinion we got first of all time first try.(Im JRW btw) but yeah Im digging this app and we didnt waste our gift card money on this.

We were a king of Galaga back in the 80s, so we know the game inside and out. It would take us 40 minutes to earn the first million points. We could literally play for hours on one quarter. Reminiscing heresorry. This version of Galaga is not perfect, but it is surprisingly decent. Its tough on a large iPhone screen. Ill have to try an iPad. Some ship movements seem a bit too fast, and shooting at the bugs seems faster that it should be. We’ve seen some other differences, so we guess the app developer did not intend the game to be an exact replica to the original Galaga. Im curious how shoo movements would be with the iPhones volume buttons. Well done. We look forward to more improvements.

The ships that beam you up… Dont ever.

Arcade games weren’t ‘arcade’ games for those of us old enough to have been introduced to them as barroom/lounge amusements…. No complex social trappings, talisman hunting, just hand-eye coordination & points. It’s still fun to have the original pin-ball replacements as simulacra on hand for momentary diversion. Here, Galaga is well-simulated, the original look, action & pace excellently realized. Haven’t experienced any of the animation/processing glitches cited when the app was first released. There is some challenge with simulated toggle controls on recreated oldschool games on small devices, haptic issues on touchscreens, but we don’t find our thumbs or indexes sliding off the button or toggle unduly on our iPads, for example, with this game. Very playable. There might have been more electromechanical issues with the controls of the average heavily used barroom machines back in the day than with slick touchscreens…!

Lots lots better since last update. Great game to have. Still needs some work. Would like if the enemy ship could capture one of ours like in the original game so we can have two ships shooting. Also dont like the enemy fire shoots at us sideways instead of straight down. The two chooses for controls is better, we always liked the joystick best. It works a lot better since the last update. Almost deleted the game, glad we didnt. We suggest you go down to Walmart and buy one of the mini games of Galaga they have and make this more like that. Love that we can rapid fire now like in the original. Keep up the good updates. Our favorite game of all time.

We really like the game, but the controls arent very good. The controls really need to be fixed.

No music or sounds. Otherwise on par with what was expected.

Since its last update the game has gotten a lot better. Its still pretty buggy, but if these major bugs are fixed it will become our favorite game out there. Most importantly is the missiles shooting diagonally. This makes them nearly impossibly to dodge, and never happens in the original galaga. Next, is how in the first level the enemies dont attack. Last for this list is how when you die, the game doesnt actually stop while you respawn, in other words instead of waiting for the last enemy to go back in formation and then respawning you, the game keeps going and the enemies keep attacking instead of waiting for you to respawn.

Its nice that a programmer who loves galaga made it for us on mobile. Ignore the other guys complaint review; the game has no performance issues anymore. UI for mobile is a simple D-pad and fire button, it actually performs faster than the old arcade cabinets did! Worth the two dollars if you want galaga in your pocket on the go.

Good game but needs to support iPhone gaming attachments!!

Good game and all but it takes so long to load but nice game.

Im on an iPad Pro, and have a Bluetooth controller. This game is mediocre as is, but would be much better if it supported our blue tooth controller. Its really hard to use the Digital controller while trying to play. Add controller support!

Game speed is way faster than original game, makes for going though levels easily but not the same feel, overall great app.

We havent had any problems with this game but its hard to control it. (In handheld mode) Since it is a touch screen you dont have any feel for where the control buttons are and its too easy to slide off them and it stops moving. In full screen mode your finger blocks the screen and when your finger gets to close to the bottom or top of the screen it again stops moving. Request: can you make the left/right controls be controlled by the left/right tilt of the phone? Like driving a car. Also can you make the up volume button be an alternate fire button? Then you would have a feel for the button. Thanks!

Doesnt seem to give you the ability to capture an extra shooter. Am we missing something ????

Its s the original game as promised. Unfortunately the ui and interaction design for mobile adaptation was a complete miss. Touch areas are WAAAAY OFF. Try harder.

We bought this to play on our ipad. Overall, the game seems close enough to the original, and movement is alright, but we dont have an option to use our keyboard instead of the buttons on the screen. The shoot button would be ok, but the directional button is a hassle to use because we have to keep making sure our fingers are in the right place. It seems like this is an easy remedy that should have been done before the release of the game. Left and Right arrows and space bar to shoot?!?!?

Why the diagonal missiles? Is there any plans to fix this ? Not true to the original game. Additionally where is the enemy that shots the ray taking your ship. You can then shot em back and end up with 2 ships to fight with ?

Please refine. This game could be so much better! It plays nice but the people want the original feel. Double ship is a must and you didnt deliver!

Game is terrible waste of our $2.

It keeps closing while Im in the middle of the game! Cant even get pass the 3rd level without it closing and making us start over. Dont recommend.

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