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Glory of Generals 3: WW2

Glory of Generals 3: WW2

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Glory of Generals 3: WW2! Developed by the innovative team at 悦 张, this Strategy game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 12+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 11th November 2020, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 15th March 2023.

Are you a fan of Strategy, Simulation, games? Then Glory of Generals 3: WW2 is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Glory of Generals 3: WW2

Over 2,235 players have rated Glory of Generals 3: WW2. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Glory of Generals 3: WW2 Cost?

Good news! You can download Glory of Generals 3: WW2 on your iOS device absolutely free!

Glory of Generals 3: WW2 Release Date

Eager to know when Glory of Generals 3: WW2 first graced the App Store? It was launched on 11th November 2020.

When Was Glory of Generals 3: WW2 Last Updated?

The latest version of Glory of Generals 3: WW2 was updated on 15th March 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Glory of Generals 3: WW2?

To get started with Glory of Generals 3: WW2, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Glory of Generals 3: WW2

World War II has begun, and you will join the important historical battles from 1939 to1945.
More than 100 famous generals including Patton, Zhukov, MacArthur, Guderian, Montgomery, Eisenhower and Manstein will be on the stage in turn.
Take advantage of the generals, find out the enemy’s weaknesses and defeat them.
Recruit special force from the Axis and Allies and cooperate to gain victory.
More than 60 kinds of special force are waiting for you to recruit, including German Tiger tank, Mortar Karl, Soviet Katyusha rocket, KV Tank, US Army 82nd airborne regiment, and British Royal SAS regiment.

*** New engine production allows to experience real and rich terrain on the battlefield!
The jungle beach in the west, the desert in North Africa, and the ice and snow on the east line cannot stop you towards victory.

*** New special force system allows you to incorporate special force into your own troops.
It has a variety of units of special air defense functions such as air defense, airborne, and building.

*** More realistic weather system. Diversified weather will affect the morale of air force and army units.

*** Original reinforcement system can supplement the military strength, scout the enemy’s situation, and develop your regiment!

*** New changes in naval warfare allow you to feel the range and volume of real naval warships!

*** Military units from over 200 countries, more than 100 generals and more than 60 special force will join your battlefield.

*** There are more than 120 historical scripts in six war zones, and you can experience these real historical battles respectively from the Axis and Allies.
*** Achieve the mission goals in the campaign: capture the target areas, rescue the friendly forces, break the encirclement, defend the position, and annihilate the enemy on a large scale etc.
*** Every decision you make will determine the outcome of the campaign, including recruiting units, air strikes, airborne landing, dispatching special force and generals, and hiring reinforcements.

[Group Army]
*** Deploy group army. Each country has its own unique technology card which can be used to speed up the process of conquering the world.
*** A flexible diplomatic system and a rapidly changing situation of conquest. An enemy or a friend? It all depends on your diplomatic strategy.
*** Use the least rounds to eliminate hostile forces, conquer the most territories, and obtain higher scores.

[United Front]
*** Every battle is a war of attrition. Use our limited forces and maximize combat effectiveness!
*** Develop reasonable tactics, use terrain effectively, and allow your troops to survive in difficult battlefields.
*** Achieve the goals as soon as possible, eliminate enemy and reduce casualties so as to obtain high scores.

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Glory of Generals 3: WW2 updated on 15th March 2023:

【New Chapter】
New Chapter in Army Group Mode: Western Front 1944.

【Challenge Mode】
The level limitation of the challenge mode reached level 12.

【New IAP Giftpacks】

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Game bug feedback mailbox: [email protected]
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User Reviews on Glory of Generals 3: WW2

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Glory of Generals 3: WW2 below:

Can be fun when youre chilling or on long car road. Campaign can have you angry on some days. We personally have uninstalled this game 3 times from anger. After learning more and we’ve beat stuff we never thought we could. The army group modes were considerably tough when we first saw them but now after multiple attempts we’ve beat all of the army group modes!

The only game that we enjoy to play on our devices.

Great game!!! Make a game like this but for lesser known conflicts. Example, the smaller Cold War conflicts or conflicts between world wars and before.

