Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade

Last updated on May 30th, 2023 at 11:10 pm

Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade

Galaxiga - Classic 80s Arcade

Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by ONESOFT GLOBAL PTE. LTD., Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 25th September 2020 with the latest update 18th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade ?

12,838 people have rated 8.1

What is the price of the Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade released ?

Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade was released on 25th September 2020.

When was the Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade updated ?

The latest updated date of Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade on 18th May 2023.

Where can Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade be downloaded ?

You can download the game Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade from Apple Official App Store.



GALAXIGA is the best space shooting game that makes you feel like playing a classic game. Download and play it now to help you remember your intense childhood.
In Galaxiga, you will be faced with a large amount of infinity galaxy enemies. Use your spaceship to shoot them down and clear all enemies in the galaxy.


  • Gorgeous Pixel graphic reminds old school games
  • Super-easy control that tutorial is not needed
  • Strong and varying enemies
  • Tough and fierce Boss battle
  • Various ways for the power upgrade
  • True space battle experience
  • High-quality images optimized for tablets and large screens.
  • Various upgradeable spaceships.

How to play:

  • Slide the screen to control your spaceship dodge enemy’s bullets.
  • Use coin and gem to upgrade or evolve your space crafts to fight with giant enemies and alien invaders.
  • Use appropriate spaceships and strategies for each level and boss.
  • Remember using a power-up item, booster item. They will help you complete easier.
    Download the outstanding arcade shooting game now!

*** Term of Use:

*** Privacy policy:

Updated on 18th May 2023

  • New event Endless Race: A galaxy board with rolling dice gameplay, round rewards and event leaderboard.
  • Fixed some bugs.

Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade Review

Ms accin se volvera mucho mejor.

Im not sure what youre saying but we love it!

The overall game play and game is amazing and doesnt need much of any improvements in our opinion. Where we see the need for the most improvements is in the global chat and chat features. The global chat is nothing but swearing, threats, fighting and general trolls. There needs to be moderation and filters added to stop this from continuing. What also needs added is a block feature to block users who are harassing people. Overall it is a good game just the social features need a massive moderation overhaul.

Its an amazing game, but the grinding required to be competitive or have the top ships is insane. And if you want to pay or buy the premium time to speed up the process its just extremely expensive.

Cant read instructions. You go by too fast. Correct that, and Ill keep playing. Otherwise, screw this game.

This game is a little pay to win ngl.

PSA – Buyer Beware: Premium does not remove ALL ads as promised. Daily Gift, Lucky Spin, Relief Box, Titan Extra Turn, Shop Refresh and Event ads all still play. "We hope you understand." – Galaxian Support They also introduce a bunch of bugs with updates that prevent you from getting rewards.

They take your money but they wont make it right if something goes wrong. They say we are very sorry. They arent.

This is a good game, but unfortunately its clearly set up to make you pay or You cant really advance.

We were originally playing this on our iPad and downloaded to our phone. After a couple days of playing it was taken to a screen stating the our training was complete and we could collect a prize. We could not collect the prize or escape the training complete screen. We deleted the app and reinstalled to which it still opens to the same screen. We guess Im done playing this game.

The game is fun but at every possible moment its witching pumping ads or purchases The nail in the coffin is the way the energy to play reloads only if app is open on your phone.

DO NOT DOWNLOAD worse game ever this game is horrible we mean at least hide the cheats its a sorry sorry game.

Its just a money grab. Save your time.

We played the game and would be okay if it was not buggy. Sometimes when you watch the commercials during a game, it fails to pause the game so it kills you while watch an advertisement. Not fair at all!!!

We stop gaming for years, but then we found this one and got hooked. Definitely fun if you have a grinder mindset and enjoy the grind. Progress is very very slow unless you throw some money at this. If youre not patient it can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars (depending on what youre willing to spend of course). Gameplay is fun but the grind does involve a lot of ads which get wearisome.

Its an incredibly fun game and does actually release your stress along the level that Candy Crush used to! Like it!

We got this game when we were 9 and now Im 34 and we still play it.

This is just the absolute best shooter game we’ve seen so far on the iPhone. Takes us back to our far away youth at the arcade.

Love this Game so glad we found it.

This game is great, very interesting! Good way to pas the time.

Playing for a day so easy even beat a boss havent gotten killed yet onto level ten love this game.

Overall fantastic as a game. Optional ads are wonderful, that they dont spring up randomly. A couple challenges we’ve come across: Freezing, if our device timer runs out and we have to leave app and come back, oftentimes we cannot move our ship afterwards. This usually results in death -say during a long boss fight. Or a particularly challenging level and can feel frustrating. We feel like theres a secret paywall: some levels have drones, flying straight where any amount of maneuvering simply doesnt work . So our options are to shield up , lose a couple lives or pay for upgrades on our ships . Still, the game is very satisfying , and exciting , has a good increasing difficulty gradient , and except for some seemingly walls we hit until we upgrade ships, is great.

Fun game, but the Super Gem Box ad that pops up as soon as we start the game, and wont even go away when we click the X, essentially freezing our phone, brings it down a few points. We do enjoy the game on the rare times that we can actually play it, though.

