Geometry Dash Official Boomlings Trailer 2

Official Boomlings Trailer

Official Trailer : Official Boomlings Trailer

Official Boomlings Trailer.

Watch the official trailer Official Boomlings Trailer for Geometry Dash brought to you by RobTop Games AB, enjoy.

Can you handle The Boom. Boomlings is an addictive puzzle game with crazy characters, hand-drawn 2D animation, challenging gameplay, Online leaderboards, achievements, rewards, and much much more! Prepare for a unique puzzle matching experience like you’v…

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To think that the creator of Geometry Dash started out as a Candy Crush addict…

"To think that the creator of Geometry Dash started out as a Candy Crush addict…", Daniel. commented.

"Rip BoomLings
2012 – 2014"

"Fun fact: Geometry dash using Boomlings servers"

Latest trailer revealed has excited fans ahead of release.

Interesting comments by other players

Daniel.: To think that the creator of Geometry Dash started out as a Candy Crush addict…

Byomix [GD]: Rip BoomLings
2012 – 2014

Abandoned: Fun fact: Geometry dash using Boomlings servers

Nibbly Productions: Everybody’s asking "when is 2.2 gonna come out"
But no one’s asking "Can you handle The Boom?"

Ronture: 0:00 A legend was born.

Alanzoka Alemão: It gives a lot of nostalgia when you see the gameplay of a game that is no longer avaliable.

Edit: 50 likes wtf

Raygan the Theremind: Who else wants a remake of Boomlings with powerups achievements and collectable icons? I certainly do.

Horváth Áron: I won’t lie, this is a pretty good trailer

duckrender: Fun fact : in 2.2 update of geometry dash they will add boomlings characters as new icons.

KirbyCreep: 0:58 Level complete animation!


#Burrows Duo: It’s amazing how well a game can do even though you work alone :)

A: Probablemente de aquí se saquen varios iconos para la 2.2

Big Smoke: It’s been 3 months since I left GD. Thanks for all the fun RobTop. :)

ClayGaming8616 92: OMG!! The skulls are just like the ones from the 2.1 update! SO COOL! btw, take your time with 2.2. We all know it will be out soon, but don’t rush it. A rushed game is much worse than a game that took a lot of time and effort :P

E C: 2.2 looks awesome

GatoNoGoku: Si te fijas bien, las calaveras que aparecen son las mismas que se usan como "llave" en Geometry Dash

Phsyco bunny: I like how it’s a little bit more complex than any other “candy crush-ish” type of game

nasir McGill: This game is legendary :)

bubblechuk: 2019. Game was dead… But I still try to get #1. Boomlings. Road to Number 1. Rob please return it!


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