It does not attack again as it is supposed to in the description after annihilating the enemy. It stops working occasionally.

We absolutely love this game!!! However one thing keeps us from a full five star rating. A Pacific conquest map PLEASE. Other than that This is a true masterpiece. Also this is completely random and ok if you dont do it but we think it would be cool to have plans as actual moving units also.

We lost all the progress on western front due to weird save system. It was much better in GoG-1.

One of two games Im willing to spend money on. In game purchases pretty fair. Unlike many other games around that provide little but charge a ton. Interesting gameplay with good amount of combat options. We can see that developers put effort into this game. And if they dont stop and keep working on it, they can create a masterpiece of strategy apps. So far our favorite WW2 strategy. Our suggestion to developers to keep improving it. Id pay. Make conquest mode more broad, add US on the map and make it more complicated. Add more various units. Add more diplomacy options. Work on the variety of the gameplay and battlefield development and other features will follow thank you for this game.

Great game, though we think the allied forces needs 3 tanks. Ill give you our ideas on these tanks. Matilda: unlocked, 1942 desert front; country, Britain; increase damage to tanks and heavy tanks by 40%, decrease damage from artillery by 20%. M3 Grant: unlocked, battle of Kursk; country, USA; attack two times per turn, the second attack is fired from the hull gun and deals 50% more damage to heavy tanks. Sentinel: unlocked, operation torch; country, Australia; increase mobility by 60%, increase damage to infantry and artillery by 25%. Also in the same update, the vehicles get a model change, kind of. When you add a special force to that vehicle/artillery, it looks change. When the special force is destroyed, the vehicle/artillery doesnt change back, even if its destroyed. And you cant switch special force on vehicle/artillery, unlike infantry. We know that may be tough, but itll be a little more realistic. Thanks! Key: vehicle/artillery= armored cars, tanks, heavy tanks, artillery, and heavy artillery.

This is the best easy tech game ever but we need help we have reached the max tech level for units please make it higher we have almost six thousand knights badges that we cant use because Im at the max level.

Good game but we wish we could play as the Americans or the Japan in conquest maybe have instead of just Europe the entire ww2 theatre would have been nice including Asian and Africa. Campaign is good except the ai pretty hard. Ai spams the crap out of infantry and its almost impossible to win. Also allied forces Are almost useless we find our self funding them just to hold out till we can support them.

So we were stuck on a campaign and we couldnt get more money like why dont you get more money each turn thats not fair we tried to campaign five times even the AI couldnt do it but we dont like the AI button and in the conqueror we like how you can see troops like in a board game but where was a alliance button because then you can make a alliance not just declare war also we like the details that you add on the troops.

The just before this very latest patch we have SF icon for vehicles that is compact, bit abstract yet intuitive enough, and a joy to watch. What happens to it? Change it back already, also with the hammer and sickle for NKVD and the partisan, current ones looks goofy at.

Its not worth playing if the only thing that is beatable is some of the captain, but thats only one out of four of the options. Do you have any simpler games that are turn based strategy besides European war, that games colors mess with our eyes. We like to combine and recuit troops but we cant combine injured troops to improve health and we recommend you make it so we can pick difficulty levels and make a fire option that we can generate scenarios instead of just the ww2 thing, then we would even pay for the game and maybe even some improvement mods or just pay for the fifth option. Thank you for your time, we will eventually check this for a developer reply. Ps we love the game though.

This is a very easy game to play and just hard enough to keep playing. Having just started playing,I have become obsessed.

We have had this game for over a year and it its very fun. Having a big map on the Conquest Mode gives you the thrill of large-scale battles, but something that would make this game more fun than it already is is adding a Pacific Map for the Conquest Mode. A benefit of adding this Map might be getting more players who are interested in the Pacific Theatre to play this game, in other words this game will get more downloads. Thank You For Reading our Review.

So just to mention again we’ve been playing your games for the past 5 years and so far we will say this perfect game although it would be a EXTREMLY good idea to update this game with the pacific theater war as well rather than make a separate game. ALSO probably a good idea to make a ww1 version of this game as well or European war similar to this. Thats all we may make some edits in the near to future to this. Thank you for listening (If you even do).