This game is fun and challenging. The only issue is the $ $49.99 for 3 months ? Pretty steep. That $200. A year rounded up a few cents. Im debating whether to cancel the subscription or not. Its got us hooked though. We’ve invested some $$$ in building a half way decent fleet of ships . Its even more fun when you can destroy a Space General when you are a few ranks down from him or her.

We like this game but the ads tend to hang up the iPad at least once every 3x we play the thing. Plus, only game we have run across with 45 second ads. Seriously? After watching a 45 second ad multiple times, we wouldnt download the thing just on principle. We mean, that goes beyond annoying.

The game was perfect for about a year. Now we notice that we can be out paced by player with substantially less power than sometimes by an entire tier. Recently multiplayer shuts down the app as of this point 5 out of 8 matches. Fun to play we wouldnt recommend paying though. Paying to level up is not worth it.

Multiple times we have contacted customer service, multiple times we got plain Jane response, our dragon star stops firing when overdriven is used , our reaper shield disappears with time still on the clock , we like the game but play less every week because of glitches.

Stuck on a screen that wants us to pay $100 for coins we have no desire for. Buggy app & overpriced power ups. Delete.

We opened up the app and had to navigate our way through the hundreds of little options you can pay for micro-transactions to get to the actual game. You like Galaga? Heres the shiny, new mobile garbage version spewed out to get you to spend your money in a million different ways. Dont. Bother.

Could be a great game if OneSoft sold it to someone competent. The system is unstable, coding full of bugs, and support is manned by a bunch of idiots with bad attitudes. Free to play, but you’ll grind at a snails pace if you don’t spend a ton of money. When your account data becomes corrupted or you have to switch devices, you can lose part or all of your account, and they will string you along continuously without ever restoring your account. They just keep telling you it’s fixed when in fact nothing ever does get fixed. It’s maddening.

Doesnt even slightly resemble Galaga. Very misleading description. Not classic by any means and you dont even get bullet increases quick enough. The bosses take about 5 minutes to beat and we get bored trying to beat them. Over all rotten game..

Fire your coders. There is a pop up ad for 8 mil coins, which we just dont GAS about, and it will not close. Deleted since the game no longer gets past your game spam. Avoid this one, there are plenty of options better than this one.

You reach a certain point and can only go further by making payments. Im there and ready to delete app. Do not recommend this game.

Misleading! Advertisement shows classic Galaga. This is NOT GALAGA.

This game kept stuck on the page asking us load money. For some reason, It cant be clicked away. Nothing works except the button let you spend $99. We understand you need to make money. But this is not the right way. Deleting the game now.

We were able to provide them the app purchase, the app screen, the PayPal confirmation, and the Apple iTunes purchase history. It has happened many times, it takes hours for them or days to get back to you with the actual app purchase, theyve gone silent on us now, and are not refunding money or issuing credit. We have sent them physical proof, including video recording buyer beware.

The game itself is well programmed as a nostalgic shooter from back in the day. HOWEVER, the cant advance past the basic levels of the game unless you pay gobs of money for minuscule improvements predatory pricing model makes this game basically unplayable. We REALLY want to like this, and we know developers have to get paid, but unless you are willing to drop hundreds of dollars on this app, you aint gonna get very far.

Future Buyer Beware, This game can be a lot of fun. But the problem resides the pushing of wrong-doing buyer ads. The app constantly pushes you to purchase packages, etc. Theres nothing wrong with that, a little annoying? Yes, but nothing new. What rates this app 1 star is the manipulation of tricking you to purchase one of these packages. For example: An ad package constant pops up before being able to play, but DOES NOT ALLOW you to exit the x in the corner – it basically freezes the screen, allowing the only touchable item to be the purchase button for $99. Its the o our clickable application. Its designed to trick you into making a mistake in purchasing the pricey package. Its extremely shady and the designers should be shamed. We will be reporting this to Apple for an investigation into wrong practice.

Internal pop-ups freezing within seconds of opening up the game.

In app purchases dont always work. They take the money but dont add the coin or gems to the total. Only way to contact them is on FB messenger, lame.

Annoying ad stuck on. Cant see your space ship because it sits under your thumb. So annoying.

The whole game would not work and only tried to make us buy micro transactions this is retarded and we will not redownload it again.

Old time great game modernized.

Fast, colorful, FUN game!! Learn whats bonus and whats enemy fire and youll win!! Enjoy the 80s!!

Im a Gen xer so of course we love space games, because we grew up playing them. This is the first one that we’ve been able to half at figure out enough to be able to advance, upgrade ships , and upgrade drones. The multiplayer option is really a lot of fun too. We see a lot of people complaining that they have to spend a ton of money to advance, but with patience, its possible to do this without that. We do wish, however, that the Aventurine and Hunter modes would have a bigger payoff- its a lot of time spent for very little. But overall, its a fun game.

We like this game we’ve already played it for 5 hours its so fun but it just needs to be a little less confusing because we downloaded it and started playing for hours and then we kinda got confused and we didnt know what to do soo we got off the game and then we figured out what to do and it was pretty fun we love that game and so Im asking u can u make another game like that PLS we love it SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH SO we WOULD LOVE if u did that plss with a cherry on top and also we love killing the boss and killing the rest of the jet packs its like stealing candy from a baby so thats all we have to say to:the game:from Bo Johnson.

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