Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade

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Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade

Galaxiga - Classic 80s Arcade

Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by ONESOFT GLOBAL PTE. LTD., Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 25th September 2020 with the latest update 14th September 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade ?

8,439 people have rated 4.9

What is the price of the Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade released ?

Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade was released on 25th September 2020.

When was the Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade updated ?

The latest updated date of Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade on 14th September 2022.

Where can Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade be downloaded ?

You can download the game Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade from Apple Official App Store.



GALAXIGA is the best space shooting game that makes you feel like playing a classic game. Download and play it now to help you remember your intense childhood.
In Galaxiga, you will be faced with a large amount of infinity galaxy enemies. Use your spaceship to shoot them down and clear all enemies in the galaxy.


  • Gorgeous Pixel graphic reminds old school games
  • Super-easy control that tutorial is not needed
  • Strong and varying enemies
  • Tough and fierce Boss battle
  • Various ways for the power upgrade
  • True space battle experience
  • High-quality images optimized for tablets and large screens.
  • Various upgradeable spaceships.

How to play:

  • Slide the screen to control your spaceship dodge enemy’s bullets.
  • Use coin and gem to upgrade or evolve your space crafts to fight with giant enemies and alien invaders.
  • Use appropriate spaceships and strategies for each level and boss.
  • Remember using a power-up item, booster item. They will help you complete easier.
    Download the outstanding arcade shooting game now!

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Updated on 14th September 2022

Mid-Autumn Festival 2022

Galaxiga – Classic 80s Arcade Review

Game is good, (pros) gives you the choice to play ads for extra bonus items. The main currency in the game are gems and coins. (Cons) It takes a long time to collect gems and coins are only good if you are able to level up the ships with the gems. (Cons)The game doesnt allow you to create an account, it only links to your Facebook account. So if you dont have Facebook, theres no way to have an account. Overall fun to play, but may get discouraged by the cons.

Got a new iPhone and theres no way to restore all of the enhancements we made. We have to start from scratch after spending probably at least $300-$500.

Flashback fun, and you dont have to spend money to enjoy it. We love that we can watch a video or 5 and receive in-game bonuses that are valuable to us. We’ve spent maybe $5 in 6+ months and we get a lot out of this game. Very glad we started playing.

It was very enjoyable it brought back that old feeling and its a stress reliever thank you.

Now all there is nothing but adds. Every move we make we have to watch an add. Its very annoying to have so many adds.

The game has the potential to be fun, but its so poorly balanced that we had to uninstall it. You eventually hit a wall where bosses are so overpowered that its pointless to keep trying. And it happens just by the time u reach the third planet. Youd have to spend literally hundreds of dollars to upgrade to a point where youll eat ahead, and frankly, this game is not worth that kind of money. Add to that an incredibly clunky interface thats confusing to navigate and it makes deleting it that much more worthwhile.

We dont usually enjoy these type of games, but this one is fun.

  • this is seriously of the VERY few GREAT FREE GAMES that are ACTUALITY TRULY FREE game! Pretty much every OTHER free game isnt actually FREE. Cherry on top its a really fun retro blast from the past lol of course there are minor purchase options(I bought a couple) but they DONT MAKE THE GAME DEPENDENT on the OPTIONAL PURCHASES -only make a well produced game A LITTLE funner :)

In all honesty we just cant really tell yu hw we feel. We love it? Maybe that but we just needed this game. Its like our go to, to just like relax and get away from stress temporarily.

This game has been written extremely well to the original game. It is responsive and the colors are so brilliant. It truly is surprising when it comes to so many games. We havent played it a ton but this far it hasnt asked us for money yet for continued play. We really hope it doesnt as so many want you to download a game and 5 minutes into it they want money. Keep up the good work.

-fix some bugs -add updates Honestly its a really fun game off it had summer events it would be really good 1000000/10.

We absolutely love playing this game. Not buggy at all. Fun!

Great throwback to our childhood! Lots of fun lots of opportunity to enhance your weaponry havent spent a dime and loving every minute of it!

Game is fun and takes us back to the days of arcades and N64. Only draw back is only having two ships that be accessed without micro transactions. Maybe Im doing something wrong or missing something but there have only been the two ships we have been able to use and Im on level 120.

Everything in this game costs a fortune. If you want to do it the long way and watch ads to achieve monetary necessities within the game then still be prepared to spend at least $2 a day. We wish you didnt basically have to pay to evolve in levels and in starship power. Once you reach certain levels you have to pay to move forward, otherwise you WILL NOT have enough starship power to defeat your enemies. Otherwise, we love this game.

This game would be a great game if there was information about what everything is! No idea what each thing does or how to use it. The red hearts we guess are lives but theres no way to use them. Directions would really help!!

We love this game but we purchased gems and coins and never received them. And if you dont have Facebook messenger then forget about contacting customer car.

Cant even open the app after downloading.

All about the money for the developers. They do not care about the players. Buyer beware.