For the Pacific, the only rivalry against Japan were UK, Australia, and the United States. But China fought in Burma and, well, their own territories. Add em into the Pacific campaign will ya?

We cannot wait for glory of generals 4. Great layout and fun to play Satisfying when you defeat a enemy. And win you feel like you did all the work out of strategizing right Very good.

Overall this games is so much fun and is filled with big campaign levels the only thing that Im a bit upset about is the conquest only has Europe and not the whole world which is a shame but its still an amazing game lastly if they added a multiplayer that would seal the deal for me.

The map is realistic and the effect of terrain on the European continent was cool to have.

This is the best current ww2 strategy game!

Great WWII Sim. Love the turn-based action. Difficulty ramps up pretty quick but you are given the tools needed to keep up. But you may be forced to use ALL the tools to progress. Two fine points of critique Strategy Sim fans will appreciate: 1) this game emphasizes speed/initiative over preserving your units. There is always a balance but we prefer to finish 2 turns later will ALL our units intact. 2) there is no mechanism for dissolving or disbanding a unit. This only ever matters when you are working a huge conquest map and your 25 eastern units are victorious in Moscow. Until you crush the African legion in Gibraltar with you western group, the 25 keeps wanting orders every turn. Again, very minor points.

The game is amazing, the best of the best, if you could make one of the First World War it would be nice.

We think that the game perfect. You guys should expand into other wars like WW1. The only thing you should is fix the borders. There was no Albania or the Baltic countries. Also Spain wasnt on the Axis side during WW2 so we got confused. You should keep with the Campaign, Army Group, and Conquest levels, but make WW1 version of it identical to this ones rules and looks. Just change the look of the tanks, armored cars and artillery to look like WW1. You guys making these games are awesome and should make stuff like this. Please do it.

Are you able to construct units or just apply special forces cards and use the reinforcements in the bottom left corner.

Could the battle of Hong Kong be a new mission possibly to 1942 pacific or in and if a Chinese campaign comes since its really not to much pacific but more close to China but could battle of Hong Kong be a mission in the future and could there be 3 missions for it like how Philippes campaign and Malay and East Indies campaign where there 3 missions 1 fist is on connected China and the second is invading the island and last is a campaign of it this is a idea since Im a little disappointed that it wasnt in game but do us making this idea it could come or be a idea if best.

Please stop having units spawn on cities that we cant spawn. This has been a problem in many of your games, and it is a serious flaw. Otherwise this is the best game we’ve played!

This game is really great. Probably one of our favorites from you guys. Our only issue is the issue that is present in some of your other games as well which is incompetent Allies, ESPECIALLY in conquest. We dont expect the AI Allies to do all the work but they contribute little to none at all to the point where its impossible to win cause our Allies dont even move from their positions and just sit there. Also an issue in the story mode as well with Allies being obliterated and having to deal with too many 4 star generals to the point of the game being almost impassable.

So our favorite mode to play is army group despite it being insanely hard because your Ai teammates are usually stupid, could it be possibly to have a Co-Op mode, customize the territory army groups have, and overall a bigger map would be nice.

We love so many of their games, especially European war series, but why do none of them have the ability to rotate the screen? Almost every sideways app can swap between which side is top and bottom by turning your phone. However for some reason these games dont support that. Its just a small thing that has always bugged me.

Game is horrible you would have all the money and troops in the world and that little third world country will randomly deploy 100 platoons of levels 3 each with a general armor and infantry and complete wipe you out in one scoop horrible do better.

First time playing the generals version, quite fun.

How do we get the other army groups we’ve search the internet for an answer someone please tell me.

Its a pretty fun WW2 game, it took some things we liked from the series, wasnt really a fan of the scout/shadow option nor the fact we cant really recruit units from a city without using money we cant seem to replenish but it was still pretty fun and it allows us to heal units without having to watch multiple ads just to get a health kit or use our medals for one.

We love the game, best EasyTech game we’ve played. Only one problem that we have, multiplayer. We wish there was a multiplayer Glory of Generals 3 so we can play Army Group with friends.

