Go Escape!

Go Escape!

Go Escape!

Go Escape! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Tastypill LLC, Go Escape! is a Casual game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 16th September 2018 with the latest update 9th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Go Escape! ?

59,009 people have rated 1.49

What is the price of the Go Escape! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Go Escape! released ?

Go Escape! was released on 16th September 2018.

When was the Go Escape! updated ?

The latest updated date of Go Escape! on 9th May 2023.

Where can Go Escape! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Go Escape! from Apple Official App Store.



There is one way out to reach freedom. Can you escape?

How to Play:

Tap to jump
Don’t hit the spikes
Escape below

Updated on 9th May 2023

◉ Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.
◉ New cool stuff coming soon. Stay tuned!

Go Escape! Review

Its a great game but it has to many adds we get an add every single time we die or complete the level.

Love the game but we hate the fact that its an ad after every level. Like that is so annoying we have to go on airplane mode to enjoy the game for a couple of minutes. But overall good game.

We’ve seen a few reviews its a certain levels are not possible, we have gone back and played those levels and they are very possible. Overall, a very fun game would highly recommend especially the to the moon. Please make more levels though.

Amazing job whoever made this it is amazing!!!

The game is so close to being perfectly balanced out to the adds.

This is a good game because you can get the best levels and the most fun is that you can get over 100 levels.

We love the game no complaints we love playing it in the car at home its just a great game!

It is reminiscent of the old marble-tilting table game on the ’50’s and ’60’s-a lot of fun. Can’t figure out how to donate to the cause, though…

We finished this game a while ago, and we really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun, and we’ve loved it ever since we got it. The only problems were the fact that it really wasnt that difficult. You might have died a few times, but you knew you would get it within 30mins-an hour if its super hard. We also love the game, but we finished it pretty quickly. Pleaaaaaaaase add more levels and maybe a way to change the difficulty.

This game can get a frustrating but it is so fun we love to play this game when we are bored and it is always a fun experience! In our opinion everyone should have this game.

We’ve been playing for probably 3-4 years. We were kind of irritated with how long it took the devs to release new content with the most recent update but the amount of features they added and new challenge mode is awesome. We understand why it took them that long. Hands down the best linear game we’ve played on mobile and easily beats ALOT of console and PC linear games. We definitely recommend it whether youre a competitive gamer or just looking for something to pass the time.

We only put this at 5 stars because that is the only way they would see this and the things that we dont like about the game is how if you bet a level and then you leave the app or close the app it will take you back to the level you had just left and there are to many adds of this game that are just annoying.

This game is so fun we recommend this please keep making levels to this also we have completed every level and have every skin this is one of the best games ever -your number 1 fan.

It is a pretty fun and relaxing game overall, but there are way too many ads. Another flaw is that the ball physics are very bad. The ball doesnt even spin, like Im 15 and can code better ball physics with literal Python.

We got the game at first it was okay so we kept playing with in 2 minutes it lt was so hard.

Um ya we have a lot of games and its one of the only games we play.

In our opinion this is a very fun game. Its mind puzzling and interesting but we just wish it didnt have so many adds in it. If you turn off your Wi Fi you wont have to deal with all those adds.

We got this game 3 days before we finished it and us and our friends all have it and our and one of our friends we started a challenge to see who could finish first and we finished even thought she got it before us but we played almost anytime we were bored and wanted to play a game! We love this game!

A fun and challenging game that doesnt have TOOOO MANY ads and lets you skip difficult levels.

This game is so much fun but we wish they had something where u could build you own map.

The game is awesome we beat it almost 6 times including the new moon one and it just amazing we cant stop playing its amazing highly recommend it is long and challenging that what makes it a great game.

So ithis game but we’ve already played all the levels so YOU NEED MORE LEVELS!!! We mean all of these levels are fun but there also so easy for us not all people but M E so please add more levels thank you.

This game is amazing we cant stop playing it and it might be challenging but you can skip the level you have to watch an ad but after that you go on and it has no Wi-Fi required how much greater can this game get! We just in heaven with this game.

This is honestly one of the best games we’ve ever played. Its challenging but not too challenging. Its an amazing game to cure boredom and we greatly recommend it.

We had this game for about a week an we ended up finishing the entire game even with the to the moon update and we love the game! It’s super fun and entertaining and on some levels in glitches but considering how incredible this game is we still give it a 5 review because of how incredible it is an we can’t wait for the update!

We love this game BUT IT NEEDS MORE LEVELS.

This game is the absolute best because we are obsessed with it even says age plus 12 their age 12+ we dont know but this game is the best all we want is is like 500 more levels so we can play it. This is the best game we have on our phone. Thank you for whoever made this. You have solved our boredom. We love this game. PS, please add more levels. Im begging you.

We play this game all day in school. Its very fun and we love it! Hope to see more levels come out soon.

Im literally addicted and this is the only game we think abt while doing anything Im about to go download the other games fr.

Go Escape has so many fun, challenging, and engaging levels that rely on quick responses, good reflexes, and smooth hand-eye coordination. Its the perfect puzzle game! But even with 202 levels we already beat it. Looking forward to more!

This game is sooo good it has so many levels of fun we loveeeee it this it O _// //

TEN OUT OF TEN. Although the game has its share of glitches, its still very fun and addictive! We just started a month ago and Im already on level 123 lol.

Ok, yall. This game is AMAZING!!! It is SO addictive! We love it, we have nothing bad to say about it, except for the fact that we cant figure out how to get the moon balls, but otherwise GREAT! Yall should really try this game, the adds did NOT lie about ANYTHING on here! These ppl r TOTALLY honest, guys! Have fun w/ it!

We love this game, its not too complicated and its not too simple that its pointless to play. We just wish there were more levels. The ads in this game are also the best out of any mobile game we’ve played. They arent too long and they arent so frequent it makes us want to delete the game, its perfect.

Its rlly fun and theres literally only ads every luje 10 times u die so its prwtty good lol.

Ther is nothing to do in it It is crazy boring.

Best game ever but we finished it in 3 days.

We Never leave reviews but we js love this game with a passion we barely get ads so we can play 4 like an hourrrr we love this game so much the creator deserves the most sloppiest head ever.

This was an amazing game! We finished all the levels in one day and loved every second of it. Our only gripe is that we wish there were more!

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