When we saw this app it reminded us of the one game we used to have that was like this one and it look fun, so we downloaded it. While we were downloading it we downloaded some other apps so we tried all of those ones first and they were fun, but then we tried this game. We were excited to play it and as soon as we clicked on it, the screen turned black for like a millisecond and then we just returned us to our home screen, we tried it again and again and it never did work. But we thought to myself must be like a bug or something Ill try tomorrow. So here we are the next day deciding to try it again and then it does the same thing again. We were a little mad but Im like such a nice person and gave the game another try. Later that day it still riding work, and this went on for a couple days. Finally deciding to write a review about this so we can help the creator know this happened for some reason. Love ( dont actually love lol just trying to be funny) – Falyn Moyers.

While playing an extremely long round, we were about to win but died. We were provided the chance to revive but required more gems. Even though we purchased more and was told youre all set, it wouldnt let us revive without buying MORE gems. Do not give them your money!

After playing this game for almost a year and dealing with their support team it may be the worst we’ve ever seen. They answer questions with questions but never any answers. Almost like they are just trying to get you to go away. We wouldnt spend a dime on this game.

ZERO FORCED ADS is what you came to find out Best mobile game we’ve played in years! ZERO forced ads and gameplay that isnt P2W these days is a rarity but they did it here and we salute them for it!

Great game you are going to enjoy the game play!

So cool game just try it its enjoyable and fun.

The best of retro and iPad combined.

We love the game and we understand watching ads to get double, triple, etc. Points. However many of the ads never load or when they do finally load you cant click the X to get out of it, thus wasting your time watching it with no reward. Right now the Google App is really pissing us off.

Could be the best game ever, but several factors drag it down to barely tolerable. Pros: *Nostalgic *Excellent graphics *Several different game modes *Creative collection of ships, drones, and power stones to collect and evolve. *Events *Single & Multi-player *Guilds *Free to play and no ads requiredIF you dont mind taking a very loooong time to level up. *Responsive and usually helpful game supportwith the notable exception of one individual who needs to be fired. Cons: *Plagued with hackers and childish foul-mouthed trolls *Extremely buggy, and more often than not the bugs cost you time, the win, and resources. *The one support agent we wind up dealing with most often is the individual whos ALWAYS condescending, rude, ignorant & just plain useless. This person is either too lazy, too incompetent or to stubborn to grasp a simple inquiry no matter how many ways you rephrase it. *PVP matching has no parameters to bring some sense of balance to the battles. Noobs and mid-level players very often gets to waste their time fighting a short and pointless match against top level players.

Tried on both an iPhone 11Pro and an IPad Pro, both running the latest IOS. In both cases we get a black screen and then exits. Disappointing because we really liked how this game looked.

We have been playing this game for over a year now and we think we are done. The game has too many glitches. Paid $20 for a reward and never received the reward. We are watching an ad and all of a sudden it says we closed the ad which we did not. It has happened way too many times. It is a waste of time. Even though we have invested a lot of time and money, it too frustrating to continue!

Why does this game use shapes of swastikas for the character grouping. What statement is the game trying to betrayal? As a Jew, this is very disturbing.

Have played without spending a dime for few months. The first, and only time we tried buying an upgrade it was never received. Waited a day to see if maybe it took time, nope. Received refund from Apple. Deleting game.

Whats wrong with the game? It wont let us open it.

First time we tried to install it, it wouldnt open, just crashed. We reinstalled it, and the controls didnt respond and our ship got stuck on the side of the screen.

We tap the app icon, screen goes black for a second, then goes back to Home Screen. Completely busted.

We’ve enjoyed playing but decided to buy a 9.99 pack and didnt get anything – we try to support the games we play – we havent had any luck finding a support contact to let know so they can make it right – very frustrating.

Im usually a big Xbox player but started getting into games on mobile. Am loving this game a great job devs loving it.

This is a really outstanding game, a shooter that managed to make us enjoy playing it across several hours so far. Gameplay is fun in the mechanics are good, and it has an easy move since we just walked to the staff up rather than feel like Im achieving something. The frustration is the incessant videos we have to watch every time we die, or if we want to get a bonus, some of these are reasonable while others lock us in for three or four minutes, it seems, not letting us exit. We get revenge by playing other games on our iPhone while trying to waste our time.

We played this game for a couple months, didnt buy anything, watched a ton of ads and was able to get a squad of four fighters with some drones and stones. We got as far as level 90 but the boss was too difficult to beat with the arsenal we had and without getting out the Wallet to purchase a more powerful ship. The boss was Mr. Endgame and was appropriately named because we deleted the game after trying numerous times and not even coming close to beating the boss. It is a fun game, and our one criticism is that the bosses are too difficult to defeat. When the game becomes a frustration it is no longer fun and gets deleted.

Worked great for about two days. Now it wont even load.

App crashes instantly. Cant open it on our iPad. Complete junk.

This really is a fun game. But in order to upgrade your ships and attack power you are forced to watch about 50 ads per day just to earn enough gems and cards to evolve your ship. Eventually you reach levels where it seems like your firepower will never get you past it. Ads are now up to a minute long. Most likely done on purpose to get you to spend money.

We downloaded it and it wont open! We tap it the screen goes black and back to Home Screen. Wth?

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