We love playing your games. But can u guys make a strategy game thats like about the Korean War or the Vietnam war.

We love this game. We do have a few suggestions though. We LOVE the new ui and looks of this game. We wish there was a sandbox mode. The sandbox mode could include these features/things: You can pick or create your own map, unlimited turns, you can have a like a 2 player mode thats like pass and play, you can set how much money people have. Hope you guys look at this. We would really love to see this in the game.

Long-time easytech fan here! We’ve been playing since European War 2, and this has to be the best game theyve made in the past couple of years at least. The generals are finally balanced to the point that theyre helpful but not game-breaking, there is a set of cool new game modes, and they finally added weather, which we know might sound like a small thing but its bugged us forever that their games didnt have a weather mechanic. Our only complaint is that because the game is really built for medium scale operations, its hard to see where the front line is in conquest mode some times, and its a little hard to keep track of everything. Id love to see some kind of borders overlay put in place for conquest, just to make it easier to understand where the front line is. Otherwise, best game in a long time!

The game is great, but there is music and a girl crying on the start page. Please look at this topic and remove this tune.

Im a huge easy tech fan and have loved all their strategy games. World Conqueror being an all time favorite series we were excited for Glory of Generals to make a come back. Even though we love to see the game come back with brand new ideas there are a couple problems with it. First Ill go over the loves. The graphics are amazing and they did a fantastic job. Special forces is fun and we like the idea of being able to upgrade and improve them. We also enjoyed all the fronts shown which a lot of games don’t seem to do. Now to our dislikes about the game. One thing is that we had to buy Manstien, Eisenhower, and Zhukov to make it through some of the missions. Specifically the end of Europe 1944 for the Axis. By the time you fight through mainland Britain your troops are nearly dead. What doesn’t help is the large force waiting for in Ireland with ships guarding it. Your ships don’t have time to swing in and save you so you have to rush your already almost dead troops across. Along with a few other missions that are hard but we would say thats the most difficult. The Ally AI system is a huge problem in army group mode. We don’t know how they manage to die off so fast. We feel like we have to fight on every front to win or else we wouldn’t have a chance. This is the same for conquest mode where we had to pick a group that we could "try". To fight on every front. Now for some things to add is that we want to see an Asia conquest. We don’t know if its in the works but we were suprised to just see Europe on there. Through all of this I’d say the game is still super fun and the challenge mode just made it a lot better. We hope to see some fixes in the future and can’t wait to see any new games and updates you come out with.

We like the game. It gives a variety of game modes however we feel like there has to be a nerf on Ship units. Often times, your units are useless compared to a small Fleet and its especially noticeable in the Challenge mode on the campaign. Without cards for ships, your fleets often die after a few hits. We wish there would also be an expansion to the conquest mode. We loved this mode but theres only one scenario available.

The game is fun and enjoyable, but when your allies are horrible and enemies arent it becomes very challenging. In Army Group mode Germany has surrounded Copenhagen which is the last city the allies have left. The AI is so bad that it cant figure out how to move one of the 5 ships surrounding Copenhagen so that a infantry unit can capture the city. Its on turn 58 when these games usually last about 30 turns. Im stuck and have had the issue of bad AI in all of the other modes. We havent came across any issues other than the AI and campaign difficulty. It is hard to progress through the campaign because of how challenging it is. The campaign should be slightly challenging but not near impossible.

You guys just couldnt get it right you all did so well with glory of generals the first one and the pacific one and some what good with the 2 one but man you guys screwed the campaign in terms of generals and who you can and cant use them again youve never listened to us so whatever.

Let us throw this out there, this game is a blast… That is until you get ai spammed. We were playing conquest as the French southern legion. At around turn 34 we controlled eastern Spain and almost all of Italy and then BAM 60 full bar transports popped up and annihilated our massive fleet and took over southern France. Please add a difficulty slider. Until then our rating remains at 2 stars. This game desperately needs difficulty slider for hardcore and casual gamers alike. We have already spent some money on this game but we would honestly be willing to spend more if it wasnt so insanely difficult.

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