Geometry Dash Fun with 2.2 Where am I going?

Fun with 2.2: Where am I going?

Official Trailer : Fun with 2.2: Where am I going?

Fun with 2.2: Where am I going?.

Watch the official trailer Fun with 2.2: Where am I going? for Geometry Dash brought to you by RobTop Games AB, enjoy.


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0:15 perfect timing

"0:15 perfect timing", ArkWray commented.

"Well … Can’t wait to see the messed up percentage scores"

"Other people at school: OMG why does fortnite seasons take 2 months I can’t wait so long!!

Me, a GD player: “weaklings”"

Latest trailer revealed has excited fans ahead of release.

Interesting comments by other players

ArkWray: 0:15 perfect timing

Luminous Delight: Well … Can’t wait to see the messed up percentage scores

Juicy Steak: Other people at school: OMG why does fortnite seasons take 2 months I can’t wait so long!!

Me, a GD player: “weaklings”

gaming gamin g: 0:18 turn off low detail mode ;)

GlitchyX: dies at 60%
Me: oh damn
finally gets back to 60%
passes 60%

  • gets to a reverse orb obstacle*
    Me: wait wh-
    reverse orb obstacle takes me backwards, back to 60%
    dies again, doesn’t get a new best

Yuhreez: I love how people are like “DONT ADD THIS PLSLSLSLS” when really this is gonna keep gd alive. It adds an extra punch of extreme to the difficulty of a “demon” level. So hopefully the community stops making generic af levels with the same themes. Mix it up a bit and get people excited over things. Or else we could all say goodbye to gd.

TypicalOven: 0:15 the sync tho

Trixpy WhiteVoid: 0:15
What an epic game sync

Energetic Wave: Guys their is nothing wrong with this feature, and it won’t mess up the percentage when u are playing, the percentage still increases the further u get, u are just not moving forward, kinda like the mirror portal.

Undervoltologist: 2.2 Sneak Peek comes out.

Youtube: Alright, imma recommend this.

Robyn Silvestri: 0:15 sync is on point

ItsMeatGD: "Another video?
Then the dude with the question dies xD

נ ב: Geometry Dash will never look the same again… IT WILL BE A LOT MORE AWESOME!

Andro King: Two years ago rob promised 2.2 soon. That soon still hasn’t come yet

AZN: Everybody gangsta until the red bar starts going backwards

GamerVAndRalph: You’ve had to much fun with 2.2 for 3 years!

Zahaem: Me: woah this is actually cool

Me playing the game and realizing that these mechanics aren’t out yet: B r u h

mar234: Yeah, I think 2.2 is finished but Rob is just having fun playing with it

Hadrien-Ilyas Haloui: What you absolutely must add in 2.2 would be a 《 customable edit object menu 》, so that we don’t have, for example when we have custom objects, to redo all our colors for each number.

Ethan Merrikin: Fun fact: there are 2 different reverse triggers in 2.2! One is called “reverse” and changes you direction regardless of your current one. The other one, called “reverseDir” sends you in one specific direction………also orbs and pads now have a reverse option… …most people know that lol…


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