Giant Wanted

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 12:38 am

Giant Wanted


Giant Wanted is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Giant Wanted is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th September 2021 with the latest update 1st April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


86,487 people have rated 1.1.19

You can download the game Giant Wanted from APP STORE.


Giant invaders aheadAs a hero sniper, take up your weapons and protect your home!

  1. The operation of the game is simple: slide aiming, let go shooting, easily shoot and kill the enemy.
  2. Simple picture: the simple game picture blows away the summer heat and brings you a fresh feeling.
  3. Adjust the shooting angle, master the shooting time, use high-energy sniper rifle to penetrate many obstacles and concentrate on the target.

Updated on 1st April 2022

-add new weapon

Giant Wanted Review

Guys this game rules! The name matches it really well and the gameplay Is super cool. The thing is, we think you should put more effort into it. Like all these ad games are pretty boring and stupid but if you put more effort in this game specifically, it can be awesome and we swear youll even make more money.

This game is so bad too many ads.

This is a awesome game it helps with Accuracy with your phone and it helps a lot with you seeing and stuff and we really hope you like it to get it its free.

Amazing! Lol lol lol lol lol lol luv luv luv luv luv.

This is so great buy this game for a better life.

Ads dont interrupt your playing there are only ads to get extra stuff and on the side. Love you game devs.

We love this game it is so good.

We keep hearing everyone complain about adds you can just ignore them and plus good gameplay.

We bet this game is good but we can not play it yet we might have too much storage but we hope this game is good this game is gonna be really good we think if if it loans but if it doesnt it will be really really sad we will really folk it loads if it does it then we dont even know whats gonna happen we cant wait if it loads this game is going to be really dead we will we will Im gonna make this a four-star because it could be good or could be really bad but we saw the ad and it looks really really good and we read a comment and it said there is a lot of ads like oh its all our games have a Lotta bad so we mean this game is probably going to be good probably probably but we really hope we can live we mean we really hope this can load so we can play.

Originally, this game would have been a four star, maybe even a five star rating from us, but the one thing that just gets on our nerves is these ads. Just when you are on the home, the automatically playing ads cover around 40% of the screen, and if you try to turn off your wifi, it does not let you even do that, it just pops up No Network, that you cant X out of. Even though you couldve played the game perfectly fine without internet. So, overall the game is fun to play but not when all the ads are playing too.

The actual game is fine, but Those sidebar ads cause our phone to freeze for a few seconds whenever they cycle to a new ad, also the interactive game ads literally crash our phone whenever they show up It probably works better on newer devices as we have a 6s.

Game play fun, mechanics fine, but can we have 2-3 levels before an ad! Seriously we know ads are needed for income but at least make it every third level not at the end of every single level.

This game is really fun but its an ad farm and that just makes it unplayable.

This game has a lot going for it, good idea, needs better graphics, work out the glitchy screen transitions and please tone the ads. Id pay for it if all those things could be worked out. Keep at it muchachos, great games are created and sculpted. A masterpiece isnt created overnight!

Ads ads ads ads ads ads fun for 10 seconds, then ads ads ads ads ads ads ads fun for 10 seconds.

We have to watch a 10 second ad after every game. Wow you guys are incredible.

Saw the ads on Instagram. Downloaded it and realized that there are more invasive ads than there is gameplay.

We like the aspect of the game but there are too many ads. You spend time watching more ads than playing the actual game. We think they should figure out a better way to fund the game because this would actually be a decent game.

The levels last like 10 seconds, and there is an ad after every level. So, you end up watching way more ads than you play.

Cant run offline junk software deception by developer avoid this scam ware.

Watch ads or get nowhere. Ads are disingenuous. Watch the ad, wait for an x. X comes and you still get a redirect to the app store. Close App Store and get a timer. Ill rate ever app that does this a one star, and we suggest you do the same until these creators stop doing this.

Opens the game: oh you have to watch an ad to play. Plays for five seconds: oh you wanted to control it, you have to watch another ad. Oops, an ad started as your playing causes you to lose? Here watch another ad. Oh you want to quit to the menu, you have to watch an ad. You have 10,000 coins and want to upgrade a tool, dont worry save your coins and watch an ad and after you get the upgrade youll have to watch another ad. Five minutes of play and over 100 ads. Delete, delete delete.

Ads every 10 seconds and your way to powerful to even come close to losing! Make the monster at least come after you instead of sitting back and stand there menacingly! Too EASY.

Honestly every time we win a level an ad pops up we understand you guys need the money to make the game better but atleast keep it at a minimum.

Game is more about ads than entertainment.

La nica razn por la que las personas descargan estos juegos es porque quieren escapar de la rutina o el estrs del da a da, y con la cantidad de anuncios exagerada de este juego, las personas no lo toleran por suficiente tiempo. Consideren reducir la cantidad de anuncios para que el juego se torne mas entretenido y divertido, de esta forma atrayendo a mas usuarios y generando mas ganancias debido a la satisfaccin de sus usuarios y no obligndolos a ver 20 anuncios en 10 minutos. Es estresante.

Easily the most money-hungry app on here.

Low graphics. Slow response time. No concept or objective. Plagued with adds with very little play time. Dont get this game.

We downloade this game because we thought its a offline game but u should be online because of ads!

This game has too many adds ,why we didn’t see reviews before.

If you turn on airplane mode BEFORE you open the game, they cant show you ads. The game by itself is alright, but this type of game design with tons of ingame purchases and ads is not acceptable.

There are a truly staggering amount of ads. We like the mechanics of the game so sprang for the purchase and there are still an absurd amount of ads. 75% of time in game is ads. Ill be asking for a refund.

We have never seen so many ads to play a minute. Dont waste your time. It isnt that fun.

We experienced plenty of lag, it requires internet for some reason, and it gives you an ad every level! It is obvious that this game is a cash grab for little children! Do not listen to the other reviews that think highly of this game because it is almost always a boy sending out the good reviews. Do not install unless you have a simple small mind of a child.

Fun but an add after every little thing you do is a dealbreaker.