Testing Geometry Dash update 2.2 platformer mode


Official Trailer : eheheheheh


Watch the official trailer eheheheheh for Geometry Dash brought to you by RobTop Games AB, enjoy.

Testing Geometry Dash update 2.2 platformer mode :). Separate mode, can’t be used in normal levels)…

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O o

"O o", Partition Zion commented.

"Can’t wait to play 2.2 with my grandchildren"

"Why does this have so many likes?"

Latest trailer revealed has excited fans ahead of release.

Interesting comments by other players

Partition Zion: O o

fish: Can’t wait to play 2.2 with my grandchildren

Hi: Why does this have so many likes?

Chensito: Roblox: Wait guys I can explain
Fortnite: You get updates all the time. I get every two to three weeks.
Minecraft:2-3 weeks? I get only twice a year.
GD: U guys are getting updates?

just a random gd player: Serponge be like:

"Years of academy training wasted"

DINO 5050 GD: 69 years later
Robtop: 2.2 is coming out soon, probably like 2 months and 20 years later

Cashimat: Y’all are missing the most important part of this, we finally get a blank ground!

Commander Grub: This is what I’m most excited for! This is going to be so fun.

LilBin: 2D platformers have always been my favourite type of game. I cannot wait for this. The fact that some people complain about this backwards and forwards feature that will add so much more opportunity to the game is mind boggling to me. There will always be traditional creators as well

Liam Skill: Imagine the levels that creators will make with platform mode and the insane and even extreme demons with this mode

nuzffffffff: Even if 2.2 never comes, I will still remember gd

altro a: Надеюсь, хоть правнуки увидят обновление

sail: Imagine what an extreme demon will look like in platformer mode

Personal Retalhuleu: Buen video hermano , bendiciones ❤️😇

Frogggy100: people in 2019: "can’t wait for 2.2"
people in 2021: "2.2 is never coming out"

Hadrien-Ilyas Haloui: It would be handy if you improved the leveling percentage system, to match any reverse triggers players put in their levels.

Hadrien-Ilyas Haloui: What you absolutely must add in 2.2 would be a 《 customable edit object menu 》, so that we don’t have, for example when we have custom objects, to redo all our colors for each number.

Misci: I’ve actually played this on a seemingly "accidentally released" 2.2 update. I fully regret rage quitting and uninstalling…

Slime wizard: Honestly with how different this game is now I think that after 2.2 a definitive version should come out with the levels from the other 2 games and the older levels updated to fit 2.2.

ItsColorsRed: El modo plataforma le vendría muy bien a Geometry Dash. Con esto se podrán hacer niveles que tengan una duración indefinida y habrán trayectorias específicas del nivel si se presentan varias opciones para avanzar.



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