Geometry Dash

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Geometry Dash


Geometry Dash is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by RobTop Games AB, Geometry Dash is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 13th August 2013 with the latest update 16th November 2017

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Music games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


115,646 people have rated 2.11

You can download the game Geometry Dash from APP STORE.


Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer!

"Frustratingly wonderful" – Kotaku

"Geometry Dash provides all of the challenge expected from an “impossible” game while also making it more accessible to newcomers."

  • 148Apps

"Geometry Dash is a fast-paced platformer that will leave you screaming in frustration, but you’ll keep coming back for more."

  • AppAdvice

Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles.

Simple one touch game play with lots of levels that will keep you entertained for hours!

Game Features

  • Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
  • Lots of levels with unique soundtracks!
  • Build and share your own levels using the level editor!
  • Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character!
  • Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!
  • Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
  • Game Center achievements with rewards!
  • Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

Contact: [email protected]

Updated on 16th November 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Update 2.1.1 is here!

This update will function like a smaller "pre-update" before Update 2.2. Lots of fun stuff planned :)

  • iPhone X support!

  • New icons and effects!

  • New community shop!

  • Weekly Demon challenge!

  • Folders and level sorting!

  • New demon chests!

  • Level leaderboards!

  • Random other fun stuff.

  • Lots of bugfixes and tweaks.

  • There was an item duplication bug in version 2.1 that gave users extra rewards. This has been fixed in 2.11 and those rewards have been removed. So if you lose shards/diamonds etc after loading 2.11 its because they were bugged. Sorry :/


Geometry Dash Reviews

We are on mobile and when we try to play it kicks us out subzero did that too please fix that thanks.

Yes we like game cuz its challenging and fun.

We have been playing this game far about 6-7 years now! We’ve only been getting good at it though! This game never gets boring and there is always something to do. Everyday a new levels come out and its so cool to see the artwork and the music sync up to show just how much time and skill you can have in this game. An amazing community that has the game creator even roasting them. So far we have collected 1,200 stars and bested 8 demons! This game is you favorite smash your phone in the wall fun! Ps come out with 2.2 rubrub.

Thanks For Makeing This Game @Roptop It Was Awsome!!!! We rate it a 10/10 :) From: Logan McAlister To:@Roptop.

Cheese, cheese cheese cheese cheese. Cheese cheese cheese. Cheese,cheese.

For some reason we can not get in to geometry dash so please fix the problem thanks.


We love this game and all. But for some reason we cant enter the game we’ve been constantly deleting it and reinstalling but it still wont work can you please fix this?

We dont even have strong enough words to describe this game. Its addictive but at the same time gives you the worst stress you have ever felt. We feel like all games should have a free version and a full version, and the $1.99 is well worth it for not having any ads and a lot more levels!!

Im on our iPad and geometry dash kicks us out and closes itself whenever we try playing it but the game is still cool.

Theres something we got to tell you when we join this it kicks us out so Im mad but we’ve seen this so we like it.

Un buen juego que te da horas de diversin es difcil encontrar ese tipo de juegos en mvil.

Mmm so good gsme. It wad fun snd we put in our but. We wolud recamand to all freidns. The reason that we enjoy this game, is because of the variety of characters and unique art-style. Thenk u for radeing our rebiew. Goobye.

Idk but whenever we try to go in the app we tap it and it takes us out of it like when we tap the game we get kicked out for some reason pls help? Cuz we bought the game and we dont wanna waste our money pls.

We’ve been playing Geometry dash for years, and one day awhile ago, it just quit! Stopped working entirely! Please fix this! We miss playing Geometry dash.

Geometry dash is one of our favorite games of all time. We love making our own levels and playing other levels too. However, since the game has not been updated, it will not load on some devices, like ours. Please RobTop, make an update that adds barely anything so that this problem can be solved. Thank you.

The best game in the world. You did great on this game! Please make more like this.

So the thing where you get your rewards has a glitch Basically if you go to rewords theres a thing where if you follow them on a certain app you dont have to follow them and just get the rewards for free we suggest fixing it but its a great app.

Worth your two bucks mam or sir.

Everything is awesome we love all the songs and that was our review.

We dont even need to explain, this is the best game ever.

For everyone wondering geometry dash is currently glitched for and phone and or iPad that has the A15 chip and lower running iOS 15 this will be fixed when iOS 16 releases on the 12th of this September but for any iPhone or iPad that wont be supported to iOS 16 you will have to just wait until 2.2 releases. Hopefully this clears up concerns:D.

This game is super fun and we play it all the time and you make your own levels for free! But we wanted to play and it keeps kicking us out of the app as soon as we enter it. Please fix that. We would really appreciate it. :)

For some reason when we tap on the game, it immediately kicks us out, been happening for about a year now. Is the because it doesnt work on older phones anymore? Im on an iPhone 6S.

This is our favorite game of all time, but one thing, Right when we updated our device, geo dash didnt work. We dont know why, but it happened. So RopTop, would you please try to fix that in 2.2.

It wont let us load into the game for some reason and we have tried to solve it. We think if this is a problem for more people than us this could be very bad, we’ve deleted the game and reinstalled multiple times, plus we paid for it! Thanks.

Very fun we have had it for 4 years and it still has not gotten old.

Monke smash ipad with hand monke sad :( game still good tho monke approve.

Omg so good, it doesnt work cause iOS 15, best game 10/10.

Five stars new or old it will still be the best in the world.

How do people play mobile, and actually be good at it.

We think we should be able to customize our cube and all the icons so we can make them look cool And add details to them.

This game is so much fun no million ads.

One of the items or levels must be corrupted because we havent been able to play the game 2.0+, please fix this so we can play this game again. (It may also be that it wont work with our current ipad 7 that we use)

We just tried out the editor tab and our god we had a blast so fun we could sit there for hours and tap while the time passes.

We are pretty new to the game have completed the first few levels and we honestly think Dry Out and Base after Base should be switched around as difficulties. We think Dry Out is harder. To show this our current percentage on Dry Out is 51% and Base After Base 77%. Overall great game!

Been playing for years and have thousands of hours of playtime and we will never stop playing.

Great levels, great music, intuitive gameplay. All around an amazing game. Definitely worth the 2 bucks.

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