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Gamestar+ is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Gamestar Gaming Inc, Gamestar+ is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 21st September 2020 with the latest update 28th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Gamestar+ ?

1,539 people have rated 1.2.6

What is the price of the Gamestar+ ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Gamestar+ released ?

Gamestar+ was released on 21st September 2020.

When was the Gamestar+ updated ?

The latest updated date of Gamestar+ on 28th March 2022.

Where can Gamestar+ be downloaded ?

You can download the game Gamestar+ from Apple Official App Store.



Gamestar App&Play Appcessory for Press Your Luck Board Game, Family Feud Board Game, Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Deal or No Deal, Supermarket Sweep Board Game and more….

Take your TV game show board games and card games to the next level with Gamestar’s free App&Play Appcessories! Augment your games with official interactive components from TV’s hottest game shows:

The ‘Family Feud Buzzer’ board game appcessory features dual game modes (player and host) and multiple classic sound effects straight from the show.

And there’s the ‘Press Your Luck Board Game’ fully interactive ‘Big Board’ appcessory but watch out for those nasty Whammies!

Plus Gamestar has a growing collection of stand-alone ‘Gamestar-2-Go’ games, that are perfect for road trips!

Test your film knowledge with Gamestar ‘Movie Trivia’, featuring questions from the biggest box office hits.

Discover what your friends and family really think with Gamestar ‘Most Likely To’, the game where you nominate people based on crazy dilemmas and circumstances!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that Gamestar free App&Play Appcessory games are not playable stand-alone games, they require physical board games and cards games.

Updated on 28th March 2022

Bug fixes.

Gamestar+ Review

This is a great app but wheres the app for the supermarket sweep game?

This app is great with the board games even without them.

This app is awesome. We used the buzzer for the family feud game we had and the press your luck board is amazing no fun to use but there is one thing the board! If you hit a whammy, it only has season 1 whammy animations. Is there a chance you can add season 2 or season 3 whammies?

The Press Your Luck Board only has the Season 1 Whammy animations so can you add the Season 2, the Season 3 and the Season 4 Whammy animations?

You only press buttons and not actually play any games it only shows you how it feels like to be the judge or a contestant if you are reading this review we recommend not to download this app.

We love this bc our son and daughter and there friends play the family feud game -Totally not the son.

It doesnt fully turn when we launch Press Your Luck and Family Feud on IPad.

We love playing the other games but we only downloaded this so we can play Family Feud. When we downloaded this we still cannot play Family Feud we would say this is a bug. And please dont take this offending we and thank you for understanding how we feel.

Why the game isnt on our app. Can it be added.

We got this app primarily for the Press Your Luck functionality, however, the game is displayed off the bottom left of our screen so it is completely unusable. All of the other functions work though besides Press Your Luck.

We thought this would be fun when we read your description saying there was Deal or No Deal, but all you have to do is SIGN UP to play! We just cant sign up, because its not our thing. This wouldnt even let us play AT ALL! But great detail of adding our favorite game!

Pardon us Steve Harvey and company, Africa is not a country.

The press your luck game wont even work and its very annoying.

Got this app specifically for press your luck and it doesnt work!! It wont rotate with the screen so you cant play it. Very frustrating!!

Im trying to play the Press Your Luck game and it will not load to full screen on our phone. Only a small part of the screen in the corner. So we cannot see the game board or buzzers to even play.

App does not work on iPhone 13!

It is the game but its just the concept of how the game plays example press your luck it just goes radom we hit 45 wammies and still it doesnt end so its not really a game where you can win or even lose its stupid.

The buzzard keeps on going mute, after using it a couple of times.

Real gooooooooooooodddddddddddddd boi.

The game was really good we recommend to play with more that 4 members.

The Family Feud game comes with one buzzer not two. So you need to have two phones with the app on it and whoever is playing host still has to try and figure out who hit their button first. Please add the second button and add the feature of who ever taps their side first with their finger their side lights up so its easy to see who won. Just like the game show.

Its not working it buzzed once smh.

If you guys can add who wants to be a millionaire with all of its sound effects, that would be perfect! The classic versions from the Regis era!

The wheel can possibly have different wedges for different rounds.

We wish this game was more kid friendly.

Family Feud – Fine function. Doesnt need anything improved in our opinion. Press Your Luck – Great start, but we wish there was a way to keep score and track of spins in app, but also recognize that would defeat the purpose of the gameboard in the box. The Whammies are EXCELLENT. Additionally, even basic graphics for prizes would be better than just putting words. It cheapens an otherwise fine game. Jeopardy – we know it was just released, but the buzzer system is a bit of a weird setup and seems like it would be hard to use on a single device like an iPad (let alone a phone). The graphics are also a bit off-center or disproportionate for the screen depending on the device you use (specifically the Daily Double screen). If anything, this is a game that we feel should have a remote capability like the Jeopardy PlayStar app. We also noticed that the physical game has not been made available yet, so Im curious as to when it would be released. Wheel of Fortune – The benefit of creating an app is that you can expand where board games are limited. That being said, we wish there was more than one Wheel configuration for different rounds (like what was done with PYL) and diversity with the wedge values, including prizes or the mystery wedges. We feel it could also benefit from in-app scoring (including the ability to deduct for buying a vowel, adding to a game total by solving, and clearing score with Bankrupt). This one is also lacking a physical game currently and so, like Jeopardy, Im wondering when the physical game itself will be released?

It’d be nice to use this app offline and without requiring an account. It’d also be nice if the Press Your Luck feature is separate, also utilizing offline usage & without needing an account.

Wheres the questionsyou just pushing buttons.

This is so stupid! There is nothing to play. You just push buttons. Wheel of fortune doesnt have puzzles, you simply spin and that is it. No letters nor money accumulation. A waste of space taken! Press your Luck just spins. No money accumulation or trivia to gain spins. Just spin.

We downloaded Gamestar to play family feud and it wont load ? It just gives us player mode or host mode and nothing happens Any help??????

Could not get any of the games to work!! Just kept in the testing buzzers, no game play at all!! Id give it a negative number but cant do that.

We got the app hoping to play a full game. But all we get to do is spin. No other contestants(computer) no questions to earn spins.

We think this is a phishing app scam that needs to be reported.

We love this app! We mainly got it so we could play Press Your Luck, but it was still so fun playing the other game shows! We have we one question though, could you add Card Sharks? We would love to see how you guys would do the Money Cards!

We just want to delete our account but theres no way to do so; Theres no way to reach out to the developer either..

This isnt an app game, its board game support.

We use this app on our iPad mostly and would love to see some sort of keyboard support… For instance, when playing Press Your Luck, it would be a lot easier for the player to hit the space bar to stop the board from spinning. Can you guys implement that?

Great functionality and gameplay, a fun option for the car or airport.

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